Mathilda The Beginning – Chapter 7

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Goodness, i think that i can never write a story without stopping for a long period of time! I am sorry! I have been awfully busy lately, but here is a stroy for ya!

It was dark; even though it was afternoon, Orcs surrounded
the company. The eye of the Dark Lord watching her as she slowly rose higher and higher into the air like an angel. The volcanic ash from Mount Doom was supping onto the ground while bright red and orange lava went flowing in all directions. The ground was shaking with rage for an unknown reason and starting to crack in some areas the darkness of Mordor was evaporating. Suddenly Mathilda was jerked back, her arms went up parallel to her shoulders, and her head shot up her eyes looking into the sky. Light shone from her body destroying all the darkness and hatred from Mordor. The light covered all of Middle-earth; the forests grew rapidly getting bigger and more glorious. Elves that were heading toward the Grey Havens seemed to stop in their tracks and look at the light that was coming from the sky. It was as if they were listening to a piece music that told them to not stray from Middle- earth and stay a few generations longer that the time of the elves has not ended yet and they are still welcome. The elves then turned and went home looking in wonder at how all of the trees, plants and all of natures beautiful wonders were growing and glowing with the strange light from the sky. Just as suddenly as it had come the light disappeared with a loud crack and Mathilda was not to be seen or heard from for a very long time.


Mathilda woke up out of her dream all of the furniture was knocked over onto the floor as well as her belongings. Her bed was covered in her sweat and her eyes were smothered in tears. She sat wondering for a while what the dream meant and why she had it. It was as if someone was trying to tell her something. It was as if she was meant for some unknown purpose that she had know idea of. She looked around her room and pondered on how everything got knocked over. Just then, while she was thinking of how to left up the heavy furniture, everything went back into place without her laying a hand on them. Mathilda jumped in surprise. “Okay that is scary”, she said to herself, “I hope that I am not cursed, maybe it will just go away, maybe, hopefully”. Mathilda decided to grab a pair of outdoor clothes and fill up the bathtub to cleanse herself of her sweat. She sat in the warm relaxing water until she heard a knock on her door. “Who is it?” She called to the other room. “It is Legolas, I was seeing if you are awake it is lunch time. Are you awake”, answered Legolas while sticking his head in through the door.
“Yes I am awake. Is it really noon?” Mathilda asked while scratching her head and then sinking under the water to get her hair wet.

“Yes it is, and why were you asleep so late? Milady?”

“Ummm? What did you say?” Asked Mathilda.

“I asked, why were you asleep so late.” Repeated Legolas, this time coming into the big oak room, while closing the door behind him.

“Oh, I do not know why I was asleep so late. I had an awful dream and… I do not know. Oh, and if you were wanting to live another day I would not walk any further into this room, Legolas. I am in the tub.”

“Oh, I am sorry I was just trying to find out where you were. Do not worry I did not get any further than your bed. Well, whenever you are finished come on down to the dinner hall.”

“Okay I will. Legolas?”

“Yes, Mathilda.”

“How long has it been since those dwarves where here?”

“Um, I do not know. Maybe about a month or two, why do you ask?”

“Well, because every since they have left I have been feeling that something bad is going to happen very soon.”

“Oh, well that is not good. I will talk to you later about this and will let you finish your bath. Bye.” Replied Legolas while walking out the door and turning around to close it. Mathilda laid back her head to take in the heavenly fragrances of Bergamot and Coriander that she had sprinkled into her bath.


Mathilda missed lunch she did not feel hungry enough to go and eat. Instead, she went to the stables to see her wonderful horse, Marlene. While she grabbed her bridle Marlene neighed and whinnied in her stall for attention. Mathilda opened the stall and let Marlene out to saddle her. They went to the round pin for a while to warm Marlene up and then after about 20 minutes of warming up set out for a ride beside the Forest River that leads to Long Lake. Mathilda always loved to ride Marlene even if her mother and father did not approve of it on a certain day because there was a celebration. She did not care, she never did. Marlene had a high sprit, which always seemed to calm Mathilda in a certain why. They did not go far, mainly because Mathilda did not know the area very well and also did not want to be searched after for being away to long. Around four o’clock Mathilda decided to head back to the stables and let Marlene rest for the rest of the evening. While she was unsaddling Marlene someone approached and made her jump in surprise. “Matilda is that you? Me and Legolas have been looking for you since lunch ended you never showed up.” Announced the voice in a rather calm manner. Mathilda recognized the manner of the voice, but did not want to ponder on who it was and instead decided to ask. “Who are you?” asked Mathilda

“Oh, I am sorry I thought you would recognize me. It is I, Edel.” Edel answered sounding slightly hurt.

“Oh my, I am sorry Edel. I have been a little on nerve since I woke up this afternoon. What did you and Legolas want?” Mathilda asked Edel while putting Marlene back into her stall and handing her a treat for being good. She dusted herself off before walking back up to the palace with Edel escorting her and giving her and answer to her question.

“Oh, just to a dueling or something and I believe that he wanted to give you something. Oh my! I was not supposed to say that, please do not tell him that I said that!”

“Oh it is okay,” replied Mathilda while laughing, “I will not utter a word to him”.

“I also have something to say to you Mathilda,” said Edel while stopping and showing her to a bench, which they could sit on. “I believe that I have umm, certain feelings toward you every since our first meeting.”

“Oh, Edel why did you not ever say anything?”

“Because I never thought that you felt the same way.” Mathilda leaned over and gave him a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek. However, to both of their unknowingness someone was standing behind them watching them, and to his jealousy spun round with his gift in hand not wanting to see anymore.

“Edel I am sorry, but I am betroth to Legolas and I will not betray it.” After giving Edel her statement, Mathilda stood up to look for Legolas and see what the gift was. Without knowing, he had heard her and Edel.


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