Mathilda – The Beginning

by Mar 2, 2004Stories

There is a story in Middle Earth that has been forgotten for many an age. It has once been said that it was even a prophecy. The story told, that, whenever the planets are aliened a beam of beautiful, golden light would shine on a baby born on the same time as the last planet was aliened. The baby was said to be a maiden, already beautiful, and wise for she is an elf. As the beam hits her, it gives her more beauty then the Lady of the Golden Wood, which some say is not even possible. She also, becomes wiser then the elves, wizards, and all other creatures of middle earth and she also gets power beyond the wizards. They say this maiden will someday save the elves. It is said that she will let them stay and bring beauty to Middle Earth longer then expected, for they are supposed to leave after the Ring Of Power is destroyed. None remember this story, or prophecy, not even the elves, for they were the ones who wrote it. Is it prophecy, or a myth?

“Oh no, not now!”

“Lady Galadriel! Are you okay? Is everything fine?”

“I think the baby is coming hurry, help me!”

“Yes, milady.”

It is late November in Middle Earth and a baby is being born. The planets are lining up in an unfamiliar way. None have seen this happen in thousand of years. Whenever this does happen it is said something good or mischievous is being crafted.

“Push! Just a little farther. Ah, it is a gorgeous baby girl.”

“Milady, what will you name her? A baby this beautiful needs a name worthy of her.”

“I don’t know. Ah, I have it. I will name her Mathilda. I believe that will fit her just fine.”

“What has happened I just returned? Galadriel!”

“It is okay Celeborn. Everything is fine. Come. Have a look at your new baby daughter. Her name is Mathilda. A name worthy of her beauty.”

“That is a fine name indeed for her. Everyone will love her” Later that very day….

Crashes heard in the next room sent Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel upright in a hair rising moment. It was the middle of the night in Middle Earth and a baby had just been born. A light had just been brilliantly shone in the baby’s room, and the light made the room look like it was alive. It was as if the room had been painted in gold “What has happened?” asked, Lady Galadriel. “I do not know, what ever it is, it made Mathilda cry. I hope that she is alright.”
Whenever the both of them walked into the room, they noticed the glow; it was not from the room. It was from Mathilda herself, she was glowing like the sun. It was as if the sun had given her, its beautiful illuminated brightness itself. She had been knocked over some how. Probably, from the force of the light hitting her, it had made her bed fall over. She lay on the ground crying in pain. Whenever Lady Galadriel went to pick her up the glow slowly started vanishing.

“There, there. It is alright there is no need to cry you are fine now.”

“Galadriel” asked Celeborn, “Do you not think that this is the very same thing that happened in the story which we were told whenever we were children?”

“No, I do not think so. Why do you ask?” answered Galadirel.

“Oh, nothing just wondering.” Could this be the story in which they were told as children? No, he pondered. It could not be, could it? It was just a myth not a prophecy. Nothing real, but it happened in the same way as the myth. The plants are exactly aliened, and the beam of golden light came from the sky as said to be. No, he pondered again it is just a myth. I am just unnerving myself.


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