Mount Doom or Bust!! Part 2 – Really just a Memory… what happened five hours before the prologue and (to the gurls) 7 months before.

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The night before… (part 1)
(According to real time, but to Mag, Kristy, Danielle and Shelly it was seven months approx. seemingly)(not based on my DREAMING IN LORIEN)(well, some parts yeah)

It was Friday night. Mag had just come from Kristy’s house. They spent the night mainly on the computer, doing none of the homework they’d promised to do, nor study for their approaching exams. Nope, they’d wasted a good five and half hours playing The Sims, chatting on MSN and listening to the blaring computer speakers poring out the ballads of Swollen Members (and Moby because Magan wouldn’t stop whining). They noticed one of the MSN advertisements for best movies.
“Hey, lookie!” Mag jabbed the screen. There read ‘Two Towers’ at number one. Kristy gave her a high five.
“Ever wonder what it would be like to go to Middle Earth?” Mag asked, as Kristy began to respond to one of the chatter’s comments (‘Swollen Members suck!’).
“Uh…” after pressing enter rather angrily, Kristy looked up and rolled her eyes. “Only you would think of something like that, Magz.”
“Nuh-uh!” Magan countered childishly. “Lots of people have. You should read some of the fanfics! They’re good! There’s this girl, *Eavenstar, and she’s awesome! You should read it! It’s the best! Makes Haldir look like an arse, though. But her and Legolas are so cute together-“
“Yeah, but who really reads those dumb fanfics anyway?” Kristy asked with the wave of her hand.
“Lots of people!” Mag said, eyes bulging with enthusiasm. “Come on. You haven’t wondered once what it would be like to go to Middle Earth? To kill orcs? To stand in untouched, unsoiled dirt-“
“-not yet trampled by cars? Breath fresh air clean from chemicals? Stand-“
“Boromir!” Kristy shrieked loudly. Mag sighed. An hour later, Mag’s dad came and picked her up. The man on the radio was talking about a falling-star shower, which was uncommon in their neck of the woods. Mag went to sleep as soon as she got home, it after all being 10:30. Before closing her eyes, however, she went to the windowsill, she observed the falling stars. An idea popped into her head. She knew it was stupid… impossible… hopeless… illogical…
“I wish, I wish upon a star, the star I see tonight… ugh! Whatever!” Hey, can you blame her? She hadn’t exactly watched Pinocchio lately. Or whatever movie it’s off of. “Listen up, Mr.-and-or-Mrs-Falling Star. I’ve got a little favor of you. A wish, if you will. I was hoping maybe you could pull some strings up there and perhaps…”
Little did she know, her younger sister was too making very similar wish.
“Perhaps transport me to Middle Earth?” Shelly asked with a smile, her hands in a praying stance. “I mean, it wouldn’t have to be forever…”
Across town Danielle was too by her window, making the same wish, but mentally. See she had been born deaf. And Kristy too was making the dumb wish. She knew it wouldn’t happen, but just the same…
One by one, the afterwards fell asleep, laughing softly to themselves at their immaturity and foolishness.

