Mirkwood Royalty – Chapter 6

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Moriwen and Legolas continued to stare at the two teenagers in front of them. The boy wreaked of beer, and the girl of pot. But, there was something about the two, something not human.

“How do you know that name?” Legolas asked abruptly.

“Your Highness, we had no idea that you were to be at this concert,” the girl said in elvish, bowing her head.

“Who are you?”

The boy smiled.

“We are two elves that escaped from Middle-earth. We have no idea how we did it, we just did. And recently, we found a small letter on our apartment floor. It said that we were to find the Prince and Princess of Mirkwood. It said something about a King Sabros, but I have never heard of him,” he said, looking at his friend.

“What about Sabros?” Moriwen asked, getting in the elf’s face.

“It said something about him wanting his son back, or…” His voice trailed off as he stared into space. He was so drunk.

“No, no, no, no, no!”

Moriwen screamed and ran towards the parking lot. Legolas quickly followed after, with the stoned elves behind him.

“Moriwen, calm down, calm down,” Legolas coaxed as he wrapped his arms around her.

“He can’t. He’s gone. He can’t want him back. Not now,” she murmured.

“It’s alright. He can’t take him. He can’t. I wont let him,” Legolas promised.

Legolas and Moriwen went home. Gandalf was waiting for them there. He instantly put the two elves into a sleep, and when they awoke, they were back in Mirkwood.


“Ladicilion. Where is my baby?” Moriwen cried as soon as she regained conciousness. She heard her sons cry and she ran to his crib. She picked him up and held him close.

“He can’t have you, he can’t,” she cried.

“Who can’t have him?” A stone cold voice asked behind her.

Moriwen’s breath quickened. Why had they let him in here? Why had they let him come?

“Hello, Sabros,” she stammered. Where was Legolas?

“What are you wearing?! Why don’t you let me hold our son while you change into a dress?”

Moriwen just shook her head at his offer and turned around to face him.

“Leave, Sabros. Or I will strike you with more fire than you can imagine,” she threatened.

“You can’t deprive a father his rights to his son.”

“Oh, yes I can. Legolas is his father now, and Ladicilion will NEVER know that you existed,” she hissed.

“Give me my son!”

Sabros lunged at Moriwen and grabbed at the baby. She wrapped her arms around Ladicilion and refused to let go. She couldn’t bring herself to call upon any of her powers. She had to concentrate completely on protecting her son. Then Sabros let go of the boy and delivered a blow to the side of her face. She stumbled backward and fell against the wall. He kicked her in the side, careful not to hit Ladicilion. She fell to the floor. Sabros took out a dagger and cut her arm. She gasped and moaned in pain. He did the same to her other arm. It hurt so much. Where was Legolas? Wasn’t he supposed to be protecting her? Everything started to go dark. She hurt so much. The last thing she remembered was a weight being lifted from her arms, and a small kiss on her cheek.

(Sorry it’s so short!)


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