Memories long since passed… – Chapter #6

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The weeks seemed to pass within the blink of an eye or so it seemed, but for Aaron it was like torture, everyday since releasing Cade and allowing him to remain in the same village was both a horror and for some reason a joy. But the horrifying part overtook the joy almost constantly, Aaron was ever fearful for hers and Leslie’s life. Now she wondered why she allowed Cade to live on, everyday was like torture for she had to go and meet Cade and let him visit with Leslie. Being the protective mother Aaron is she was never very far from Leslie and being near Cade was causing even more pain. What was more unbearable was how Cade not only wanted to see Leslie but also insisted on seeing her as well. It was unbearable whenever the guards weren’t looking he would try win her over he would try to touch her, and one time he went as far as to try to hold her close in his arms. He had just started to lean down and kiss her, when she gave a frightened scream, the guards were right there the moment the scream left her lips, but still it was as if they weren’t worried about Cade around herself or Leslie. This was what frightened her most she was meeting a very dangerous man everyday with her small baby, and the guards just did not seem all that dedicated to their duties of protecting her. The time that Cade had gotten a hold of her and was trying to hold her close was thought to be the last straw, Aaron was refusing to go see Cade again and was even more refusing to allow her child to be visited by Cade, but Galadriel once again talked Aaron into seeing Cade. But after that ordeal, Aaron seemed to grow colder from it, she would watch Cade like a hawk when he held Leslie to see if he would do anything and she herself would absolutely refuse to be touched by him in the slightest.

It was now going onto months since Cade’s arrival and now Aaron seemed so cold and distant when around Cade, but once she was away from him she seemed to brighten up and relax. Galadriel however knew what was wrong with Aaron, Aaron hoped that by being cold and distant Cade would learn to give up on her entirely. She was hoping to scare him off, but Galadriel also knew that Aaron would never drive Cade away her plots were doomed to failure. It would take a long time, but Cade would earn Aaron back or get sick of her cold distant façade and prove to her once and for all that he loved her. But after many months, it all seemed hopeless Aaron seemed so devoted to ridding herself of Cade. Whenever Galadriel spoke to Aaron of this she would reply: “He has hurt me before I will not give him the chance to do so again, he will never have my heart again!” Over time Cade seemed to despair at his attempts to regain Aaron’s trust and love, and despite Galadriel’s greatest wisdom even she was becoming impatient at Aaron’s refusals to Cade. Soon the winter festivities were to come as winter was quickly coming, and Galadriel decided she would `help’ Cade. The plan was a most devious one, but still it would be a way of drawing the two together. She had talked both Aaron and Cade into the parts they’d play, only allowing Cade to know the plot.

The Winter’s festival was soon upon them as the night of the festival came, Galadriel dressed in a white silken and glittery gown. Aaron was dressed in a pale ivory colored gown that seemed to shimmer in the light with a white and silver tint, her hair was braided back into one big braid running down her back with a silver cord braided into her hair. Leslie however was going to be watched over this night by an older maid that had no desire to go to the festival. At the festival was a small clearing surrounded by trees that in their great branches had snow covering them. The ground was littered with a thin layer of soft white snow and to surrounding this clearing and within the tree line was a table that circled the clearing. The entrance to this area was a large gap where one side of this large circular table began and ended. In the center of the table was the highest place of honor where Celeborn, Galadriel, Celebriand, and Aaron would sit. Off to the right in the circular clearing was a small stage where the band would play.

For the first few hours the band played as the elven folk danced and soon Galadriel’s plan was to be revealed. Soon Celeborn stood to make the announcements.

“Ladies and Gentlemen as you all know it is time for one of the greatest part of the winter festivities, as I am pleased to announce that Galadriel’s and my own friend has agreed to participate in the festivities. I give you my good friend Aaron, whom has agreed to be the prize in this years winter festival. Whichever elven man can prove himself worthy will be permitted to dance with her and have her in their company for the rest of the evening! All available suitors step forward to present themselves everyone else if you may please sit down.”

