Miriel’s Journey-A Parallel to Silvren’s Journey – Intro and Chapter One

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The many accounts of the forward ground to Middle-earth are all accounted for in The Silmarillion. The accounts are trustworthy and are to be known therefore to be true. The creation of Middle-earth and its people brought to life a several thousand year old civilization. The races of the peoples of Middle-earth are as follows:
Men pass mortally into nothing more than legend after a limited number of years. The Dwarves, who were created by Aule, are said to live far longer than any man but not forever. The gift of immortality is given only to the Elves. The Silvan Elves helped to shape Middle-earth into what made it so grand. The Silvan Elves led by Thranduil their king in Greenwood the Great also known as Mirkwood.
In the years before the Great Years, the Dark Lord Sauron was stirring again in the East. He had been defeated in 3441 of the Second Age. The story preceding the One Ring’s existence is a long one. Isildur, the one who took the Ring had vanquished and was no more. Now the people of Middle-earth had been separated by race. Elves and Dwarves fought among each other. The last alliance between the race of Men and Elves had been made and broken in 3430 of the Second Age. Hobbits, or Halflings, were considered to be fantasies of a child’s dream and nothing more, but they are much more as this tale will tell. This tale is one of an elf who, along with ten others, would rescue Middle-Earth from perishing under the Dark Lord’s reign.
Now the creature, Gollum, who had the Ring before the last, was taken to the dark land of Mordor, for questioning. He was released by the Dark Lord and brought to Mirkwood, the Woodland Realm of Elves. He was brought there by Aragorn son of Arathorn the ranger from the North. Thus, this story begins in Mirkwood with the bringing of Gollum in the year 3017.

Chapter One- To the Shire
A calm wind blew through the House of Thranduil, Ruler of Mirkwood. The thin curtains blew slightly, awaking the youngest of Thranduil’s children, Miriel.
“Miriel,” A voice came from the doorway. “Time to awake. You have been sleeping the day away. Father has sent me to you. He wishes to speak with you.”
The girl stirred slightly. “Allow me to dress and inform him I will be there.”
“Would you like anything to eat?”
“No thank you, Legolas.” Miriel slowly sat up as her brother left the room.
Miriel dressed herself and walked out of her bedroom toward her father’s throne room. Miriel was a beautiful elf who had long flowing, wavy dark hair. She entered the throne room and bowed as she entered.
“You sent for me Father?” She asked politely.
“I did.” Her father, Thranduil summoned her and motioned for the man standing in front of him. “You will remember Aragorn?”
“I do, very well.” She answered. Aragorn was tall and of the race of Men. Miriel had met him before. He and her friend Arwen of Rivendell were in love. Miriel’s best friend was Arwen’s sister Silvren whom her brother Legolas fancied quite well.
“He has brought with him the creature Gollum.” Her father replied.
Behind Aragorn was a squirming creature whom was gangly and sickly. He was no taller than Aragorn’s waist.
“Gollum?” Miriel asked. “The one who had the Ring?”
“Yes.” Her father replied. “Aragorn has been sent here by Gandalf the Grey who has a task for you which I have given you permission to go on.”
“I am listening Father.”
Behind Miriel, her three elder brothers entered the room. They were eager to hear of this task.
This time, it was Aragorn who spoke. “Gandalf has sent me to inform you of a task you must perform however it includes many days and nights of travel. It requires wisdom that few elves possess. You have the wisdom Gandalf needs you to have and you are keen, both your eyesight and hearing. Gandalf places his trust in you, Miriel.”
“What is this task, Aragorn?” Miriel asked.
“You are to go the Shire and find the one who possesses the One Ring. Gollum knows this person, a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. He is to meet with Elrond in Rivendell and must go without the Ring. The Nine are searching for him. He must rid himself of the possession. You are to take the Ring from him without making it known to him of what value this Ring possesses.” Aragorn continued to explain. “You are to give the Ring to his nephew, Frodo Baggins and explain to him, the power of the Ring. He is to bring it to Rivendell where the fate of the Ring will be decided by the members of the Council.”
Miriel’s older brother brothers stood in amazement. To them, this was of great wonder why Miriel was to be sent on this journey.
