Memories long since passed… – Chapter #7

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In the weeks since the winter’s eve festival, Cade had asked for Aaron’s hand in marriage. Aaron wasn’t completely sure of whether to say yes or no, but regardless she said yes. The big day was set at the beginning of the New Year which was two months away. Most everyone seemed excited about the wedding, but Aaron she still wondered why she had let him off so easily. Cade had been sent to kill her, he toyed with her, got her pregnant, broke her heart once, and now he had won. At least Aaron thought he had won, but who was to say he wouldn’t hurt her in the future? Who was to stop him from breaking her heart again? At one point she might have forgiven him, but the doubt of what he might do was still there. Time was growing short as the two months were going by fast and Aaron never said a word about her doubt to anyone. Then one night three days before the wedding she had a nightmare.

It started as a nice quiet relaxing dream, Leslie now only a year old played beside her laughing and giggling with a couple stuffed animals, Aaron started to play with her playing as she hid her face from Leslie behind one of the dolls then surprised the small child with a kiss. Amongst the giggling a soft silky voice came to Aaron.

“You have doubts about Cade, doubts that should not be ignored.”

Aaron looked around frightened, but when she looked back to Leslie the child was gone. As Aaron stood and began looking for Leslie the voice continued.

“He is after all a dark elf, an assassin of Mordor, he is very deceitful and cunning. Did you not know that Cade is Sauron’s best assassin? Sauron holds much faith in Cade, and Cade is well known for taking his time and getting very close to his victims.”

Aaron slowly turned around to face the voice, and saw a tall slender elven woman, but she looked different her hair was a shinny silver color running down her back, her eyes a strange purple, and her lips deep red contrasting with her pale skin but still she was very beautiful, she wore a long sleeved gown low cut in the front with four slits running down the gown showing a bit more of her legs. Two slits were on the right and left side of the gown while the other two were in front and back. She stood there with a kind smile as Aaron looked at her with an uncertain look. The woman then continued when Aaron said nothing.

“Cade may appear kind and loving, but his true nature has yet to be revealed. You may have found the truth about his intentions and he may have won you back with his sweet charms, but the thought of killing Leslie has far from left his mind, Sauron may be a cruel master to traitors, but he knows Cade as a loyal servant to him and also knows that Cade is still merely toying with you and will soon do so with Leslie. He could kill Leslie or both of you at any time he chooses, it could be tomorrow or a thousand years from this day it will make no difference to Sauron and punishment to Cade will hardly come after the deed is done.”

Aaron stood there shocked her words merely helping her doubts along.

“This marriage is nothing more then his familiar toying with the victims, and for a bit of his own personal pleasure.” Arrone watched as the woman looked her over making it more then obvious what she meant by Cade’s own personal pleasure. “Besides `if’ the prophecy of Leslie is in fact true Sauron would not send some amateur assassin he would send his best to see the matter dealt with accordingly. Besides no other assassin has been sent to kill you or Leslie, so why is Cade off the hook so easily? Because he says he loves you and wants to wed you? And what of Galadriel? She is of course a kind caring friend, but she too has been taken buying and believing his charming methods.”

Aaron finally let the words sink in and slowly nodded, before swallowing hard and asking. “What do you think I should do?”

“Take Leslie and escape his grasp before he harms you or Leslie further.”

“But where would we go?”

“Any place save Mordor would be better then by his side.”

Aaron thought a moment then looked suspiciously at her. “Who are you? And what do you care of Cade and I?”

The woman got a pain filled look on her face and slowly sat down. “I am one of many… do not be quick to think you are the only woman to have ever loved Cade… He has used his charm on many women both elves and mortals alike… Some of the women he seduced were not even his targets for killing. I unfortunately was a target…”

“Why were you a target?”

“Because of the same prophecy that holds sway over you and Leslie… what no one understands is one way or another this prophecy will come to be… But there were only certain women whom would carry this child, the child you call Leslie. I would have carried Leslie had I not been killed by Cade, as I am sure many others could or would have carried her as well had Cade not come to claim their lives. You see Aaron it did not have to be you, a number of other women could have carried her, but were killed before they had a chance.”

“How do I know this is not some sort of trick?”

“I will show you…”

In a moment Aaron looked around to find the area changed it was a bed chamber, The silver haired elf Leslie was talking to stood right next to her yet she was also asleep in the bed, she had a content smile on her face and a sheet about her to keep her body from being exposed. Movement from the other side of the room made Aaron look up from the bed, she looked horrified when she saw Cade standing there with a dagger in hand and he moved towards the bed. He moved around and blocked Aaron’s view of the elf maiden in the bed, but she did hear a surprised and horrified scream. She looked over at the elf next to her whom had closed her eyes tightly as if trying to block out what was happening. When Aaron looked back there was no scenery it was nothing but her and the elf amongst blackness. When Aaron looked back at her the elf had opened her eyes, and Aaron tried to read the painful expression on her face.

“He killed you, did he not?”

“Yes, just after he had seduced me claiming he loved me, he took me to his bed chamber… I actually loved him, but that did not matter…”

There was a long moment of silence then the silver haired elf regained her composure and spoke.

“You must get away from him, he will harm you and Leslie. Please do not let yourself be destroyed or for that matter let Leslie be destroyed as I has been…”

Aaron had looked away she actually loved Cade in truth even when she had discovered who he was she had not stopped loving him, but she understood, she looked back up to the elf but she was gone. She looked around herself were she stood but didn’t see her, and she had not even gotten the elf’s name. At the moment she heard a baby’s laugh from the bushes, knowing it as Leslie, she went to get her. As she cleared away the bushes she saw Cade holding Leslie as if the two were playing, then he looked at her with a cold cruel smile that made her shiver. In a split second he drew a dagger the same dagger used on the silver haired elf and the last thing she saw was Cade drawing back to stab Leslie, then just as quickly she jolted awake with a herself screaming Leslie’s name.

Aaron jumped up from her bed once she had established were she was and went to Leslie’s crib, Aaron scooped her up without thinking and was looking for any injuries. Luckily Leslie was a very mild baby, most babies would’ve started crying at being jolted awake like that, but she merely yawned and looked up at her mother with tired eyes. Aaron felt around for any injury, but there was none. She sighed in relief and held her for a while still scared from what she had seen. But now that she had seen what she dreaded most she could not simply ignore it. After a moment she got herself and Leslie dressed, then packed a few clothes and some small personal belongings, and had left a note for Galadriel. She had a few hours before sunrise and she would take no chances. They were leaving Ost-in-Edhil before anything happened. An hour before dawn Aaron had gotten her horse ready and had started to leave. When she and Leslie got to the edge of town she quickened pace.


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