Memories long since passed… – Chapter #2

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The months seemed to pass quickly, Galadriel had promised to protect her friend Aaron from any harm that might come by allowing Aaron to live within her house. Aaron however did not appear pregnant by any means, and this worried the elven healer whom began to wonder if Aaron had miscarried or not. The healers seemed convinced that something during these months had gone wrong, but Aaron could feel the child move at times and knew that her baby was still there and alive. Another factor that proved Aaron still carried the baby was the fact she had a hard time holding food down, morning sickness came often, but Aaron still seemed strong and resilient. Soon with only a month away from the predicted date of birth, Aaron only barely began to show in the stomach that she was in fact pregnant.

During her time in Galadriel’s house Aaron didn’t go outside much if at all which drove herself stir crazy. She wanted to be out and about not held in a house like an imprisoned bird, but she knew she had to remain hidden for everyone’s sakes. So despite the way it made her crazy, she remained hidden away in her chambers or with Galadriel, but never beyond the house. She avoided people as much as possible for fear of Sauron’s minions or worse—Cade. Often her dreams were filled with him and the nights they shared, the love she felt still for him, and at times the bitter betrayal that still stung painfully at Aaron’s heart. She knew she had to wake up from those little girl fantasies of thinking Cade actually loved her and deal with the true horrible fact that he cared nothing for her and never would. But in some ways she could not shake the love she felt for him, it seemed to mix with her pain and her broken heart.

One evening a small celebration would be held and Galadriel had gone to urge Aaron to accompany her to it, not only to get Aaron’s mind off of Cade, but to get her out of the house. She understood why Aaron remained inside and didn’t feel Aaron needed to take this extra precaution, it was unnecessary for her friend to hide away to protect everyone around her. The lady Galadriel moved up the stairs gracefully in her white glittery gown, her hair hung gracefully over her shoulders, and her soft features brightened by this day of celebration which would take place today. She came to Aaron’s door and gently began to knock on the chamber door.

“Come in.” Came Aaron’s soft voice from behind the door. Galadriel opened the door to find her friend turning to face the door, she had been writing something in a type of journal before she had turned to greet her visitor.

“Good evening Aaron I hope you are feeling well.”

“Good evening Galadriel, and yes I am.”

“That is good for I wanted you to accompany me to a celebration that will start soon tonight.”

Aaron’s eyes lit up she had been wanting to get out of the house, but then the smile faded.

“I do not know if that is wise, I do not want to draw any evil here by making myself known. Maybe I should remain hidden…”

“No, look there will be plenty of guards there, and you will be safer with us then here alone. Please come to this celebration, I promise not to make it too boring or formal for you.”

Aaron giggled at the idea of this celebration, knowing Galadriel would keep her promise not to make it too boring or formal for her. Finally she nodded and got up to dress in a nicer gown a deep dark navy blue to hide what little stomach had formed during the last seven and a half months. Getting dressed while Galadriel had her back to her the gown made Aaron look slim and beautiful. She quickly brushed out her hair and slipped on some matching navy blue shoes. Then she sat down and asked Galadriel to braid her hair and with it braid in a navy blue silk strip, which would contrast with her dirty black rooted blonde hair. Finally Galadriel finished braiding Aaron’s hair and then slipped a surprise present around her neck. It was an all smooth stone of a strange purple with streaks of navy blue inside it, it was shaped like a heart and held on a silvery chain. Aaron looked at it for a few moments and at first thought it was one of those rare protection stones until Galadriel spoke.

“Remember when you left Melian and I? Well it was but a week before your birthday, and Melian and I both thought we would give you something special, something from the heart… It is not a protection stone, but it is very rare and almost impossible to find. Melian had saved this stone and kept it for a long time, while I had the chain. She told me the chain was just as important as the item it held, for I thought the chain a meaningless gift. The chain if my gift it is an unbreakable chain, much like the stone it bares which is from Melian.”

Aaron smiled down at the heart shaped stone and turned to thank Galadriel with a strong huge.

“Thank you my friend it is more beautiful then anything I have ever seen—both the chain and the stone.”

After a few moments the two left Aaron’s chambers and headed down the hall, down the stairs, and out to the celebration where Celeborn and Celebriand were waiting for them.