“I told Gandalf,” Thranduil began. “I would allow you to go under certain circumstances. You are guaranteed a safe return home; I wish not to lose my only daughter. He said he could guarantee nothing. My other condition was that you have protection. Gandalf himself could not provide the protection so I have therefore decided to send your oldest brother, Legolas along with you.”
Legolas nodded.
“Am I going Father, despite the fact you have no certainty of my return?” Miriel wondered.
“Yes you are going.” Thranduil said sorrowfully. “But only because you are Gandalf’s only trust. You and your brother both are.”
“I thank you Father. This means so much to me.” Miriel said excitedly. “May I go and prepare Ferine for the journey?”
“Not yet.” Thranduil said. “He does not wish for you to go until the beginning of the next year. His reason is unknown. All he has told me and Aragorn is that if his schedule changes and he is able to do this journey himself, he will not need you. If we do not hear from Gandalf by the first of the year, you and your brother shall go to the Shire. Understood?”
“Yes, Father. Thank you. And thank you Aragorn.”
Aragorn and Thranduil nodded. Miriel left the room.
A few weeks later, a company from Rivendell arrived in Mirkwood to meet with King Thranduil. Among them was Silvren, Elladan, and Elrohir, Elrond’s daughter and twin sons. Elladan and Elrohir had fair faces and long dark hair. Silvren too had a fair complexion and long brown hair.
“Silvren!” Miriel yelled from her balcony. She waved to her friend who waved back and looked very excited to see her.
“Hi Miriel.” Silvren said embracing Miriel when she came down. She didn’t walk down the stairs however, Miriel climbed down the vine on the side of her room.
“Why can’t you use the stairs like the normal elves do, Miriel?” Elrohir joked.
“Because I’m not normal.” She smiled.
“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Elrohir replied with a smirk on his face. Miriel took her balled fist and punched his shoulder. He winced slightly.
“Hey look who it is!” Voices called from the palace.
Miriel’s twin brothers Celebdil and Ornendil were approaching their friends with smiles on their faces.
“Elladan and Elrohir. Long time no see.” Ornendil said embracing Elladan and then Elrohir. Celebdil did the same. The twins turned and hugged Silvren as well.
“Where’s Legolas?” Elladan asked.
“He’s patrolling the border.” Celebdil said. “His shift is over shortly. We’re heading out there soon. Want to come along?”
“Sure.” Elladan said. “Silvren you stay here with Miriel.”
“Miriel’s going too.” Ornendil said.
“But I thought your father-“
“Father changed his mind. She now does patrol.” Celebdil said.
The six of them headed toward the forest.
“Elladan and Elrohir can come with us. Silvren, Miriel you guard these posts.” The girls nodded as they watched their brothers head off.
“This is the post we guarded together last time.” Miriel smiled.
“That was fun.” Silvren said.
Miriel was referring to the last time Silvren had been patrolling borders with her when a group of goblins from the Misty Mountains were attacking the west borders. Elladan and Elrohir had joined the Mirkwood elves in the fight and told Silvren and Miriel to stay put. Of course the girls did not listen and followed them in the trees. From their location in the trees, the two girls helped to kill a lot of the goblins until they had all been destroyed and the girls returned to their post without a word to the men.
“So Aragorn told Arwen and I that he came to visit you but wouldn’t say why. He said `If Miriel wishes to tell you then she can tell you’. What happened?”
“He brought Gollum.”
“That gangly creature who had the Ring?”
“Why did he bring him? Is he still here?”
“Yes he’s here. My father locked him up. Aragorn brought him after he found he had escaped from Mordor. Why he brought him here I don’t know.”
“That’s weird. Did your father strengthen the security around the borders? With Gollum here, there will be orcs trying to take him back no doubt.”
“Yes, that’s why I’m here. I volunteered to be extra help. We have added some women archers as well because we need more security.”
“Good idea. But no one can match us, right?”
“Of course not. We are the best.” Miriel laughed.
Suddenly, the girls stopped. They both heard something. Their pointed elven hears pricked up. They turned to look in the forest.
“Did you hear something?” Silvren asked.
Miriel nodded.
Both girls slowly drew an arrow from their quiver and stretched their bows. From above the hill they heard someone call to them.
“We need more bows, come girls quickly!” Ornendil yelled.
Silvren was momentarily distracted by his call but Miriel focused in the woods. Suddenly an ugly black orc came from around a tree charging Silvren.
