My_Trip_To_Middle_Earth – chapter 10

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That night we reached Moria by 9:00pm. For some strange reason I was not as tired as I usually was at this time at night. In fact I had more energy then I usually had.

” The walls of Moria,” Gimli said in awe.

I looked up and saw that Gimli was way to excited.

” Gimli, don’t get too excited or you’ll hurt yourself,” I said.

” I wouldn’t be talking if I were you, child,” Gimli replied glaring.

( Why I aught a, ) I muttered and went for my dagger.

( Don’t you even think about it, ) Aragorn said behind me and grabbed my arm before I could even put my hand on the hilt of my dagger.

I rolled my eyes and stopped going for my dagger. I wrenched my arm out of his grasp and walked ahead up to Frodo.

” Hey Frodo,” I said and fell in stride with the hobbit.

” hey, sorry about Merry and Pippin,” Frodo apologized.

” Hey it’s fine, don’t worry about it, its not your fault,” I replied smiling.

” Good,” he stated.

“Frodo, come help an old man,” Gandalf said.

I nodded and fell back a little. I thought about the strange voice that uttered those words in my head.

” Remember your former self

come back to your world

come back to your life


* Not again,* I thought to myself as those words were uttered again.

( What’s wrong ) Legolas said falling in stride with me.

That snapped me out of my thoughts right away.

” Nothing,” I replied,” just thinking.”

” about what,” he asked with curiosity in his eyes.

” I… um… a… things,” answered quickly trying to cover up my embarassment on getting caught.

” What things,” Legolas pressed.

” Nothing you need to know about,” I said regreting those words instantly that I said them.

” Oh, I see,” he said hurt and walked ahead.

I mentally kicked myself.

* Why does it always happen to me,* I thought.

I ran up to him,” I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”

It was as if he didn’t hear me. He just walked on. I was crushed. Aragorn noticed this and walked to me.

” He’ll be fine. He heard you. He’ll come around,” Aragorn said and put a hand on my sholder.

i just looked at Legolas retreating form.

* I sorry,* thought.

We stopped in front of a portion of the wall that was a bit different then the rest of it.

Gandalf said an old secret and the moon came out and shined on the fellowship. The wall glowed and an outline of a door came into view.

Gandalf tried spell after spell to get the doors to open, but to no avail. The rest of the gang split up to wait. I sat on one side of the woods, Legolas on the opposite side.

* Why did I have to say that to him, * I thought and brought my knees up to my chest. * I didn’t mean to hurt you.*

Suddenly a shadow casted over me. I looked up to find, Legolas staring at me.

” I sorry,” said avoiding his gaze looking at the water.

he didn’t say anything. He just sat down beside me.

” Look at me,” he stated finally.

Surprised that he was even speaking to me I turned my head to look at him.

” I was only trying to help and understand,” he said.

” I didn’t mean to say that to you. I am just fusterated on what is going on inside me,” I said,” getting my powers back and remembering my past.

He nodded,” you know that you can always come to me to tell what is on your mind.”

” I know but right now I am trying to sort things out for myself. I don’t want to worry you,” I replied.

” You have already worried me. you think this will be any different,” he said and put an arm around my sholder.

I stayed silent for a while. I didn’t answer.

” Listen to me, I care about you too much to let you just zone out on the people that care about you,” Legolas said pulling me into a hug.

Tears sprung into my eyes.

” thank you Legolas,” I muttered into his tunic.

We stayed like that until Frodo said,” It’s a riddle. Speak friend and enter. What’s the elvish word for friend.”

” Mellon,” I stated.

The doors swung open revealing the darkness of Moria.

” I hate the dark,” I muttered.

” Stay close to me and you’ll be fine,” Legolas stated taking my hand.

We walked into the darkness and I reflexly tightened my grip on Legolas’ hand. I relaxed a little when Gandalf lit a piece of stone to make a bit of light for us to go by.

” Soon master elf, you will have the hospitality of the dawarves. Roarign fires, mult beer, rip meat off the bone,” Gimli stated proudly.

” This isn’t a mine, its a tomb,” Borimir stated.

I looked down and saw dawarven skeletons littering the ground.

Gimlinoticed and ran to one of the skeletons. Legolas ran from my side, grabbed and pulled out an arrow.

” Goblins,” he muttered and grabbed one of his own arrows. I got out my bow and an arrow and fit it loosly on the bow.

Out of no where a tenticle shot out of the water and grabbed Frodo by the ankle.

” Strider,” Sam yelled.

The whole fellowship whirled around to fight the sea monster. I protected Merry, Pippin, and Sam from the tenticles that were going after them by firing arrows and using my dagger for close range battle. Finally Aragorn cut off a tenticle that was holding Frodo, dropping him into Borimirs arms.

” Into the mine,” Gandalf yelled.

I protected the other three hobbits as they ran into the mine. The watcher came after us killing itself in the process.

After The watcher was dead Gandalf lit his staff again and said,” we have but one choice, to go through the long dark of Moria. Be on your gaurd, there are fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world.”

* Why me, * I thought as I walked behind Gandalf.

Oh, I was not happy about this part. I had another bad feeling about it and I was right…..
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