Aaron blushed as the different suitors came forward and she wondered how Galadriel had talked her into this. Then when she looked up at the suitors one face amongst them came into view and she froze in the spot she stood in, Cade was one of the suitors.

“Ahhh so you young elven men are here for the hopes of winning Aaron, now to present the challenge. Last year it was an archery contest, but this year you all must find something within these woods to give to Aaron and it must something beautiful. Of course Galadriel and I will be the judges and whomever finds the most beautiful item will get Aaron for this evening. Now off you all go.”

Aaron watched wide eyed as Cade smiled at her then turned and left with the other suitors to go find something for her in the woods beyond. The moment they were out of view, Aaron rushed over to Galadriel.

“Please! No matter what Cade finds do not allow him to win, I could not bear to spend one second with him, please!”

“Aaron calm yourself, it is merely a contest so what if Cade wins? All you will have to do is dance with him and keep him company until the festivities are over.”

“I can not stand him, I hate him Galadriel can you not understand? I want nothing to ever do with him.”

“Now Aaron I will be fair in my judging him and the other suitors, and besides you should at least give him a chance.”
“I gave him his life, is that not enough? This is more then I can bare and even before this festival I was finding life impossible with him around!”

“Have you not noticed that he still resides here and has tried ever since to win you back? Perhaps he seeks more from you then just his life, perhaps he seeks your love and companionship.”

“I gave him his life and that is all he will ever have from me!”

Galadriel sighed this unbridled hatred Aaron had for Cade was still there and very strong indeed.

“Very well, but I will judge fairly even if Cade does win.”

Aaron was too angry to look at Galadriel any longer, she was infuriated at being a possible prize to Cade, but still she thought that this might be the perfect chance to get her refusal into Cade’s skull once and for all. Meanwhile Celeborn leaned over to Galadriel and whispered softly so that no one else would hear.

“Is this wise, my lady? You are only angering Aaron further with this plot.”

“I know, but I must try to get Aaron to see the love Cade holds for her. Even if it earns me her hatred for a time.” Galadriel had whispered back.

A while later the group of suitors slowly came back with things from the woods so brought leaves and stones, but last to return was Cade whom also brought forth what he had found to the judges. After a few moments both stood and announced Cade as the winner which Aaron somehow knew he would win. She sighed inwardly and did not appear happy about this at all. Cade soon came before her and presented her with a rare type of rose that is very hard to find but only blooms in the winter. She hesitantly took the rose, but had contemplated refusing the gift. Soon the festivities returned to normal with different elves dancing and enjoying themselves. Amongst that dancing pairs Cade danced with a less then enthusiastic Aaron. She was dancing, but held no joyful expression and when she looked at Cade’s face he smiled at her, but she would quickly get disgusted and try to look at something else to avert her mind from whom she was dancing with. This lack of joy or attention was driving Cade insane outside though he tried not to show any sign of it. Finally he cleared his throat which vaguely got Aaron’s attention.

“You look so very beautiful, like the rose I gave you only the rose pales in comparison to your beauty!”

Aaron sighed and looked away again annoyed at his very voice trying to lure her back to him with sweet words. She did not notice the angry glare in his eyes he had tried everything to win back her love, and he couldn’t even get her to acknowledge that he had even uttered a word. In his anger he had grown sick of her endless refusals and attitude and had decided he had had enough of her neglect, he wanted her attention and now he intended to get it. Grabbing the back of her head Cade forced her face to face his as he then quickly leaned down and took her lips with his in a passion filled kiss. She had started struggling frantically to be released, but as much as she struggled his grip tightened. His lips became more persistent that she stop her struggles and just accept the kiss. Finally Aaron had no more strength to struggle against the kiss and finally just accepted the kiss; she had not realized her lips were responding in kind to his. Until the kiss had ended and she was gasping for air and trying to stop her head from spinning. It was only with Cade’s words that she snapped out of the daze that she was in.

“Hmmm well milady I do believe you enjoyed that kiss, and you are not as hateful of me as you would have me believe.”

