Missing Minas Tirith – part 2 – A Screenplaylet/Storyboard

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Interior: the Houses of Healing. Late in the night

(An interior hallway lit by braisers, very still, with a misty, golden feeling. The camera follows Aragorn and Eomer as they enter a small room.

Interior: Eowyn’s Sick Room. Late night

(The room has one small window, an ornate dressing screen, and a commodious bed, where Eowyn lies awake, restless, yet seemingly coping with pain, the thick quilts pulled up to her chin. The camera puts her in close-up showing how her translucent complexion flushes as Eomer sits down on a stool beside her bed.))


Brother, it must be very late.


I know, and I am loathe to trouble you, but I have news that you must know.

We are marching, Rohirrim and Gondorians, to the Black Gate of Mordor, to challenge the Dark Lord.


(Moves in the camera frame and sits down on the opposite side of the bed.)

We have to think that the hobbits have entered Mordor by now. We want to deflect Sauron’s gaze from his own land and force him to focus on troubles at his border.

(The camera shows Aragorn’s face and behind him, Eowyn, as she rises carefully to a sitting position. Aragorn appears to be conflicted, as though he realizes that he has unfinished business with Eowyn, but can’t quite face up to it.)


You go to your deaths.


And so it has been each time that we have gone off to battle. That we have survived so far seems like a wonder. I came here because I do not know if I can see you again before we depart.

(Eowyn is silent, controlled, as she carefully rises from her bed.)

Aragorn: (moves as thought to restrain her)

You shouldn’t ..

(She ignores him, struggling up. As she rises, we see that her arm is bound in a sling. Aragorn supports her as she moves toward Eomer, who catches her in a hug. Now out of bed, Eowyn is able to walk slowly. The camera tracks Eowyn, Aragorn, and Eomer as they head into a long hall.

Interior: Main Corridor, the Houses of Healing. Late Night

(The corridor is dimly lit by braisers. On the right is a portico with arched beams, which opens onto the main courtyard of the Houses of Healing. On the right side of the hall are several archways that open into darkness. Eowyn, Aragorn, and Eomer stop in front of a small archway.)

Eowyn: (to Eomer, who is supporting her as she walks)

All we have is each other now. Please come back a moment before you leave.


I’ll try. (And he walks past them, ostensibly leaving by a door at the end of the hall.)

(There is silence, broken only by the moans of the wounded in the courtyard and the whispers of the nurses attending them. The camera moves to a full body shot of Aragorn and Eowyn, as they stand close to each other.)


Do you go with no hope of returning?

(There is no response as the camera moves in for a close up of Eowyn’s face. Her eyes are wild with despair, though her face is otherwise controlled. The next shot is of Aragorn’s face, then his compassionate but sadly distant eyes. Then, surprisingly, the next shot is of the closed eyes of someone else.)

Interior: the Darkened Sickroom. Late night

(From the perspective of someone in the darkened room , the camera shows Aragorn and Eowyn standing,. framed by the archway. Their voices sound a little muffled, as they would to someone in the darkened room.)

You must let me go with you this time. Haven’t I proven my worth in battle?


Your left arm is broken. You could not hold a shield in your defense.

(The next shot is of the stranger’s closed eyes. But the eyelashes are fluttering, as if the person were listening to the conversation.)

Interior: Main Corridor, the Houses of Healing


How long will your trip take?


A week, maybe, but your arm could not heal in that time.

Eowyn: (with determination)

It would heal well enough not to pain me, and I can still wield a swprd/ What use is a shield for one who no longer cares for life.


You don’t know what you are saying.

(Eowyn impulsively grabs for Aragorn’s hand with her good arm. She loses her balance and falls toward him, but he grabs her uninjured arm and holds her at its length.)


But I do and now you must hear this. I know you do not love me.

Interior: the Darkened Sickroom. Late night

(The camera again shows the stranger’s eyelids fluttering as Eowyn’s bitter voice comes over the shot)


At least allow me the opportunity to die as one of your company.

(The stranger’s eyes fly open. The camera pulls back to reveal Faramir’s face.)

Aragorn: ( his resigned voice is over the next series of shots)

You cannot fight with us, Eowyn.

