Maybe When it’s Over – Frodo expresses himself to Samwise on the way to Mt. Doom, and their friendship ever grows stronger.

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Maybe When it’s Over

By: GamgeeGirl

Frodo Baggins sat quietly by himself, a small bit of lembas in his right hand and a journal in his left. His eyes low and cast lazily to the ground of these evil lands he had crossed for long miles, his whereabouts unknown to him for know, he sat in endless thought, and not to doubt thinking of the many things having do with the War of the Ring, and of course his part in it. How depressing it was indeed, knowing such a horrid, twisted creation made by the mind of such an evil force could reach such an average gentlehobbit as himself. Sometimes Frodo hated Gandalf for even bringing the knowing of the cursed ring to Frodo, then again he thanked Gandalf for in turn helping to save Middle Earth…and the Shire.

The Shire…it was his love for the hobbits that even brought him to the thought of even setting foot out of the Shire. His care and loyalty to the Shire, his home at Bag End, his genes…in terms of Bilbo, that is. And, there was one other…one that pressed him further into the decision of embarking on this quest…his most loyal and trusting Samwise Gamgee.

Frodo turned to see Sam cooking away at the fire, chilled to the bone, shivering like a rattlesnake’s tail while trying to maintain his duty to feed the two of them with a small bird they had managed to capture. Smiling, Frodo turned back to his thoughts.

He could never put Sam in such danger. That’s why he wanted to destroy the One Ring.

As Frodo thought about it, Sam really didn’t deserve this. To be out here, away from his cozy home in the Shire, his friends and family, his normal hobbit life. But no…he had to be here, alone with merely Frodo, starving and ever trudging onward. Then again, however, it was Sam’s choice. He decided to get caught eavesdropping on Gandalf and Frodo and wanted to see elves, which he saw probably very little than what he had hoped in the beginning. Fool of a Gamgee…don’t you see the danger you’re putting yourself into being here with me?

Frodo’s eyes were glazed over with tears now, and he so badly wanted to magically send Sam back home to be with old Hamfast, Rosie, and his family and friends to give him much more security than Frodo could ever do now. What was to become of the two? Should they be destined to die together while in hopes of destroying the only power that threatened their life in the first place? What were they to do then?

“Frodo, sir?” a voice startled the silently sobbing Frodo. Frodo jumped, wiped his tears away quickly, turned to Sam and smiled.

“Yes, Sam?”

“Food’s as best prepared as it’s gonna get, unless I want to spend another hour tryin’ to burn it,” Sam mumbled, sighing while handing Frodo a stick with half of the cooked bird, or at least as cooked as it would allow itself to be.

“Thank you Sam,” Frodo laughed. Sam always seemed to be worth laughing with, for his personality was of pure gold and such a bubbly humor within himself, though Sam never really purposely tried to make anyone laugh. He was so quick-tempered and suspicious that you couldn’t help but laugh.

Sam smiled while chewing on the pathetic little bird. “Hey, it’s not all that bad, sir. Much like to the taste of chicken, I daresay. Maybe because of it’s bein’ a bird and all, I’m not entirely sure, as you know it. I wish I could only make it a little more crispy…that’s what way I like it,” Sam smiled as he spoke. In fact he also laughed. “What way do you fancy it, Frodo?”

“Eh…probably good and white,” Frodo replied in thought. “And a lot of flavor.”

“Ah that way is good as well, sir.” Sam shifted his position slightly a little closer to Frodo, shivering as a cold gust of wind bit at the two.

“Here Sam,” Frodo mumbled, taking a blanket from Sam’s pack and placing around them both. “This should help.”

“Thanks, sir.” Sam responded in such a silly way. When the blanket draped over his shoulders he cuddled closer to Frodo as if something was going to eat him, and then he grabbed it and pulled one end around him tightly, barely showing his little face. His face was pressed to Frodo’s shoulder, and he was shifting from side to side to warm the blanket.