All at once her anger returned in full force she glared daggers at Cade smug arrogant look and clenched her teeth. She didn’t know it until she saw Cade holding his cheek and her finger tips tingling, but she had slapped him across the face.

“How dare you!”

Then turning on her heels Aaron stormed off from the party and was on her way back to the village and the house. She was walking fast paced and with such purpose to get away from the party and Cade, but she did not hear the person behind her running to catch up to her until that person grabbed her wrist and stopped her from moving any further. She whirled around and found Cade standing there trying to talk her down from her anger, but before he could get any words passed she tried to wrench her wrist from his grasp.

“Let go of me!”

Cade however refused to release Aaron despite her demand, and had already seen her other hand coming up to hit him, when he caught her other wrist and stopped her from hitting him again. Next he already knew she would try to kick him, so he took both her wrists behind her back into one of his hands and then with the other hand scoped her up into his arms and tried to hold her feet from causing possible harm. But she struggled wildly trying to get free as she screamed out curses and demands; she acted like a wild cat. Until finally he had gotten her far enough away from the party then set her down on a rock. She still struggled, cursed, demanded and even started to spit on him. Her angry screams were mainly this: “I hate you! You are nothing but an evil vile beast! Let go of me!” Of course her statements were more verbally insulting then this. Finally Cade grabbed the back of her head forcing another strong passionate kiss to silence Aaron for a moment. She at first struggled like before then finally slowly but surely she gave in to the kiss and then relaxed, when he released her lips she was once again dazed and silent and Cade finally can speak without having to fight her with her screams and curses.

“I love you Aaron, and I know you have not stopped loving me, you could not kill me before when you had not one but two chances to take my life. I know you love me, please I know I hurt you, but can you not at least give me one last chance to prove myself?”

Slowly Aaron blinked and came out of her daze at his words, she shook her head in denial.

“No! Your wrong I do not love you, I hate you! You seduced me; got me pregnant, claimed to have loved me when during the entire time was plotting my death!”

“Aaron please! I am really very sorry for all the pain I have caused you, and I want to make amends for what I did, please at least give me a chance! It is all I ask that you give me a chance…”

Sighing Aaron thought a moment then finally answered.

“Release me first…”

Cade released her wrists and stepped away to give her some room as she stood up and had her arms folded in front of her chest contemplating what to do. Then she spoke calmly.

“I desire undisputable proof that you actually love me and that this is not some sort of evil plot to harm myself or Leslie.”

“I did not kill you when I trailed you here; I have not tried to harm you since. Besides you do remember the message you took from me correct? I am to be executed for failing in my duties to kill you. And if you want even more proof we are alone here, why have I not tried to kill you yet?”

“Because I am no longer of importance… I no longer carry Leslie, your master will want Leslie now not me.”

“That is true, but even if I did try to kill you or Leslie now and managed to escape to Mordor now, what good would it do? I would be executed for the long wait in itself.”

“Maybe you would Cade, but then again maybe you would not.”

“Well I had different chances to end Leslie’s life when you allowed me to hold her.”

“Yes, but you were surrounded by guards that would have killed you then as well.”

“Aaron four guards would die right after Leslie if I had intended to kill her, those guards would not have had the chance and you know it. You know that I will not harm you or Leslie…”

Aaron looked away realizing she had run out of excuses, she tried to think up another to get drive him away. She had her back to him as she tried to think of an excuse, and Cade stood placing his hand on her shoulder. He slowly turned her to face him, and Aaron couldn’t seem to hold back her tears. A part of her wanted him to leave her alone, while another part of her had always wanted him with her. Seeing her start to cry Cade gently pulled her into his arms and held her there. After a moment her voice came out soft and her words between sobs.

“I—I—–I never want to be hurt again the way you had hurt me… I am terrified at being hurt again in that way!”

“I know Milady, and I promise that I will never ever hurt you again. I will love you, honor you, and cherish you forever and ever, I promise.”

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