Mother of the Evenstar – Sequel to “Daughter of the Golden Wood,” last part

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“Our children are truly remarkable, Celebrian,” Elrond said one day hundreds of years later. “Elladan and Elrohir make mudpies and play at fencing – enlisting me to fight against,” he added with a rueful glance at his muddy hands and torn robe, drawing a laugh from his wife, “and there sits Arwen, sewing up your torn dress, but wanting to join her brothers.”

Celebrian looked, surprised, at Elrond. “How did you know she wanted to join them?” she asked him.

Elrond grinned. “I am not the only one who saw her practice fencing with a stick.” Celebrian blushed – she had seen Arwen doing exactly that, but she had thought they were alone. “I think we should have a sword made for her,” Elrond continued. “In truth, if she were a boy we would have done that long ago.”

Celebrian nodded, surprised again at his words. But they were true. She smiled suddenly in amusement. “Imagine, then, if Elladan and Elrohir were girls. Would they be sewing, like Arwen?” She and Elrond shared a chuckle at that image. “But I agree. Have a sword made for her.”

A thought occurred to her then, one that she rather liked. Celebrian got up and walked over to where Arwen sat, her needle moving quickly through the cloth of the dress Celebrian had torn on a bush the day before. When her mother approached, however, Arwen set aside her work and stood up to hug Celebrian in greeting. Celebrian gave Arwen a quick hug back, then took her daughter’s hand and led her inside the palace, to Celebrian’s room. Odd, Celebrian thought. This is almost like it was when my mother gave me the stone. She smiled faintly at the coincidence. Except, of course, Arwen isn’t getting married! Celebrian added to herself.

“Mother? What did you want me for?” Arwen asked, sounding a little confused.

“I wanted to give you something,” Celebrian replied, opening a small box and taking out the green stone that Galadriel gave her on her wedding day. She held it for a moment, not wanting to part with it. But then that feeling passed, and she was able to turn, put the stone in Arwen’s hand, and say, “My mother gave me this when I married your father, and I think it is time for you to have it.”

Arwen touched the stone gently, then she hugged Celebrian. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered.

Celebrian took her daughter’s hand. “I am not the only one giving you presents,” she added. “Elrond is going to have a sword made for you.”

Arwen’s face, already lit up from being given the stone, shone even brighter. “Really?” She threw herself at Celebrian again, hugging her mother ecstatically.

“Really,” Celebrian confirmed. “And I could help you with it, if you want. I was taught the use of a blade in Lothlorien.”

Arwen’s smile was huge. It warmed Celebrian’s heart to see her daughter so happy. “Come on, let’s go practice.” She took Arwen’s hand, waited for her to carefully tuck the elfstone safely into her pocket, and led her away.


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