“Silvren look out!” Miriel yelled. She stretched her bow and quickly shot it. The arrow landed in the orcs neck. He fell to the ground with a thud.
“Come on.” Silvren urged. The girls followed Ornendil.
“Wait.” Miriel stopped. “Let’s go in the trees like last time. The orcs never see us there and we can have a better view and maybe kill more orcs.
Silvren agreed and the girls climbed the tree and ran along its branches until they got to the battle site. Miriel saw her brothers shooting many orcs. There were many more orcs this time than there were goblins last time. Miriel and Silvren took more arrows and shot more orcs.
One orc was about to stab Celebdil from behind when Silvren pointed and Miriel let her arrow fly, piercing the orcs in the forehead knocking him down, dead.
Then Miriel heard something behind her. She nudged Silvren who looked at her through the corner of her eye. She nodded together they jumped. Once on the ground Miriel quick as lightning turned and pierced the orcs in the tree that was behind them. Then they realized the other orcs noticed them. They drew their swords and began to slay orcs. Miriel stabbed one in the gut as Silvren cut another’s head off. Once they slew the few orcs around them, they grabbed their bows and from a distance, killed more orcs.
After a few moments, all the orcs were slain and lie dead in the forest.
The battle had been exhausting. Miriel and Silvren headed back to the palace where they ate dinner and crashed for the night.
A few days later, Silvren and her brothers and their company left to go back to Rivendell. Miriel watched her oldest brother Legolas kiss Silvren good-bye as she departed.
The first of the year came sooner than Miriel had expected. When it did Thranduil summoned his daughter and eldest son to his throne room where he informed them to pack. Miriel was excited about the journey. Miriel left to prepare Ferine for the journey and to gather her things.
Ferine was Miriel’s beloved horse from her childhood. Ferine had been born an elf-horse and was therefore almost as old as Miriel, thousands of years.
“You are excited I see,” Legolas stated on their walk back to their rooms. “About this journey.”
“Of course I am.” Miriel replied. “Who wouldn’t be? Gandalf has placed his deepest faith in us. Are you not honored?”
“I am.” Legolas began to enter his room. “I am worried for you though.”
“Do not be. I have been through many dangers. A visit to the Shire will be good for our senses. You need not have fear of dangers.”
Miriel and Legolas separated and reconvened in the throne room after the two had brought a bag and attached it to their ready horses.
“You are to ride to Bree together and not separated.” Thranduil expressed. “From there, Miriel, you will ride alone.”
“But Father, Legolas is to be my protection. How can he-“
Before she could finish, Thranduil finished his thought. “Shire folk are not used to seeing Men over their short stature much less two Elves walking among their midst. It would look too suspicious and we wish to draw as little attention as possible to the western world especially those who are unaffected at the moment by the Dark Lord. That is why we are taking Bilbo and Frodo out of the Shire; to keep them safe.”
Miriel nodded.
“After you have told Frodo of the Ring, you must ride quickly to Bree. There you will meet Aragorn and Gandalf. You will leave before the hobbit arrives. You are then to head to Rivendell. In some day’s time, the Council will meet to decide the fate of the Ring. You two will already be awaiting the arrival of Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits to decide the fate of Middle-Earth. Do both of you understand?”
“Yes Father.” Legolas and Miriel said together.
Thranduil followed his two children outside to their horses. Behind him were his other two twin sons.
“Perhaps, while you’re gone Miriel,” Celebdil began to joke. “You’ll find someone…finally.”
“A nice Elven man so I can finally become an uncle!” Ornendil commented.
“Very funny, boys.” Miriel said. “How is it you expect me to marry before the others who are older than I?”
“We do not have an obligation to fulfill.” Ornendil claimed.
Miriel smiled and mounted her horse.
“Nice Elven men, Miriel remember!” Celebdil reminded.
Thranduil spoke. “Be not so sure it will be an elf.” He looked in his daughter’s eyes as if to tell her something by gazing at her. She caught his gaze and wondered what he meant but did not ask.
Legolas mounted his horse and the couple rode off into the horizon of the late morning.
