Memories long since passed… – Chapter #5

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Over the next couple of weeks Aaron seemed to recover nicely, she had looked so pale as if she were a ghost and now her color had returned to normal. She had been so weak and unable most of the time to tend to her baby. When asked what she would name the child Aaron would say she was not sure, but inside she was considering the name that her dream had told her. Leslie such a strange name, yet it was the name she felt was right for her baby. One morning Galadriel entered the new chamber they had placed Aaron and the baby in since the attack. Aaron was rocking her baby to sleep when she looked up and saw Galadriel enter.

“Hello my friend may I talk to you?” Galadriel whispered softly to not wake the baby.

“Well you may whisper to me.” Aaron giggled softly in a low whisper. Galadriel smiled and nodded she looked down at the baby then back at Aaron before her smile faded.

“Aaron I know this will be hard but Cade has been in our hold for weeks upon weeks now. I would like for you to go and see him, it is your choice what happens to him.”

“Please do not leave me with such a responsibility. I do not want to be the one whom decides his fate.”

“Aaron you must, please.”

After much talk and encouraging, Galadriel talked Aaron into seeing Cade. The two walked down to the hold, Aaron carrying her sleeping baby and wondering if this was right. She wasn’t sure if she would let Cade see his baby, but just incase she thought she would bring the baby along. When Aaron went down the stairs and to the cells she handed the baby to Galadriel and asked that she wait up stairs. Aaron walked keeping herself impassive and strong as she came to Cade’s cell and found him inside. Cade seemed to jump up when he saw her standing there at his cell.


“Hello Cade.”

“I have missed you. Are you alright?”

“Fine just fine, the night you tried to kill me I went into labor and had a baby girl.” It was strange Aaron’s voice held no emotion.

“What is the baby’s name?”

“Leslie.” Aaron’s voice was flat and cold with her answers.

“May I see her?”


“Please Aaron…”

“Why so you know what your new target looks like now?!”

“No! Of course not!”

Aaron shook her head, and came closer to the bars. Her heart still ached, but Aaron was blocking the feeling out completely. She would not let what she felt interfere now.

“What will happen if I allow you to live? Will you leave Leslie and I be?”

It shocked Aaron she hadn’t decided on a name, but now she called her baby Leslie without thinking. She ignored it and waited for an answer.

“No, I can not leave you.”

“Why not?”

“Because the child is mine as well, and so are you.”

“If you do not leave Leslie and I alone I will have you executed!”

Aaron tried to keep her voice calm hoping he would take the hint and go far away. Inside his statement about Leslie and her being his seemed to strangely scare her. Cade at first appeared shocked but shook his head stubbornly.

“Very well then you will have to have me executed, for I will not leave you or Leslie.”

Aaron swallowed hard before saying.

“Very well then I will allow you to see Leslie once before you are executed.”

Aaron moved away and a few moments later came back holding a small bundle in her arms. She held her close and moved the blanket back only far enough so that Cade could see her face. Cade came to the bars watching the child squirm a little in Aaron’s arms then yawn, as she slowly opened her eyes and began to wake. Aaron looked back to see Galadriel and four heavily armed guards come down the hall towards them. The guards moved up to the cell doors. Each guard moved into a position to where if Cade tried anything he wouldn’t have a chance. One of the guards unlocked and opened Cade’s cell door and immediately Aaron backed up holding Leslie close. She backed into a wall as Cade came closer, for none of the guards moved to restrain or stop him..

“Galadriel!” Aaron’s voice came out scared and worried, for which Galadriel’s voice came back.

“Relax Aaron, Cade deserves to at least touch the child, he will not dare try anything.”

Aaron wanted to believe in her friend’s wisdom but her protectiveness towards her child was overwhelming. Cade came up and gently brushed a hand over Leslie’s forehead before gently kissing the baby’s forehead. He stood there staring at the baby for the longest time then looked to the mother. His dark intense eyes seemed to capture her and keep her from resisting as he leaned forward and kissed her lips. Then the guards came forward to restrain him as they started to take him away.

“Where are they taking him?” Aaron asked.

“To be executed.”

Galadriel’s words seemed to sting harshly inside Aaron whom froze where she stood for a moment as Cade was taken up the stairs. Then just as quickly Aaron followed running to catch up to stop them. She caught up as they started to take him outside, Galadriel followed calmly behind Aaron.


“Yes Milady Aaron?”

“Do not kill him please.”

“Do you wish for us to release him?”

Now there was a question Aaron wasn’t sure about, having them release Cade. She looked back at Galadriel, but she wasn’t about to interfere it had to be her choice. So Aaron looked back at Cade she had spared his life before was she really willing to spare him again and possibly give him the chance to come back and do harm to Leslie? She sighed before deciding her terms.

“The terms are simple Cade you will be allowed to visit Leslie under mine and a number of guard’s supervision. You are permitted to stay here, as long as you wish, but not allowed to approach myself or Leslie alone. If at any time I see need for it I will send you away banishing you from where ever mine and Leslie’s home is made. Accept the terms for they are as close as you will ever get!”

Aaron seemed so cold and distant in that moment she stated her terms and she waited patiently for Cade to accept the terms or accept death.

“What about you? Do I not get to see you or visit with you?”

“You can see me when you see Leslie and under the supervision of guards, beyond that I will not allow you near me or Leslie. Do you accept?”

At first Cade was about to refuse she could tell by the look in his eyes, but instead he nodded guessing to at least see them both would be good enough.

“I accept the terms.”

Aaron hid her relief well and at the same time regretted offering even that much to him. Leslie squirmed slightly in her arms, but Aaron kept her eyes on Cade and the guards waited for her reply to his acceptance of her rules.

“Very well then.” Aaron nodded at Cade then looked to the guards. “Release him.”

All the while Galadriel stood to the back listening she sighed at Aaron’s lack of trust, but she supposed the woman had a right to mistrust him, to hate him, and to some degree fear him. In due time Galadriel hoped that Cade would win Aaron’s trust back and hopefully one day her love.

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