Mirkwood’s Princess – Chapter 2

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Once again, I take no credit, and I do not own any of Tolkiens Character.
Also, in my rendition, Legolas has dark hair, which is how I imagined him when I first read the books. I like PJ’s Legolas, but I’m just going with my head.
Isilmë danced around the fire with the other elves, music played and fine food and wine was served. It was a merry night, and the elves made the most of it. Legolas sat nearby, a smile on his face; he whittled on a piece of wood, carving into it runes and animals.
The elves continued in their celebrations, until something disturbed them.
A creature stumbled into the light of their campfire. It was small, about the size of a young boy, and it blinked in the bright light.
Legolas stood up, “Put out the light!”
The fire was doused instantly, and the elves climbed away into the trees.
The little creature stumbled around blindly in the dark, tripping over logs and rocks.
Isilmë took pity on him and touched him gently, then whispered silently in his ear, “Sleep, my little friend!”
The Little creature rubbed his eyes and yawned, then collapsed on the ground in slumber.
She then hoisted herself into the trees after her brother.
When they told their father of the night’s happenings, he was not pleased.
“There is something strange afoot in the forest, I do not like it.”
He said this, but he did not forbid them to make merry themselves in the wood again, so the following night Isilmë and Legolas went with their companions to a clearing in the woods and began their feasting.
But soon after, once again the elves were disrupted. But this time the elves reckonized it, they knew this creature all too well.
Again, Isilmë put their visitor to sleep, only this time she did not call him `friend’.
Legolas could see the stranger clearly in the dark, and he wrinkled his nose in disgust.
“A naugrim, Father will want to question him”.
So the elves took this unwelcome dwarf back to their halls. When he awoke from his sleep, Thranduil questioned him, but he would not speak.
“So be it, Petty-dwarf!” Thranduil said, Angry that their prisoner would not respond, “Take him to the dungeon!”
Legolas himself led the dwarf to his cell.
“You are very bold indeed, Master Dwarf, if you think yourself higher than the king of the woodland realm!” Legolas told the dwarf.
The dwarf just glared at him from under his blue, gold tasseled cloak.
Legolas closed door with a quietly, he did not like dwarves, but even the most unwelcome guests should be treated respectfully.
He turned and gave a bow then walked off to make arrangement for the prisoner to be brought good food and drink.
After he had done this, he left the dungeons and went to find his sister.


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