Maybe It’s Not Paradise After All – Part 1: Last of the Fellowship

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Legolas stood on the top deck with Gimli. The air was blowing with a sweet fragrance which put him at ease. He had been through alot in the passed few mounths as well as the last few years. After time the Fellowship began to grow to the idea of not having Frodo or Gandalf around. It took Sam the most time to get over them but eventualy he did. And even though the Fellowship was mostly spread over all of Middle-earth, they still seemed to keep close contact because of what the two did.
Then Sam’s wife died. Sam suddenly grew distant, or so Legolas had heard from Merry and Pippin. Then Legolas learned from Elanor that Samwise had left for Valinor. Legolas knew Sam would. He always talked about it. And now he had fulfilled that dream. To see Frodo again. He had gone, too.
Then Merry and Pippin came to Gondor in their last days. They had already said goodbye to King Eomer and now they were done with this world. Legolas was amazed at how young they were still at heart. He admired the fact that they did not let the struggles of the world affect them. And then they were gone, too.
Then it happened to the most dearest human closest to Legolas’s heart. Aragorn died. It came as a shock to him. But he knew it hurt Arwen more. It always seemed that Aragorn would live forever. For the longest time Legolas wouldn’t eat, drink, nor sleep. He had lost a great king and a great friend. He then desided to go to Valinor and asked Gimli to come with him. He couldn’t imagine going without him. He was all he had left.
Thus, Legolas stood there, staring out into the fog that floated over the water like liquid itself. But then he tore his, becoming tearfilled, eyes off the water and fixed them on Gimli. He was stangely shocked at Gimli’s aged and wearied face. For it had been many years and even though Legolas had stayed the same, Gimli had not. He could defently see Gimli was nervious.
“Don’t worry, Gimli. We’ll reach the shore in due time.” he said.
Gimli sighed. “It’s not the time that worries me, lad. It’s what I’m going to say to the Lady Galadriel, if I should see her.”
Legolas smiled. Gimli always found Galadriel beautiful beyond words. That’s when Gimli started to not mind being with Elves. Personally Legolas thought it was sweet, even though Galadriel was married to Lord Celeborn.
After a while of silence, Legolas’s sharp eyes began to see a white shore. Three figures stood on the near bank. Legolas smiled. Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, and Lord Celeborn stood waiting for them. Gimli had seen them also and took in a deep breath.
As the two came closer they saw that more Elves were comming over the hill to greet them. The Elves helped Legolas and Gimli tie the boat to the dock. Then Legolas and Gimli were greeted by the Lords and Lady.
“‘Tis good to see you again.” Galadriel said to Gimli with a smile.
The color rose to Gimli’s cheeks. He bowed and kissed her hand. “My lady.” he said.
Legolas could hardly not his mirth. Gimli had practiced that line for hours on the boat and that was all he’d come up with? He nodded to Galadriel and the others.
As they walked over the hill with the other Elves, Legolas was pulled back by Elrond and Galadriel. Elrond seemed to be nervious about something which Legolas already knew. They walked side-by-side for a while behind the rest of their group, in silence.
Elrond looked at Legolas and choked, “Arwen. Is she….. dead?”
Legolas’s eyes fixed on the ground. “Yes.”
A tear rolled down Elrond’s face. Galadriel looked grim and distant.
“But she did go to Lothlorien before she died.” Legolas continued, “And that was eight days after Aragorn’s death.”
At this Elrond looked up at him.
“You and Gimli are the only two left, now.” said Galadriel, still a little distant.
Legolas nodded. He had already come to terms with that. And he knew Gimli would not be here for very long, either. It was heart wrenching to think about it, though.
They walked over the hill and into the city. Elves looked in wonder at Gimli for never had they seen a dwarf come to these parts. Gimli didn’t mind it as much. He was talking with Galadriel, and when he was talking with her, nothing eles mattered.
Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, and Lord Celeborn desided to have a feast for Legolas and Gimli. Almost all the Elves in that area came. After the feast was over it was getting late so they all said their goodnights and went to bed.
In the days folowing, Gimli became solitary and spending most of his time in his quarters. Legolas became concerned.
One day Legolas came into Gimli’s room and asked Gimli what he was making. Legolas learned that he had been creating a document of himself and of other things. Such as his travels and his friends and hardships and everything he had gone through.
Days soon turned into weeks, and Gimli continued to write until he asked Legolas to walk with him in the forest. Legolas thought it strange that Gimli took his document with him on this walk but he dismised it, for now. After a while Gimli got tired and sat down beside a tree.
“Hold on, lad. I need to rest.” he said.
Legolas sat down beside him and looked in his eyes. Gimli looked aged more then usual. His face was grim and sad. “Gimli,” said Legolas, “All these years we’ve been friends, what are you not telling me?”
Gimli sighed. “I know it in my heart. This shall be my last walk. I shall not live to see tomorow.” Gimli leaned against the tree. He handed Legolas the document. “In case you happen to go back to Middle-Earth, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take this to my kin.”
Legolas took the document and said, “What can I do for you?”
“Stay with me.” replied Gimli as he closed his eyes to let death take him.
Legolas sat closer to Gimli and held him in his arms. The next hours went by far too quickly. Legolas didn’t know how many times he had cried but he knew more then three. Night slowly crawled onto the sky and when Legolas knew he had to go back, he took Gimli back also so that he could have a burial in stone, where he belonged.
Legolas didn’t sleep that night. Instead, he sat beside the window and continued to whisper to himself, “They’re gone… They’re all gone.”
For indeed, he was the last of the Fellowship…

Author’s Note: This isn’t the last chapter. I wouldn’t let Legolas hanging like that, would I? No, of couse not! Just to make this clear, NO! I do not have a thing for Legolas. (for reasons I won’t tell to the world) (I may get trampled by all the Legolas Fangirls)


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