Memories long since passed… – Chapter #8

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As the morning came Galadriel and Celeborn got up and came down for breakfast as did Celebriand, and Cade. The maid had gone to wake Aaron, but instead rushed down the stairs and to the kitchen almost out of breath.

“Milady, Lady Aaron is gone and so is Leslie! She left this note for you.”

The table seemed to freeze and Galadriel stood taking the note from the maid. The note read: “I am sorry Galadriel; I am no longer safe here. I had a `premonition’ I fear for Leslie’s life and that Cade will harm her. I am sorry to leave you like this, I appreciated everything you did and tried to do. Your friend Aaron.”

She set the letter down and looked to Cade. “Something has scared Aaron she claims it is a premonition of you, she fears you would harm Leslie, but I also think she fears you would harm her. I however am worried that this premonition is not right someone might be trying to lure her outside of Ost-in-Edhil to do her or Leslie harm. Which is why I would like Cade to go and bring her and Leslie back before anything happens.”

Cade stood and was going to go get ready.

“Wait,”Celeborn’s voice interrupts,“I would like a few soldiers to go with you Cade if someone is trying to lure Aaron away then I believe you will need help.”

Cade nodded then rushed up stairs and quickly got dressed, soon he came down and went to the stables and got his horse ready to ride four other elven guards stood ready and waiting by their horses ready to leave. Soon the group had ridden from Ost-in-Edhil following the tracks of Aaron’s horse.

Aaron had ridden hard for most of the morning and had slowed down to help Leslie fall asleep, she rode gently through the woods feeling a heavy burden lifted, but also a sadness along with it, she had left Galadriel again without so much as an actual goodbye, and her thoughts kept returning to Cade wondering if she should trust the nightmare and her doubts or trust him. Melian had always taught her to go by her instincts but usually her instincts only involved her not another like Leslie, but she also doubted Cade that in itself was good enough reason not to trust him. She pondered over all of it for a while as she rode at a gentle speed, then finally she stopped for a moment to take a small break. After the small break Aaron was putting stuff back in her bag and preparing to leave when she heard hoof beats. Whirling around she had no time to hide or try to flee on horse back Instead she drew her sword as the riders came around the brush and stopped a few feet from her, Cade lead the group, and all Aaron wanted to do then was run, but she stood her ground. What was bad was the angry look on Cade’s face as he dismounted his horse and came to stand a few feet from her, but what kept him at bay was she had her sword drawn. He looked like he wanted to yell at her, but instead forced himself to calm down.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“I am protecting Leslie from you, and myself I might add!”

“What are you talking about?! I am not going to harm you or Leslie!”

Aaron backed away at his raised voice and held her sword a little more up ward incase. While Cade sighed as he stood there.

“Look Aaron I thought we were passed this, what went wrong?”

“I am not sure maybe you should think about that silver haired elf you murdered in your bed chamber!”

Cade seemed to pale at the mention of a silver haired elf.

“Ah so you did know her?”

“Yes her name is Penaltra we all used to call her Lady Pen though—“

“She said she was in `your’ bed chamber! Was she?” Aaron interrupted.

“Yes, but that was a long time ago.”

“Who was she? Was she your mistress? How often was she in your bed chamber?!”

Cade shook his head.

“She was only in my bedchamber once, and if I were you I would not be jealous of her.”

“Who said I was jealous?! Besides from what I understand you killed her.”

“No I never killed her, and I never really wanted her in my bed chamber.”

“Oh! And why not she was a very beautiful elf maiden!”

“Yes, but she is also known as the Seductress of Angband. Lady Penaltra is a dark elf and a very powerful sorceress. Her eyes, hair and lips are changed in color due to the poisons in her body. She is immune to almost all poisons and potions in all of Middle Earth, and she is Sauron’s greatest sorceress.”

Aaron shook her head bewildered by it all, she slowly let the sword hang at her side in her hand. Trying hard to understand what was happening as Cade turned to the other soldiers.

“Please leave us for a moment.”

The other four elves turned away on their horses and rode a fair distance away, so they couldn’t see what was going on, but if anything bad happened they would hear the screams. Cade turned back to Aaron and gently pulled the sword from her grasp, then looked back at her with a humorous grin.

“Admit it, you were jealous I could tell.”

“I was not—” Cade shushed her as he drew her close and gave her a few gentle kisses on her forehead.

“First milady you must let go of all these bad past memories, put it behind you please. Now I know you have doubts about our wedding, but I promise you nothing bad will happen.”

“That is what you think!”

A cold cruel Orc’s voice interrupted, and both turned to face a small group of orcs weapons drawn.

“Hello Cade it has been a long time, you know our master does not like to be kept waiting on a mission and you have taken too long.”

Aaron scooped up Leslie and held her tightly.

“Hand over the baby, and we might let you and your half elf wench be!”

Almost upon instinct Leslie started crying and whaling, the baby didn’t seem to want to stop, until two of the elven guards came around to see the intruders and they yelled for the other two. Then just as quickly Leslie stopped crying, and relaxed.

“Well now what do you know? My daughter can sense scum!” Aaron said venomously. Cade gave a laugh as he looked back at the intruders, the intruders however glared at Cade, Aaron, and Leslie. As the four elven guards came to stand next to the couple and the young baby Aaron holding weapons drawn.

“You know Cade that you can restore your status and return to the master’s side by helping us destroy the elven wench and her baby.” The leader said giving Cade a cruel smile.

