Mathilda The Beginning – Chapter 9

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This story is more detail and what Mathilda is doing and thinking than the actual story. All in all i hope you have a nice read! I will not be back till June 10 so hopefully this gets published by then! Please if you do not like it do not throw rotten veggies at me! I made this one at the last minute!!

Two weeks had come and gone since Mathilda last faced Legolas. She was afraid of what had become of her, she was afraid she had dark powers building up inside of her. She knew that not all powers were bad for Gandalf the Grey had wonderful powers and his powers were for the good of nature or any possible creature of Middle-earth. Besides Mathilda had great difficulty in staying beside Legolas whilst he slept. Not because she was disloyal, but because she could not stay and know that she was the one that had caused him the pain and suffering. She would watch the slow up and down movement of his chest and see the small, but once big fidgets of his body. She could not stay and look upon his helpless body for long periods. She would not even stay near the bedside. She would only come to the doorframe and look upon him. Sometimes she would even catch herself in her bed thinking about him late at night. She felt utterly horrible for what she had done to him, and the strange thing was she did not know how she had done it.
After she had almost killed Legolas and had taken him to get attended on, she later found a small secret area to herself behind the palace to try and learn about her powers. She was still rather scared of them; she did not know their purpose, if they were going to over take her, if they were evil, or how strong they were. She managed within the two weeks to conjure up a way to create fire and ice in the palm of her hands. She had also figured out a way to make objects levitate. Mathilda had decided that her powers may or may not be for the good of evil, but if they were, she was only going to use them for good. She was not going to let the evil be overtaken on her.


It was a bright and vibrant day in Mirkwood. The sun was shining through the trees and on to the dewy grass, which looked as if they had golden crystals on them from the sun. The birds were singing this way and that, while the horses were nestling and playing. It was the perfect day for the prince to wake up. Mathilda happened to be standing in the doorway when he finally made movement in his giant oak bed. “Legolas?” Mathilda said in a small voice not believing that he was awake. “Legolas are you awake. I am so sorry for what I had done to you. Legolas?”

“mmm…” Legolas carefully rolled over on to his side not acknowledging Mathilda. Mathilda slowly crept closer to his bedside all the while shaking with apprehension. Mathilda reached out a hand and placed it on Legolas’ shoulder letting him know there was someone there. “Mm…who is it”, he murmured mostly to himself. “It is Mathilda” Mathilda said to Legolas.

“What do you want?” asked Legolas somewhat muffled because of his pillow.

“Oh, um, I just came to check on you. I am sorry for what I did, but you had no right to attack Edel as you did. He had done nothing to you.” Mathilda answered Legolas while silent tears came down off of her beautiful dewy face.

“Yes, yes I did he was trying to take you away from me!” yelled Legolas while coughing.

“Legolas all he said was he loved me. I know that is horrible for a friend to say that but he knew that he could not take me away from you, and I told him that I would never betray you! So you had no right to attack him!” Mathilda was crying uncontrollably now, and was shaking all over. She could not stand talking to Legolas anymore she had to leave and let him think whatever he wanted. She took one last look at Legolas and headed for the door.


Mathilda’s parents left to head back home to the Golden Wood. Most of Mirkwood’s finest warriors went with them. Mathilda did not know what was making her stay behind and not come home she did not know if it was Legolas that was holding her back or the nerve ness of the air around her. “It is okay my dear Legolas will be fine in a few days you do not have to worry so much about him and Mathilda whenever you are ready you can come” said Galadriel to her daughter while giving her a warm embrace. “Mother I will do. I do not know what is keeping me, but it just seems as if I am going to be needed for something. I have an eerie feeling in my stomach.” Galadriel smiled and turned her horse away. Lord Celeborn turn to Mathilda and gave her a farewell embrace also, “I will be waiting for you my daughter to return”. Mathilda nodded and let go to watch them leave and start their journey homeward.


It had been three weeks ago that Mathilda had talked to Legolas. It was as if he was avoiding her now. She did not know. Even when they were at dinner they never looked at each other or spoke to one another. If other elves made them dance together in hopes they would get along again, they still never made eyed contact.

{It is to late} thought Mathilda {to get an apology from Legolas he is too thick headed.} She was in her small area practicing her powers. She finally learned most of the necessary skills she needed to know. However, she was still far away from all of the skills. She had learn the best skill there is in the magical world, how to control her power. Mathilda was laying on the grass relaxing her mind from concentrating on her powers. Then suddenly, Mathilda heard someone running to the palace and enormous amount of sound of falling rocks and rolls of fury where coming from the direction of the Lonely Mountain. Mathilda sat upright at hearing the awful noise. She decided to go and find out what was happening and fast. Getting up and running to the hall, Mathilda saw Legolas and was going to run past him whenever he stopped her. “Mathilda..I just wanted you to know that I am sorry for what I did. I…I also forgive you. You were right I had no right to attack Edel.” Legolas looked at Mathilda’s face trying to read her expression but she stayed utterly emotionless. He looked at the ground and was about to walk away back up to the palace whenever she stopped him by his arm.

“Legolas I love you but I do not know whether or not if I can truly trust you not to hurt other people before you hear the whole truth. I am also glad to see that you care enough about me to not let anything happen to me and you would even kill someone; but sometimes there is another way to approach a situation like the one that we have just witnessed”, said Mathilda in an almost merciless tone, “May I ask you a question? What is happening at the Lonely Mountain?” The peaceful and enchanting forest of Mirkwood was in complete uproar all the elves were hustling back and forth in bedlam getting ready for what looked like a war.

“Mathilda do you love me enough to maybe even lose me?” Legolas grabbed Mathilda’s shoulders to look her in the eyes and see into her soul. She was no longer expressionless, now she seemed worried and unnerved.

“What is going on, Legolas?” Asked Mathilda even more serious then before.

“We are afraid the dragon Smaug has come out.” Legolas’ eyes were full of care and hatred. Care for Mathilda and hatred for the vile dragon, which consumed many of his kin. “We are leaving in the morning. Mathilda I love you and please if anything happens to me do not come looking for me. Please, I love you and I do not want to see you come to your death because of me.” Legolas kissed Mathilda’s brow and hugged her fearing it was going to be the first and last.


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