My Family – Morning in Rivendell

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Chapter One

There was nothing extra-ordinary about the start of that day. The sun rose bright and clear over the tops of the mist-enshrouded mountains, flooding the barren and uninhabited lands beyond with light.

In the valley of Rivendell, Lord Elrond had just returned from his daily jog around the orchards. That’ll show Celebrían, he thought, beer-belly, please… Leaping energetically up the steps, he made his way to the hall for breakfast. Upon arriving, he found that his young daughter, Arwen was already there, munching her way happily through an assortment of fruits. He smiled and greeted her warmly.

“Morning Princess. Have a good night’s sleep?”
She looked up at him, her big blue eyes sparkling like sapphires. Just like her mother’s, mused Elrond.

“Hello Ada! I had a wonderful dream last night! Would you like to hear it?” she asked.

Elrond laughed and sat beside the eight year old. He knew his daughter well enough to know that he’d be there a while. Sure enough, Arwen launched into the epic fantasy she had experienced the night before. Full of dragons, elves, dwarves, men and magic it was – Elrond couldn’t help but wonder just where Arwen got these ideas from in the first place.

Just then, as Arwen became engrossed in the description of a particularly ferocious dragon, the halls doors opened and the Twins came waltzing in.

“Morning boys!” he called to them.

“Morning Ada!” they replied in chorus.

“Ada! Listen to me!” demanded Arwen.

“Yes, sorry – carry on.”

She was about to continue when yet again she was interrupted – this time, it was Glorfindel who came swaggering in. Groaning, he sat down gingerly beside Elrond, wincing slightly at Arwen’s voice.

“Well,” stated Elrond, “You look…”

“Yeah, and I feel it too. I swear, with Eru as my witness, I will never drink again.” and held his head in his hands. Elrond rolled his eyes.

“That’s what you said last time – remember?”

“Oh, well – this time I really mean it. It feels like I’ve got a bunch of hammering dwarves in my head…” he moaned.

“Ada!” interrupted Arwen, her bottom lip trembling.

“Yes Princess, I’m listening to you know – where were you?”

“You’re not listening to me, you’re talking to Glorfy!” she shouted, and stood up. Glorfindel recoiled at the noise.

“Arwen please, sit down and don’t be so immature! Of course I’m listening to you.” He told her firmly.

She sat down, but her lip began to tremble even more, and her eyes swelled with tears.

“Well done Ada, you’ve done it now.” sniggered Elladan across the table.

“Arwen, come on princess, there’s no need to cry!” he pleaded with her. Elrond looked desperately to Glorfindel for support, but found he had become intrigued by an apple.

“You can’t be sad today remember? Mummy’s coming back! What would she say if she saw you crying?”

Instantaneously, the tears vanished and a wide grin spread across the Elven child’s face.


“Yep – so we’d better get ready hadn’t we?” Elrond breathed a sigh of relief and praised Eru as Arwen jumped up and began dancing around the room.

“Mummy’s coming home! Mummy’s coming home!” she sang happily. The Twins looked at their father in distain.

“You’ve just got a way with kids haven’t you?” snickered Elrohir, his grey eyes twinkling.

“Yes, well, it’s true, your mother does come home today – and we do need to get ready. So come on!”
Elrond rose to his feet and swept Arwen into his arms in mid-skip.

“Let’s go find a pretty dress for you to wear, shall we?” Arwen giggled.

“You too boys – I will not allow you to meet your mother wearing that.” said Elrond, eying the boy’s tatty clothes. The twins groaned.

“No arguments – just find something presentable.” Elrond paused, looking over at Glorfindel.

“Are you ok?” he asked. Glorfindel had gone very pale, his eyes were bloodshot and he still held his head in his hands.

“Just – go.” He managed through gritted teeth. Elrond grinned and left the hall, while Arwen finished telling him about her dream.


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