Maybe It’s not Paradise After All – Part 2

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Two days had passed since Gimli’s death. Elrond walked towards Legolas’s room to see how he was doing. The burial for Gimli had just ended and it was almost noon. Elrond knocked on the door with his back hand.
“Come in.” said a distant, sad voice. Legolas stood by the window looking out into the sky. His, once, bright blue eyes were now empty. Joyless. Dimmed.
Elrond sighed. Legolas had been this way the entire time Gimli was gone. And Elrond didn’t blame him, except, Legolas needed to start moving again. It was important not to dwell on things like death. It could make you think things that aren’t true.
“Legolas,” Elrond started, “You really need to stop this. Legolas? Do you even hear me? Legol-“
“How did the others die?” Legolas asked turning to him. His face so grim. “How did Frodo and Sam die?”
Elrond took in a deap breath. Legolas was already broken. How could Elrond tell him the tales lightly? Should he even tell him? Elrond scolded himself for thinking of such a thing. Of couse he should tell him. And he should tell him the truth. Legolas deserved to know. Elrond walked to the window and stood beside Legolas.
“Frodo’s death was calm and peaceful. Sam had already arrived and was there at Frodo’s death bed. We buried Frodo on a hill not too far from here. Sam went to it everyday. One day, we found him lying over Frodo’s grave, smiling. He was dead. So we buried him beside his master.”
A tear rolled down Legolas’s face. He closed his eyes. To think of the death of those two most beloved hobbits was overwhelming. Pain and emptiness filled him completely. “And Gandalf?”
“Gandalf gave up his spirit.” replied Elrond. He couldn’t say anymore. His face then became determined. “Legolas, don’t think about it so hard. You are still young. You can still do things with your life.”
Elrond gritted his teeth together, silently. He had the gift of forsight and knew what Legolas would do. And he would try to stop him as much as he could. But it was too late.
Legolas’s face was grim as he stared out into the vast land. “Elrond,” he said turning to him, “I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I’ve come to a decision.”
Legolas stood before a huge stone. Galadriel, Elrond and Celeborn were behind him, watching. He turned around to look at them, for the last time. He fantly smiled. Celeborn didn’t know what to say so he just placed his hand on Legolas’s shoulder and smiled. Legolas lowered his head out of respect. Then Legolas’s eyes turned to Galadriel.
“Son, are you sure you want to end within a stone?” she asked.
Legolas’s eyes dropped for a moment and then raised on her again. “Gimli was willing to die in a forest. And so I feel, out of respect, that I must die in a stone tomb.”
Then Legolas came to Elrond. “Not only are you a father,” he stated, “but also, now, a grandfather. You should visit your grandchildren. Eldarion, your grandson, has been wanting to meet you.”
Elrond shifted. “Do you think I should go?”
“Yes.” replied Legolas with the best smile he could muster apart from all his grief. “And when you do,” Legolas handed Elrond the document Gimli had given him, “would you take this and give it to Gimli’s kin? I was supposed to take it, but I can’t imagine going anywhere without him.”
Elrond took the document and gave Legolas a hug.
Legolas turned back to the stone and took in a deep breath. He began to walk into the tomb. Taking each step with care. Soon the darkness surround him.
The three stood, watching. They all could feel his spirit leaving. Descending into another place. A better place. Along with all the others of the Fellowship.
Celeborn turned and walked away. Only Galadriel and Elrond stood for a while, in silence.
“And so he was the last of the Fellowship.” said Elrond, his eyes blurred by his own tears. Unable to look at that place anymore, Elrond quickly turned and moved away.
Galadriel now stood, alone, unmoving, unwilling to go anywhere else. She sighed. “You are strong at heart as you are in mind.” she whispered. “Goodbye, Legolas son of Thranduil.”
What now has become of this Fellowship? For indeed, Legolas had his whole life a head of him. But what good is a life without your friends? What good can come from being alone? As for Legolas and the others, they’re souls have met and now walk in green pastures. Had the Quest of the Ring more of an impact then others would have thought to be possible? I believe not. For it was easy to see that they were close. If you have the right eyes for it. Do you? Would you give your life for a friend?
Elrond did go back to Middle-earth and he gave Gimli’s kin the document. He also visited Eldarion and his sisters. It is said, that not only did he go, but also he took Celebrien with him.
Legolas had lived a long time and had seen all he wished to see. And so this Elf, without knowledge nor wanting, became the last of the Fellowship…

Author’s Note: Now, see, wasn’t THAT sad? Do you now think “maybe I shouldn’t have read that”? Well, I’m really glad ya did, anyway! This really makes ya think, don’t it? If not, well… Then it didn’t have the effect I wanted it to have. This is my LAST chapter! Sorry.


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