Memories long since passed… – Chapter #1

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Long ago in a time not know to the Elf of Bree known only as Leslie, she was once the daughter of Arrone half elven maiden and Cade former dark elf and assassin to Sauron. In the time of the Second Age Leslie once knew who she was. Here is the story before memories long since passed…

Rain pounded down upon the land on this dark and stormy night as a small figure rushed down the empty streets of the elven city Ost-in-Edhil. The cloak flapped about soaking wet with rain causing the clothes beneath to be just as wet and cold as well as causing the figure to shiver as it moved towards its destination. Even now the city looked beautiful as what looked like silver rain drops fell from the sky causing a strange glow about the land, but in the same instance the land seemed dark with an evil shadow that seemed to chase the figure whom rushed swiftly towards its destination. The figure finally came to the intended house and went to the door knocking frantically as if something were chasing the figure. An young elven girl opened the door and looked at the figure, as she let her hood drop back revealing that the figure was in fact a she for she was tall and beautiful with green sparkling eyes and black rooted dirty blonde hair. She was also half elven as her heritage had made her.

“I search for Lady Galadriel, I was told I could find her here. Please may I see her?”

The young girl looked at her for a moment then opened the door wide to allow the stranger entry, after all there was no sense in letting the woman catch her death out in the rain. Besides the young elf maiden seemed to sense that she knew the woman even without memory of it. The woman turned towards her as she closed the door.

“Thank you for your kindness you may not remember me, Celebriand. But I am a close friend of your mother and was there at your birth. I am—“

“Arrone!” The voice shot out filled with joy, but the woman now known as Arrone nearly jumped out of her skin at her own name. She whirled around and looked up the stair case at Galadriel’s joyous call. Galadriel looked much as she had always strong and graceful, but now she had a strong joy at seeing Arrone after all these years. She came down the stairs as if she were a child again and rushed up to her friend hugging her tightly. Arrone smiled at the great welcome and hugged her back with a similar joy, but soon she began to dread what she would have to tell her friend. When Galadriel pulled away from the friendly embrace she already wore a worried look as she regained her composure and straightened up. Her voice came out wise and holding a strength as if already knowing what Arrone was going to tell her.

“You bring great worry and pain, what it wrong?”

At the stern gaze Arrone looked away ashamed at herself for coming her when she wasn’t safe. She glanced at Celebriand not wanting the young elven girl to hear her story of fool’s love, passion, and a very bitter betrayal.

“May we speak alone, Galadriel?”

Galadriel was already nodding yes in agreement to the request before Arrone was half finished with her question. She ushered Arrone to follow her and led her away to another room, where Galadriel closed and locked the door after letting Arrone move into the room. Both took a seat from across the other, but Arrone was still uneasy. After a moment she went to the window to make sure no one was outside, or had followed her, then went back to her seat. It took a good couple of minutes before Arrone broke the silence.

“I never did say that I was sorry for leaving without a word to you or Malian, but I am really sorry.”

“It is alright it was a long time ago, you were told to follow your heart and so you did.”

“I was a fool, Galadriel! I should not have followed my heart, to follow my heart was to be a fool!” Arrone had rested her elbows on her knees and her face in her hands where she shed a few tears.

“What happened?”Galadriel asked, she could sense unbearable pain swelling in Arrone the poor woman shook with it, but at the question Arrone forced herself to straighten and wipe away her tears, then she answered in a shaky voice.

“I was a fool, I should have chosen a life of a mortal not an elf… I could have sparred everyone this aggravation. But I suppose it is a little late to change my mind on my decision…”

Arrone shook her head at her decision; she should have taken the mortal’s path since her loving mother was a mortal. Sighing Arrone continued.

“I spent most of my time after I left you and Melian fighting in the wars that occurred during the first age and the ones that have recently occurred. It was not until a few months ago though, that I met an elven man named Cade. I saved him in the last battle and from there we became very close to one another. At first I did not trust him, I suppose because of my mother’s misfortune with an elf of the house of Feanor whom bedded her then left her to die of her own broken heart. But over time Cade earned my trust, we quickly became lovers and I—- I bear his child!”

Arrone broke out in more tears as she choked out the last part of her sentence, but that was not half the story, and she was not sure if she could bring herself to speak further of this horrible tale. Galadriel already knew there was much more to this tale as she got up and sat next to Arrone wrapping her arms around her and holding her until she stopped crying for a moment then quietly whispered for her to continue.

“One night I woke and found Cade no where in sight, I got up, got dressed, and went in search of him. He was no where in the camp, so I started to track him and found him conversing with an orc messenger. As the conversation ended and I realized he was a traitor, I snuck around behind him and knocked him out. I thought he was giving away our position or plans on our attacks, but no… it was much worse. I found a message that the orc had given him.”

Arrone then reached into her cloak and withdrew a wet piece of parchment with a little of the ink running from when the rain had hit it. She handed it to Galadriel whom stood up and went to one of the lit candles to read it. It was hard to make out, but she started to read it carefully. It read: “Make sure the wench half breed Arrone dies by the morn, she must not be allowed to live. If allowed to live another day then another will be sent to make sure the deed is done and so are you.” As if knowing Galadriel had finished reading Arrone continued with her tale.

“I tied Cade to an oak tree and interrogated him, even tortured him until he told me why I was the target and not one of the leaders of the army. He told me he was an assassin of Sauron’s, a dark elf. He told me he was sent to kill me to stop a prophecy. In this prophecy I was to bear a child that would one day be called the Angel of Light. This child would one day be sent forth to protect all of Middle Earth from another called the Angel of Darkness as well as other evil. I did not want to believe him and did not even when he claimed he loved me, that he had fallen in love with me when I saved him from death. He claimed he was going to protect me from Sauron and his minions. I was not about to be fooled again, I would have killed him had my heart not been bound to love him. Now I run from all the evil in Middle Earth and Cade, this child is his and mine, I do not believe in this prophecy. I hate him for his lies and his seducing me, but I can not hate the child I bear. It will be a time before this child comes into the world, but I do not know who else to turn to…”

Arrone seemed to shake visibly and let her face fall into her hands where more tears were shed after the whole story came to be known. Galadriel looked in awe and shock, not even she had expected this. Her friend was being hunted by Sauron, his minions, and this assassin that still held Aaron’s heart. She could sense her friend’s love for this dark elf, Arrone fought her feelings wanting no love there for Cade, but she was losing the battle for her heart still held much love for her would be killer. Galadriel also knew that if Sauron wanted Arrone dead, then surely this prophecy must be true. That this child Arrone bore was in fact a child of prophecy, and it was something Sauron feared greatly for what reason she did not know. But one thing was certain, Arrone and her unborn baby must be protected at all cost.


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