Memories long since passed… – Chapter #3

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The night seemed to last forever minutes and seconds seemed like hours and Aaron’s pain dragged on slowly. She had been moved into a bed chamber for the labor. The healers rushed to and fro the room, and Galadriel remained with her friend holding her hand tightly and hoping for the best. But the longer and longer it progressed the more and more it seemed one would be lost in the process either the mother or the child. Many of the healers had never dealt with such a labor it was becoming vastly too complicated. Celeborn remained outside pacing and worried that Cade might have done something to Aaron before they could get to her. After many hours finally a baby’s cries could be heard in the room which made Celeborn sigh in relief the child was alive and alright. Then just as quickly he heard a scream only this was not a scream of pain, but an horrified scream. Without thinking Celeborn rushed into the room, one of the healer’s was holding a crying baby and Galadriel was still holding her friend’s hand, looking frantically at Aaron whom laid their unmoving.

“The birth was too complicated she must have died during it.”

One of the healers said as another checked for a pulse and found none. Then as if understanding the healer’s words the baby started wailing even more crying as if knowing her mother had died in the birth and wanting her back. Despite the strangely small infant in the healer’s arms the baby reached out as if wanting to get to Aaron. The room seemed to grow deafly quiet and for some reason Galadriel felt all alone in the room her best friend was dead. Then Galadriel suddenly felt a slight squeeze as if Aaron was still there still alive, she looked at her hand and thought she had imagined it then another squeeze came and Galadriel looked back at the child as if not sure what to make of this.

“Let me see the baby.” Galadriel said she dared not remove her hand from Aaron’s but took the small baby in her other arm easily, then looked between the two before taking and placing the baby’s hand within Aaron’s. She waited a few long moments and began to think nothing would come of it, she shook her head wondering why she thought that this would work, but just as she went to remove Aaron’s hand from the baby’s there came a surprised pain filled gasp from Aaron followed by a jolt and her frantically trying to sit up. The healer’s mouths seemed to drop in shock Aaron was thought to be lost and then within a moment of her child’s touch she was coughing hard gasping for air and alright from the looks of things.


Aaron wasn’t sure what was going on or why. She remembered agonizing pain as she delivered her child into this world, then everything suddenly went black. Next she felt warm, safe, and completely at piece. She had opened her eyes to find herself in a field surrounded by beauty. Luce flowers and grass extended far in all directions, the sun shined brightly with puffy white clouds in an endless blue sky. She just stood there admiring it all, then a woman’s voice came upon her.

“You do not want to be here yet.”

Aaron whirled around to face what looked like an elven woman, but she felt a closeness to her. The woman was dressed in all black she had a bow and quiver of arrows on her back, and a sword at her side. But what shocked Aaron most of all was the stone the woman wore, it was the stone Galadriel had given her before the celebration. She looked at the woman more clearly to see her own feature inside this woman’s face. Deep blue eyes with a greenish tint of jade green, long slightly wavy black hair, and fair flawless skin. The two stared at one another for the longest time, then just as quickly Aaron snapped out of it.

“Who are you?”

“I think you already know that, you can tell who I am just by looking at me.”

And could tell Aaron could the deep blue eyes were that of Cade’s the tint of green was a small hint of her own eyes. Her features resembled Aaron’s greatly while the black hair was that of Cades. This was the baby she had just given birth to, standing there as a woman now clad with weapons as if she were going to battle.

“Yes it is me mother, Leslie.”

Leslie? Aaron shook her head she had never even given a thought as to what her child’s name would be, but now she had the name for her child right from an full grown version of her own child. Then before she could reply Leslie replied for her.

“Please mother, listen to me. You may not believe in this prophecy or what is to come, but please listen to me. Things will happen that you will not be able to stop or fight, but I want you to know that I will be alright.”

Aaron seemed dazed by the message what did she mean? Was something bad going to happen to her? Then she felt something and looked down at her hand. Leslie had come up and taken her hand when Aaron looked up at Leslie she saw a sad look on her face as if the two would never see each other again. Then just as she felt pain and was going to awaken soon Leslie leaned forward and whispered.

“See f—–“

The message was cut and Aaron had been jolted back to life, she glanced down to see her baby’s hand in hers and knew her child was not going to let her mother die. The message however confused and worried Aaron, was Cade going to try again? Was Sauron’s minions going to strike again? She looked about the room worried about the message and not sure what to do. She wasn’t sure but she felt Galadriel get up and hug her crying and for the strangest reason the baby girl was not crying at all merely squirming only slightly until Galadriel placed her in Aaron’s arms. Right when Galadriel placed Leslie in her arms she immediately stopped squirming, and no crying came from her at all.

“Congratulations Lady Aaron, it is a girl.”

One of the healer’s piped in as Aaron looked the baby over. A baby girl, Aaron looked down at Leslie with concerned eyes then shook her head thinking it absurd. After a while the baby fell asleep, Aaron handed her to one of the healer’s and allowed herself to be healed a bit. Despite coming back from the dead she was still tired and weak from all that she had been through. Late into the night Galadriel watched her friend sleep and finally she left a sleeping Aaron alone with another healer to watch over her. As she left she saw Celeborn down the hall talking to one of the elven guards. She walked towards the two just as Celeborn dismissed the guard and turned to face his wife. As if already knowing Galadriel’s question he answered it.

“Cade with be executed tomorrow evening.”

“Milord are you sure that is wise? What if Aaron objects to this?”

“Why would Aaron object to him being killed? Look at everything he put her through.”

“Yes did you not notice where they were? Why did Cade not kill Aaron and the unborn child in her chamber? Why carry her down stairs?”

Celeborn rubbed his chin thinking it over then shook his head.

“That hardly matter, he is a traitor, and he serves Sauron.”

“Let Aaron and I be the judge of that, Milord. I wish to speak with Cade as soon as possible.”

Galadriel gave a stern look as Celeborn began to shake his head in refusal and just as he began to state the refusal she broke in.

“Traitor or no, he is the father to that child. Above all others Aaron and Aaron alone should have the right to say yes or no to his execution. If I see reason to I will ask you hold off the execution until Aaron is well enough to see him.”

Celeborn sighed and nodded he could not argue with Galadriel whom would argue from now until doomsday with him over the decision and she would stop it at any cost for Aaron.

“Tomorrow morning you may go to see him, tonight is far too late right now everyone needs their rest after this days stresses and worries.”

Galadriel smiled and went to go to bed, Celeborn at her side. That night everyone slept peacefully till morning came.

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