The sun above was warm, and it burned at the lids of the sleeper’s eyes. They sat up at the same time, stretching and yawning. Danielle was the first to open her eyes. She couldn’t talk to express her confusion, and she could not bring her self to sign anything with ASL, so she began to scream loudly. Shelly’s eyes snapped open. Her vocals weren’t working in the way she’d have liked, so scream she did, in a high pitch voice until it became nothing but a squeak. Mag passed out, an interesting experience because she never had before, and Kristy kind of just sat there, jaw almost on the leafy ground underfoot. At last, maybe after an hour of screaming and staring and being passed out, they stopped, and talked eerily calmly.
“What is going on?” Kristy asked looking around. Shelly stared at the huge trees over head and Danielle was trying to revive Magan by repetitively slapping Mag in the face.
“I don’t know.” Shelly said. “It appears we are in somesort of wood. A forest.”
“Well DUH!” Kristy tried to calm down. “I know that. Tad bit obvious. But where?”
So they walked on a bit, until they came to a river. Kristy dropped Mag, who had been carried all that way. She woke up.
“Whoa… where are we?” she asked groggily, fighting the urge to go unconscious. Or barf. Kristy shrugged. Shelly was inspecting the river, which wasn’t very much of a river.
“I know what it looks like…” Shelly mumbled, and her sister came to her side. Mag looked from left to right. She knew too. It looked like the Brunine, or at least the part where Arwen fends off the Nazgul. But that was, of coarse, impossible.
“OK, what did yall do before you guys went to sleep?” Magan asked. They looked up, and explained their night. They were all in a screaming fest, once again, when they discovered that before going to sleep, they’d all made the same wish upon the falling stars: to go to Middle Earth. They all took a gasp of air, and Mag fell over, once again unconscious. Kristy pulled her back onto the land, and out of the water. They dragged her off to the tree line, and they sat there. Shelly was rocking back and forth. It was IMPOSSIBLE! She almost fancied she heard the galloping of horse hooves.
“Oh-my-god.” Kristy gasped while the others were silent. There she was (Tinuviel! Tinuviel!)(sorry). Arwen Undomiel upon a great white steed, in her protective arms a very small person. Frodo, Son of Drogo, and now it was Shelly’s turn to pass out. So now it was just Kristy and Danielle staring in awe at the elven princess. Then a cold swept over them as they saw the nine approaching.
“Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer! Nin o Chithaeglir, lasto beth daer, Rimmo nin Bruinen dan in Ulaer! (Waters of the Misty Mountains listen to the great word; flow waters of Loudwater against the Ringwraiths!)” cried Arwen. Had Magan been conscious to witness this she would have mentioned it was originally Elrond who summoned the water, if she wasn’t busy screaming, acting like a fool or beginning to pass out. Again. The wraiths were swept away, and Arwen was seen putting the tiny bundled -up Frodo down.
“No, Frodo! Don’t give in! Not now!” sobbed Arwen, yet gracefully she sobbed. “Let what grace is given me be passed to him. Let him be spared. Save him…. “
(………….)(yeah, the going unconscious thing got old, but Shell thought it was funny)
Mag woke with an aching head and a grumbly stomach. She also woke to see Kristy staring over her.
“Oh god…” she moaned, and sat up slowly. “Did I die?”
” Ha!” Kristy said. “I wish. Kidding… kidding…”
Mag gave her a disapproving look, then sighed, looking around her room. It was very similar to Frodo’s chambers, the one he was in now, being tended by Elrond.
“Is this real?” she asked, but it came out as a slow whisper. Kristy shrugged.
“I don’t know. But I’ve been talking with the others. This is all weird. It’s like the movie.”
“Really?” Mag asked weakly. “Yay.” Her head flopped back on her pillow. Kristy sighed.
“Hey, I’m going to look around, ok? You going to be alright by your self?”
Magan nodded, eyes closed. She heard Kristy walk away. With the calm and silence, save the rustling of golden leaves and singing of birds, Mag attempted to sort things out. Right. So, this was either the deed of some weird stars, or a dream. There were many possibilities. It couldn’t just be a coincidence that they all wished on a star and VWALA! instant Middle Earth (how do you spell ‘VWALA” or whatever??).
After summoning much courage, she rose from her bed, and ventured out. She didn’t notice, but her clothes had been changed, and no longer was she in her wet clothes, product of falling into the Brunine. The dress was white and flowy, and surely of elvish fashion. She walked about the gardens for a while, when she heard a semi-squeaky voice.
“Merry, when is cousin Frodo going to awake?” wondered the person. Hobbit. Thing.  “When he awakens, I bet we’ll get some real food!”
“Pippin!” said the other person. Hobbit. Thing. “It is Frodo’s well-being we should be worrying about, not your stomach! But, yes, I do suppose once he awakens we’ll get better food…”
Magan came around the hedge, and sitting there were things, in a way of putting it. Anyone might have thought them things; what with their curly hair, on their head as well as their feet, short in stature, their tootsies hanging over the side of the white bench. But Magan knew better. They were Hobbits. And by now, you’ve probably guessed which Hobbits.
Mag chuckled to herself, and she walked around a hedge. There in a pavilion sort of a thing sat Merry and Pippin. It looked exactly like the movie characters; Billy and Dom. Mag couldn’t help the smile spreading across her face. While they continued to bicker, they at last noticed Mag, and straightened up, all bickering seized.
“Hullo there!” Pippin said with his little smile. Then he looked at her more closely, and Mag blushed, even if he was roughly three feet shorter than. “Why, you are no elf at all!”
“No, I’m just a girl.” Mag said, and came to them. She was so close to saying their names, but technically, she didn’t even know them yet. “And what might you be? No dwarves are you.”
“Dwarves indeed!” said Merry. “We are hobbits.”
“Hobbits?” Mag said with comical amusement. “Where do you hobbits come from, and what are your names?”
“My name is Merry. Merry Brandybuck and this is my cousin Pippin. We are from the Shire.”
“Merry and Pippin.” Mag said. “And might you be related to our wounded Frodo Baggins?” It was out before she could catch herself. But the two hobbits gave no heed to her words.
“Yes, lady.” Merry said. “He is our cousin, and we came with him on this journey, which turned out to be perilous than I could have ever imagined!”
“Well, I have a feeling Frodo is going to make a full recovery right quick. And you need not call me ‘lady’. Magan, or Mag, will do just fine. What day is it?”
“It is the 20 of October… Magan.” Said Merry, probably thinking of her name. Magan imagined that ‘Mag’ was an odd name in those days. Then she realized that he said it was October 20, which in fact was Shelly’s birthday (seriously, it is!).
“All right.” Mag said. “Well, thank you. See you later. And give Frodo my regards when he wakes!” she turned, and off again she went.