Miriel and her brother rode through the Anduin River passing through the Misty Mountains. They passed through Rivendell. If they had not been in a hurry they would have been delighted in seeing their friends. However they were under Gandalf’s trust and would not stop to explain their haste. They passed through South Downs until they arrived at Bree where they parted company. Legolas hugged his only sister and told her to be careful.
Late on the third night, Miriel arrived in the Shire. Upon her arrival, she placed her hood over her long dark hair so as to hide her face and conceal her identity. Her arrival was greeted with a lively celebration down in the valley. Everyone in Hobbiton had shown up for a birthday party; a party for Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday.
Miriel walked down to the valley where a large group of people sat apparently waiting for a speaker to step up to an elevated stage. The speaker was none other than Bilbo himself, who showed up some time later.
Miriel placed herself in the back and was able to listen intently to Bilbo speaking.
“My dear people.” Bilbo began. He began to list and name the last names of all who had attended his party. “I have called you all together for a purpose.” His tone puzzled Miriel. No one noticed her presence and she hoped it would continue that way. “Indeed for three purposes. First, I am fond of you all, I truly am. Eleventy-one years is far too short of time to live among all; such admirable and excellent hobbits. Secondly, I wish to be here in honor of my birthday, obviously.” People cheered and applauded. Miriel could not understand the strangeness in his voice. She hoped the others noticed it as well.
“Of course it is OUR birthday, and when I say our I mean mine and my nephew and heir Frodo.” People cheered again as Bilbo continued his speech. Miriel glanced around to a young man who had people patting his back. This must be Frodo. “Frodo comes of age and into his inheritance today.” As Bilbo continued, Miriel could tell that the other hobbits were confused by his choice of words. Bilbo was up to something.
“Thirdly and finally, I wish to tell you all an ANNOUNCMENT that has been on my heart for quite some time now.” Bilbo said the word `announcement’ with such force, it caused several hobbits to jump. “I regret to inform you that this is the end. For me at least and that I am going now.” Bilbo fumbled around in his pocket for something. Miriel’s elf eyes could not see inside it. “I am leaving. Good-bye my good people.” Suddenly, Bilbo disappeared. He vanished leaving the hobbits in utter confusion. Miriel now knew what Bilbo fumbled with in his pocket; the One Ring.
Miriel glanced around frantically looking around for Bilbo and the Ring. Upon the top of the hill, Miriel saw a gate swing open with no force behind it. Miriel followed the path up the hill out of the sight of the other hobbits who had began to party again despite Bilbo’s mysterious disappearance.
The hill led to a pathway leading to small houses in the ground. Miriel followed the footprints leading to a small house with a green round door. As the door slowly shut, Miriel entered through the gate heading for the door. Upon reaching it, she knocked three times softly.
“It was a joke; I’m perfectly fine whoever it is. Tell the others not to worry.” Bilbo’s voice could be heard inside the house.
“I think you should explain that to your nephew not me.” Miriel replied.
This drew his attention and within minutes, Bilbo opened the door.
A short little man stood at the door. He had white frizzy hair and stood staring at Miriel with awe in his eyes.
“Bilbo Baggins, I wish to speak with you in private.” Miriel confronted.
“Who are you,” Bilbo questioned. “To request to speak with me?”
“I have been sent by one, Gandalf the Grey to dwell with you until I have fulfilled his duty for me.”
“Gandalf has sent you?” Bilbo asked. Miriel nodded. “I have not seen him for quite sometime. Do come in.” Bilbo motioned for her to enter. Miriel had to bend down for the house of the hobbit was much too small for her height.
“May I offer you anything to eat or drink?”
“No thank you, Bilbo.”
“What task has Gandalf sent you on?”
“I am here about your future journey to Rivendell.”
“Ah, right.” Bilbo acknowledged. “And who are you…again?”
Miriel took off her cloak and hood to reveal her elf elegance. Her light green dress glimmered in the moonlight entering the house through a window. Her silver headpiece also shimmered in radiance. Her dark and wavy hair dropped to what seemed to be lower than the ground. It was the longest hair Bilbo had ever seen. His mouth dropped and he stood in awe of her beauty.
“An elf?” Bilbo managed to say. “I have not been in the presence of an elf for quite a while. You and your people bring such joy to my life. It amazes me of your beauty.”
“I am from the Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood. I am Miriel, daughter of Thranduil, King of Mirkwood.”


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