Frodo laughed at Sam again, watching him shivering in the blanket like an abandoned animal. “Oh Sam you’re too much at times!”

“It’s blastin’ freezin’, sir! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we turned to two ice sculptures the way we are now! I daresay this blasted wind is tryin’ to eat us alive with it’s cold teeth! It’s bitin’ rather hard, tonight!” Sam’s teeth were chattering like a woodpecker, and he was rather serious, but yet again Frodo had to laugh. “I wonder at times if you’re alright, master Frodo. What is it about my bein’ cold that amuses you so?”

“Nothing, Sam! You’re just so fun to be with!” Frodo’s eyes were wet with tears, which only made him colder in the cheeks, but he couldn’t care less. “You’re such a joy in my life! If you weren’t around I wouldn’t be any better than the Old Gaffer!”

Both hobbits burst out laughing, ignoring the cold for mere moments. The winds died down to the sound of their voices, and the moon peered down on them sympathetically. After their meal all they could do was stare out from the cliff top they were on, gazing in dread out where Mount Doom was. Though they could not see it, they much knew it was there, for it’s presence haunted them horribly.

After another hour had past, a single voice broke the silence.

“Oh Frodo I’ve not a clue why the Ring has decided to effect us of all hobbits. In fact I don’t know why I so wanted to go, but bein’ with you comforts me so, and to know you’re safe is the light in my cave.” Sam’s voice brought tears to Frodo’s eyes, for Frodo’s heart ached with a searing pain, knowing this gentle little hobbit was so worried of Frodo’s safety, and so far Frodo’s only worry was to see that he made it alive to see the Shire again.

“Oh Sam,” Frodo sobbed, throwing himself into Sam, crying as if the world was at an end. “Sam…”

“Frodo, what on Earth is the matter? What is it, sir? Can I help you?” Sam was so baffled that he could hardly speak, but the words didn’t come from his mouth…more from his thoughts.

Frodo wrapped his arms around the other hobbit, holding him close to make sure he wasn’t a dream…that he hadn’t been dreaming of this wonderful angel that had been sent to him. “Sam I feel so much like the dirt below me right now,” Frodo sobbed.

“Frodo why?” Sam almost felt like crying to see his master so broken like this. It pained him to watch Frodo be in pain.

“You’ve been so good to me…worried for my safety and hardly for your own! All I’ve cared about so far was this cursed Ring! This tiny, gold band! Something so entirely pathetic to worry about yet something so dangerous! Not at all have I thought about your safety till now! Samwise…my dear Samwise I am so sorry!” Frodo’s tears soaked Sam’s shirt, and it was now that Sam’s eyes were wet with tears that he tried to battle off, but it broke him to see his master like this.

“Frodo no…don’t feel that way! It was never one of my concerns to make sure you worried of me as well. Why my bein’ Hamfast’s youngest shouldn’t mean so much to anyone. I’m not important, Frodo,” Sam brought Frodo’s face to his, looking him straight in the eyes. He now spoke in a whisper. “The only thing that matters to me now is to see you see this to the end. And that you’re alive and with me forever.”

“Oh but Sam you are important! Nothing is more important than you…your smile, Sam. It’s so warm and welcoming. Your eyes are filled with such an innocent light, and now that I see it clearly I never want to leave them again…I never want to care for anything but you. It’s me caring so much for this evil Ring that stresses me though, though I’m reluctant, I must. But you shall be one I couldn’t care for more.” Frodo again held Sam close, and Sam this time was one to cry and be in the protection of Frodo.

“I only wish we could be together in more of a paradise…where you and I, my Frodo, can be together without the Ring,” Sam whispered, his voice muffled by Frodo’s shirt.

“Maybe when it’s all over, my Sam,” Frodo replied, gazing at the moon. Sam pulled away slightly, looking up as well yet still in Frodo’s arms, his head under Frodo’s chin. “Maybe when it’s over.”


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