“And here I thought you were merely after the child.” Cade replied sarcastically, then the leader began shaking his head no.

“No she must die as well the wench can still bare children and Sauron wants to see to it that this prophecy never even has a chance to arise.”

Aaron glared at the group of men as she answered without thinking.

“Well killing me will not occur by simple minded fools such as yourselves, and I intend on having many children hopefully all of them will aid in killing your worm of a master!”

Cade could not help but laugh and he made no pains to hide his amusement, he glanced back at Aaron for a moment then back at the intruders. He of course did not see Aaron blush, but instead answered.

“Well it seems my wife-to-be has stated what she wants and it is my job to grant her every wish. So here are your choices remain and die, or go back to Sauron like good little minions.”

Without warning the intruders attacked, four of them fought with the other four elven guards while another attacked Cade as he blocked the attackers from Aaron and Leslie. Aaron pulled a small dagger from her boot as she held Leslie in her other arm. The leader stood back watching then after a moment drew his bow and notched an arrow he took aim at the bundle held in Aaron’s arms. Just as Cade killed his attacker he saw the leader preparing to fire an arrow and rushed in as the arrow was released and flew at Leslie. Right when the arrow made contact with Cade he dropped and did not move. Aaron watched him fall and before the leader could notch an arrow she threw her dagger with deadly accuracy right into the man’s heart. The orc dropped but would never rise again, Aaron then knelt down next to Cade and with her free hand rolled him over. She just looked at him a moment taking it all in and realizing Cade was dead, the arrow had struck his heart. After a moment tears rolled down her cheeks she tried hard to keep from sobbing, and slowly reached over to remove the arrow still lodged as if it would bring him back or wake him by simply removing it, but when she pulled the arrow out he still lie dead. She dropped the arrow and rested against Cade’s body whispering to Leslie.

“It is all my fault, I ran away I killed him… I was so scared he would hurt me again that I could not see what he truly felt, who he truly was… I am so sorry Leslie…”

Leslie just stared up at her in wonder then looked at Cade, one of her small hands rested on his bare arm. For a moment Leslie just stared up at Cade and his lifeless eyes as if looking for something or searching, Aaron watched her daughter’s face curiously then nearly jumped a twenty feet back unable to contain a surprised and terrified scream, the elven guards stood not too far back and had been standing there for a time watching the events and they too were amazed as Cade took in gasps of air and slowly rose staggering. Aaron watched wide eyed as Cade stood knowing full well that it all was impossible she had seen the wound, his face, his body lifeless and unmoving for long moments then suddenly he was alive! She backed away as he looked over at her smiling and started to come towards her, her words came out without her knowledge of her saying anything.

“How do you yet live?! I— I saw you, you… you can not be alive the w-wound it was—” Aaron stopped trying to think she glanced over at one of the elven guards. “Tell me that I am seeing this, that I am imagining things!”

The guard however was just as dumbfounded and unable to speak, she looked back at Cade as he drew near and spoke.

“I am not sure how I yet live, but I do…” His grin grew as he reached over and pulled Aaron and Leslie near, he gave a few gentle kisses to Aaron then one on Leslie’s forehead.

“But how is this possible? The wound was fatal you were dead—” Aaron stopped a moment thinking then looked back at Cade. “You— you saved Leslie and I….”

“Of course I saved you and Leslie what did you expect me to do?”

“Well—…. I was not sure… I am sorry, it is just when I am betrayed it is very hard to trust that person again….” Aaron waited for Cade to say something, but he didn’t and he wasn’t sure what to say, but just as she had thought of what to say he abruptly asked.

“Have you been crying?”

Aaron had just looked up at him as he brushed his hand over her cheek to find it wet from tears. Aaron never was one for crying, but she looked down as if ashamed and slowly nodded yes admitting to it as she answered.

“I…. I actually thought you were dead…”

Cade drew her closer and lifted her chin with his finger so that she was looking at him and he at her. He then gave a long sweet kiss, after the kiss he whispered to her.

“I am still here and I will not go anywhere without you.” Cade then released Aaron and Leslie to address everyone. “We should leave now before there are any more surprises.”The group gathered their things and soon returned to Ost-in-Edhil. Aaron finally had all the proof she needed Cade had protected Leslie with his life and at a point was dead and somehow revived, but that was all that mattered. She now trusted him fully. But the question still remained Cade had died how did he still live? Aaron remembered Galadriel telling a similar tail of her being dead and then revived, but at this point another more scary thought entered her head, was the prophecy about Leslie true? Aaron had not even given another thought to this prophecy she had thought it purely rubbish, but now evidence of a power were becoming more clear. This deeply worried Aaron as well for if the prophecy were true it meant Leslie would forever be in danger all through out her life. Aaron closed her eyes and leaned back against Cade whom sat behind her as she held Leslie in her arms. She pushed her worries back for those worries were for the future.

Cade sat on the horse heading back to Ost-in-Edhil as if in a daze the image and words of the young elf that he had dreamt about when thought to be dead haunted him, he however did not know that the night of Leslie’s birth Aaron had seen the same thing. A young elven women with long black hair, blue/green eyes, clad in black telling them not to worry no matter what happened. He too knew who it was, it was his daughter the baby Aaron held in her arms at that moment. The ride home was quiet as both pondered their thoughts and tried to think of other things.


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