Meanwhile on hillside overlooking the city Ost-in-Edhil, a hooded figure sat a top his horse watching from afar what went on. The figure smiled as he saw the elven boy from earlier come running up. He waited for the boy to catch his breath.

“I saw them sir, first Lord Celeborn and Celebriand headed for the celebration then I saw the Lady Galadriel accompanied by another woman.”

“And what did this other woman look like?”

“Well she looked elven and had black rooted blonde hair, strange hair color for an elf. She was wearing a navy gown and had her hair braided back. She was wearing a pretty necklace too.”

Beneath the façade of his hood the dark hooded man smiled, it was her alright. Aaron was with Lady Galadriel and soon enough he would reclaim what was his. Looking back at the elven lad he tossed him a gold coin for his help and told him to go play. The young elf smiled and left to go home, little did the small elf boy know, but he had just betrayed Aaron’s location to Cade.


At the celebration everything was right, nothing was wrong. Aaron danced a few times, and ate a little bit but didn’t want to be sick again so she didn’t eat much if at all. Galadriel and Celeborn sat in highest honored seats. Celebriand sat next to her father, while Aaron sat next to Galadriel enjoying the music from the musicians and the dancing couples. She smiled as another man came to ask her to dance, but she wasn’t feeling well and apologized before refusing the offer. She had enjoyed being out for a while now, but was quickly tired by the excitement and dancing.

“If you will excuse me Milord and Lady, I am not feeling well and think I will return to the house bidding you all a good night.” Aaron said as she stood up from her seat.

“Do you wish some of the guards to accompany you back to the house, Lady Aaron?” Celeborn asked.

“No I am sure I will be alright, the house is not that fair. I will see you all tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Lady Aaron.” Celebriand replied with a smile.

“We will see you in the morn.” Galadriel said as Aaron stepped away from the table, she glanced back briefly waving to them as she made for the house.

Aaron’s shoes made light tapping sounds as she moved over the street, for a moment she thought she heard another’s foot falls and stopped to look back, but no one was there. Her eyes scanned the area before she turned and continued on down the street towards the house. When she had continued on a dark cloaked figure came out of its hiding place in the ally and started to follow her. After a few steps the figure ran up behind her and covered her mouth firmly while his other arm wrapped tightly about her. He lifted her feet a few inches off the ground to keep a better control over her, and he started to drag her off towards the next available ally but suddenly someone grabbed him and the hold on Aaron’s mouth and the arm about her released her, she fell to the ground a little harshly then looked back to see two dark robed figures fighting each other. Aaron wasn’t sure who her intended kidnapper/killer was and who her savior was. She looked back and force between the two as they fought until one pulled a poisoned blade and the other turn the blade on him when he lunged. Once the blade was turned on its owner the other figure plunged it into the opponent’s stomach and he crumpled to the ground. The figure was dying both from the wound and the poison. As the victor stood straight his hood fell back revealing that it was Cade. Aaron glanced down at the other figure and guessed that her savior had died in battle, for Cade gave her a smile that she now considered deceitful to her. Cade took a step forward and she a step back not wanting any distance closed between them.

“Aaron it is alright, I killed your attacker. Come to me please…”

Cade held out his arms and took a few more steps closer towards her, and she a few steps back shaking her head no.

“Stay away from me!”

Cade sighed and moved towards her with a greater pace, for which Aaron gave a fearful scream before turning and running. Aaron could hear the terrifying steps of Cade pursuing her as she ran towards the ally her attacker had intended to take her down. She grabbed her dress and pulled it up to make running a lot faster, she felt tears run down her cheeks she wanted to turn back to Cade and let everything go, but he would only kill her. Tears also ran down her cheeks for now she knew her unborn child was in danger, and no matter how fast she ran she could hear him chasing her. But when she looked back he was not there, she looked around and quickly ducked down another ally that would lead to a back way into the House of Galadriel. Running down this ally Aaron made it to the back door and started to unlock it when she heard running steps and looked to see Cade running to catch her, he had tried to cut her off before she could make it to the house. Aaron turned the key and ran into the house, she tried to close the door but Cade was already pushing against the door. Aaron grabbed a nearby table and pushed it in front of the door before running into the rest of the house to escape. She heard a loud crash come from the door Cade was at but kept running. As she ran she pulled furniture to get in the way of his path. She ran for the front door, but knew it would take her too long to unlock the locks so she made a reversal going through another room to come back to the stairs that would lead up stairs. Once she got to the rooms upstairs she could lock the bed chamber door and hopefully be safe from all harm. She rushed up stairs and ran down the hall towards her room she could hear Cade’s voice calling.