(The camera pans over Faramir’s sickroom, where he lies listening, an unwitting eavesdropper on the drama in the hall. Faramir has been moved to this location from the crowded courtyard where Aragorn healed him, to a location with more privacy, as behooves a person in his new station. Nevertheless, the sickroom is a small, spare ward room with four small beds, empty except for Faramir’s. During the next speech, the camera has the perspective of Faramir, watching Aragorn and Eowyn, with the archway becoming a proscenium.)

Aragorn: (steadies Eowyn and gently drops her arm)

Your glory in the fields today is more than many men experience in a lifetime. Isn’t that enough? Why not rest and recover?


Knowing that each day you and my brother might not return. That would not give me any kind of rest.


But there is a chance that Frodo will succeed, that Rohan and Gondor will prevail.

(The camera angle changes to a close up of Aragorn, whose voice is resolute.)

If I live and Arwen lives, then we will be together.

Eowyn: (oddly matter-of-fact as the camera shows her in close-up)

I have nothing to live for, whether or not you return.

(Again we see Faramir’s face, which, in the dim light, seems covered with sweat. Though awake, he seems dreadfully sick, almost as if he were fighting a losing battle with delirium.)

Interior: Main Corridor, the Houses of Healing. Late night.

Aragorn (tensing)

Your future might seem less bleak if you would give your injuries a chance to heal. You know that you should be in bed.

(But Eowyn is wide awake, with the sudden adrenalin rush of this encounter. She is not about to go to bed. The camera shows her throw a steely glance to Aragorn.)

Aragorn: (sighs and gives her one last look. Though not a loving look, it is nevertheless a look of friendship and fondness.)

We all might return. Look for us.

(The camera briefly follows Aragorn as he turns and walks rather quickly down the hall. And then we return to Eowyn, who is shaking with anguish and rage. She tries to pace down the hall, but her steps are slow, her balance unsteady. As she passes the darkened room, the camera picks up a stream of light coming from a crack in the window curtains.)

(Eowyn stops in the archway to Faramir’s sickroom, with the camera taking her perspective as she looks into the room. Her view reveals a vague window with a large sill and one or two empty beds to the right. The window curtains are not completely closed, letting faint light filter into the room. Dawn is approaching.

Interior: the Darkened Sickroom.

(Very distracted by her own thoughts, Eowyn enters and curls up in the window seat. She pulls the curtains apart to view the city landscape below. Her good arm wraps around her body as she starts to shiver. The camera moves in to show her in profile as a voice breaks through her depression.)

Faramir: (unseen, his voice sounds dry, as though it is an effort to speak)

You are cold, Lady?

Eowyn: (turns and faces the camera. She is temporarily frightened and taks a sharp intake of breath.)

I didn’t realize someone was in here.

(Then she relaxes)

Who would have thought that it dawns so cold so far south of my home.

(The camera pulls back to show Faramir lying in bed, straining to turn his head and look at Eowyn.)


It feels as though there are blankets at my feet. Why don’t you take them. i am warm enough.

(Eowyn rises, and the camera follows her as she moves to Faramir’s bed. She studied his face, which is bathed in sweat. Beside his bed, is a table with a basin of water and a towel by its side.)

Eowyn: (assessing Faramir’s condition with a tone of some authority)

That’s because you have a high fever, soldier.

(She notices the water basin and grabs the towel with her good arm, soaking it in the water, then pauses frustrated, finally slapping the towel one time into the aidr, as drops splatter all around.)

I would bathe your forehead though I can’t squeeze the extra water out of the towel with only one hand. I hope you don’t mind getting wet.

(The camera closes in on Eowyn as she leans over to sponge off Faramir’s face. She gasps a little as she notices the bandages around his neck. His eyes are closed as she takes the cloth and covers his entire face for a second.)

Speak out if you feel strange, chilled, or much hotter.

(In a close-up, Eowyn removes the cloth from Faramir’s face, to reveal that he has fallen asleep. Then pull back to show Eowyn as she removes the extra blankets from Faramir’s feet, wraps them around her, and returns to the window seat.)

(The camera stays focused on Eowyn as she sits in the window. More and more light fills the room, as Eowyn’s chin drops onto the blanket, and she falls asleep.


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