Miriel, Daughter of Gondor – Ch.1 Betrayal in Minas Tirith

by Sep 26, 2003Stories

Miriel was crying softly on her bed.”How could this have
happened. They were home and everything was perfect.
How could things go so wrong?” she thought. She must save
her family. She would face him right now at breakfast.

Down in the dining hall, she went to Rameth.
He greeted her, “Oh my love, you’ve arrived. Good.” He beckoned for her to sit at the empty seat at his side.
“I missed you last night.” he whispered in her ear. “You’re so beautiful. Your brown hair, blue eyes and your flawless skin, I can’t wait until we’re married. And why wait? We’ll get married tomorrow.” he said as he stroked her pale cheek.
She flinched at his touch, but said, “Why so soon my lord?
Why not wait until all the preparations are done?”
“They are done. Everything is ready. Don’t you want to get married?” he asked.
She hesitated before replying, “Of course, anything my lord wants. In fact, I would do and say anything for you, if you let my family go. I would marry you willingly.” She tried to seduce him.
“I will do anything you ask, my love.” he said strangely without hesitation.

It was the next day and Miriel was feeling queasy. She slipped on her wedding gown. It was a white silk studded with beautiful jewels. Then she put on her white slippers. She padded down to the chapel and the service started.

Just one more vow remained, “Do you promise to love Rameth and to stay by his side until death separates you?”
“I do.” she whispered and she was married.

Many days passed and Rameth made sure Miriel was always by his side. “To look at your beauty.” he said.
But really, he was showing off his ‘prize’ to everyone. Miriel’s days were full of torture and sorrow and loneliness.

She went down one day to the dungeons, and what she saw there infuriated her. She went back up to Rameth.
“You promised me, that if I married you willingly, you would let my family go.” she hissed. “Well we’re married and my family’s still down there.”
“You didn’t think,” he laughed, “That I would let them go just for you. I would have made you marry me any way.”
“You’re a worm. You’re a lying, cheating, stealing worm. I hate you!” she spat.
He snarled at her and grasping her elbow, led her roughly down to a cell far away from her family.
” Do not feed her or let her out.” he said to the guard on duty.
Turning to her, he said, “You will never see you’re precious family again.” and left.
Miriel was left with a weight in her stomach, hating Rameth, and worrying over her family.


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