“Aaron please stop, please listen to me…..”

But Aaron would do neither, she would not risk her child’s life. She could hear him running up the stairs as she opened her chamber door and ran in. She through the door shut and locked it so he could not enter, then shoved furniture and such in the way to block his entry. She backed away from the door as Cade pounded on it pleading for him to let her in. Aaron began to calm down when she thought he could not get in, but just as relief came to her jumbled nerves, she felt a sharp pain slice through her stomach, she had not noticed her water had just broke, but now she was double over in pain and biting painful contractions. She fell to her knees holding her stomach and tried to hold back more screams of pain as tears rolled down her cheeks. But in one last moment a pain filled scream erupted from her mouth.

“Oh Eru, no! Not now!” Aaron cried out as another contraction came, she now heard Cade’s voice between pounding on the door.

“Aaron! Please let me in! Let me help you! Please my love!”

Aaron was caught between opening the door and possible death or possible help, she could not figure out what would be wisest.


Galadriel sat in her chair holding Celeborn’s hand and smiling in greeting to the guests of the celebration. She glanced about in serene happiness until she felt it, a dark feeling creep over her she closed her eyes and saw it as if she were witnessing it. Someone coming up behind Aaron and grabbing her covering her mouth, then two dark figures fighting, the victor being revealed as one that Aaron feared. She saw Aaron running and the elf chasing her, she saw Aaron get inside the house and the chase about the home, as well as her fleeing up stairs and locking herself in her room. The finale image was Aaron going into labor. Galadriel didn’t notice her hand tighten it’s grip on Celeborn’s until she opened her eyes and saw her husband’s intent gaze.

“It is Aaron, she is in danger and going into labor.”

Celeborn quickly stood as Galadriel did, he turned to their daughter and told her to keep the celebration going in their absence, then rushed off to six guards standing off to the side.

“I need you to come with me immediately!”

The guards followed him without delay and they quickly headed for the house, Galadriel refused to stay at the party while her friend was in need of her and rushed off to join Celeborn and the guards.


Aaron screamed with each contraction feeling as though she would die when the next one came. As her screams of pain got worse so too did the pounding on the door which Cade was becoming even more desperate to get inside. Finally Aaron was distracted for a moment from the pain as she heard the door splintering and cracking beneath the pounding. Her eyes widened as it continued and she scooted away from the door to try and hide or escape but she had no where left to run and no where left to hide. She thought to try one last futile thing before giving up all hope of living through this night.

“Please, leave us alone!”

Cade however didn’t seem to hear for his pounding continued without any heeding. Then Aaron seemed to see everything slow down as he busted in the door, and all hope seemed lost. Her eyes begged and pleaded for Cade to leave her alone, she tried to scoot further away, but even that seemed hopeless. Ignoring the pain inside caused from the contractions Cade picked her up and immediately she began to struggle against him. She pushed and hit trying to escape his grasp, but he held her firm. She fought him as he took her from the room and down the hall and steps. Then another contraction hit her body that could not be ignored and she screamed again in pain as tears rolled down her face. After the contraction came and gone, Aaron looked up at Cade with pleading eyes.

“Please do not hurt my baby, this child has done nothing to you or Sauron’s minions…..”

Cade didn’t seem to notice her words he looked around frantically as if not sure what he should do with her. Then before anything else they were surrounded by the six elven guards and Celeborn ordered Cade to release Aaron. Celeborn gently took Aaron and helped her to a chair, before turning his attention back to Cade. The elf lord glared daggers at Cade as if he wanted to beat him into nothing, but instead the elf lord swallowed hard.

“Take him away!”

Galadriel sat down next to Aaron holding her hand tight, she looked to her husband.

“Get the healers it appears this child will be born this night.”

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