The next four days went by quickly. Shelly threw a small birthday party, which included the following activities: exploring Rivendell and getting used to the fact that was where they were. They actually spent quite a bit of time with the hobbits, and Sam occasionally graced them with his presence, though mainly he stayed with the sleeping Frodo. While Shelly and Danielle were off in search of Strider (they had yet to see him and were very eager to stare at his ruggedly handsome face&#8230, Magan ventured off herself. She really wanted to see Elrond. She walked around, until lo and behold! Gandalf appeared coming from a room. Mag almost banged into him.
“Oops, sorry Mithrandir!” Mag called, who did have a tendency to call him that back home. She went on going, but Gandalf called her back.
“Uh, yes?” she asked, trying to sound innocent. He looked down at her from the brim of his hat, eyes squinted suspiciously.
“And who might you be?” he asked in his raspy voice. “You call my name as though we have known eachother for many a year, and you call on me in the manner of the elves. Yet you are not one. You look strange and are strange. What is your name?”
Magan stared at his bluntness. “I… uh… well, my name is Magan. And I know what your name is in Elvish because, well, here we are in an elvish place and your name is bound to be tossed about. You are Gandalf, aren’t you?”
Gandalf nodded, excepting this answer. He strode away, not hearing the comment muttered under breath about him being just as weird; or perhaps he just decided to ignore it.
Curiously, Mag poked her head into where the Grey Pilgrim had come from, and saw lying fragile and resting was Frodo. Mag didn’t go in, but looked from the door way at him. Hmm. He wasn’t so bad. But then, it was Shelly’s constant jabber about the guy that made her dislike the hobbit. She left, and walked around for a bit longer, until she found Shelly.
“Hey.” she said. Her sister was sitting by herself.
“What’s up?”
“We going to the Council of Elrond?
Mag thought about this. “If I can find Elrond and bully him into it.”
“You mean you haven’t seen him yet?” Shelly asked. “WOW. I’ve talked with him twice. He’s nice. Kind of stern though. Anywho, there’s going to be a feast later tonight. Frodo has a awaken.”
” Really?” Mag asked, surprised. “I was just there. He looked asleep.”
“Oh, he as awake, probably.” Shelly said simply. Mag nodded, almost disappointed. If Frodo had been awake, then she could have talked to him. They talked for a while, and it turned out Shelly had seen a lot more people than she had.
“Yeah,” Shelly said, now getting worked up. “You should see Glorfindel. He is so hot.”
“Really?” Mag giggled. “I would expect as much. I mean, Tolkien described him pretty good looking, eh?”
After a while, they were to their separate quarters, and Mag rested. Merry was right. Now that Frodo was awake, there was to be a feast, and in all likelihood, they would also be going to the Hall of Fire. Mag sat giddily in her room, waiting.


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