Mathilda – The Beginning Chapter 6

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I am so sorry if this story is not as good as my other ones! I could not making aything up to go along with the one before it. Well i hope you like it! Please do not throw anything

Upon hearing, the news of Legolas’ true feelings Mathilda
had know idea of what to think. {Was this true? Has he really and honestly been thinking this for most of my life?}Walking out of the gleaming room to the garden area, under the stars Mathilda and Legolas sat together on a rather large bench made out of a large oak tree. Both sat in silence for a while looking at the stars and smelling the night air before either of them could muster up anything to say.

“Legolas”, Mathilda was the first to speak, “I do not know what to say. I am a loss of words.”

“You do not have to say anything. I believe that I already know what you are thinking. How could somebody so rude and vile towards me have loved me all my life? Is that true is that what you are thinking?” asked Legolas not even looking at her, but instead looking at how bright and magnificent the stars seemed, twinkling playfully through the darkness that binned them to the sky.



“Do I have to answer you tonight? I do not know what I am feeling now and I do not want to say the wrong answer. I would like to have some time in order to think this over.” Mathilda closed her eyes to see her future and everywhere in it did not have the picture of Legolas. She could see herself sitting with her mother and father in Lothlorien and she could see herself in men’s garments riding Marlene in distant lands far, far away. Then there comes a vision of her and Legolas having adventures together and dancing in the ballroom gracefully across the floor, spinning and spinning never stopping. {Is that the future that I really want? It does not seem so bad. Alas, I believe that I have no answer.}


“Um…” Legolas turned to look at her, his eyes normally sparkling, seemed to have a glint of sorrow and sadness in them that seemed if Mathilda said the wrong answer they would never have their playful sparkle again.

“I am sorry to have to say this.. But I do not know if I love you. I never looked at you the same way which you have seemed to have looked at me these past years. Legolas please understand me. I believe that I still have time yet to love you.” Answered Mathilda. She looked at Legolas his face yet again was turned so she could not see his sorrow. She could tell by the way he was sitting that he was crying, yet if he was not crying he was on the verge of it. Legolas turned to her. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something then shut it again not being able to make up what he was going to say.

“Mathilda I… I know you do not have the same feeling about me as I do you, and I do not want you to love me because you must. If anything I would, rather you love me for love. Not for show, or for marriage, just for love. The Valar can not even show my love for you, Mathilda.”

“Mathilda, Legolas?” came a wondrous ringing voice which Mathilda seemed to know all to well.
“Mother! Where were you I did not see you inside?” Mathilda ran to her mother arms wide seeming to forget the discussion with Legolas almost instantly.

“Oh,” Galadriel said with a ringing laugh “I was there during the celebration it just seemed as though you were to preoccupied to even notice me and your father. Legolas wait where are you going are you not even going to say hello.”

“Hello Lady Galadriel. I am sorry, will you excuse my bad manners.” Legolas said, eyes down not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

“Yes dear of course I will.” She looked into his mind for a long while then nodded to him and let him go. “So, you two have not come to a decision yet then.”

“No” answered Matilda almost crying “Mother I do not know what to say. After I found out that, he had always been in love with me; somehow, it changed what I thought about him. I do not know if I either love him or, I do now know.” She cast he eyes down, and then she looked at her mother and started to cry.

“I am well sure that you know that I can not help you in your decision making.” Galadriel said to her daughter with sympathy in her bright sparkling eyes. Galadriel started to sing her daughter to sleep while Mathilda laid her head down into her mothers lap.

The next morning Mathilda woke in her bed in Mirkwood. She skipped breakfast and decided to go to the boarder where the guards were and look out at the long grassland that laid far into the distance. Whenever she came to the boarder, she leaned up against a tree gazing in wonder at the lonely grassland until a voice snapped her back into reality. “Hello down there. What are you doing this far away from the golden halls?” came a voice above her.

“Oh I just wanted to look at the horizon.” Mathilda called back looking up to find whom the voice belonged. The elf dropped out of the tree and landed with a soft thud on the springy grass next to Mathilda. “I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself my name is Adal. I am sure that you know my brother Edel.” Mathilda smiled and said “Oh yes I do know Edel. It is no wonder you two look awfully alike. At first, I thought that you were he, but now I see that I was wrong. You know he never mentioned that he had a brother.”

Adal smiled at this and shook his brilliantly dark bluish-black hair. “He never seems to mention it but I can not be mad at him about that, I never seemed to mention him as well. You said that you were looking at the horizon, do you want to get a better look?” asked Adal while holding his hand out to her.

“I would love to.” Answered Matilda while giving him her hand, Adal helped her up the tree and all the way to the top. Whenever she poked her head out, she could almost see everything, much like an eagle can. She turned her head this way and that, to engulf all of the view. “Wow,” exclaimed Mathilda her eyes burning bright, “This is really wonderful. Look, is that the Lonely Mountain?” Mathilda pointed to one tall and lonely mountain far into the distance.

“Yes it is. Do you remember the dwarf that was here not to long ago?” asked Adal turning to Mathilda.

“Yes, why do you ask?” {Oh no, I hope that he does not know that I helped them escape! And that they are in fact heading to the Lonely Mountain.}

“Well, I went in to check on the older one and he was not there, and the others where not there as well. It is very strange; it was as if they had somebody help them escape. You where there in the dungeons last night. Was the dwarf there whenever you were there?” Adal looked at her as if knowing she helped set them free. His face was emotionless and angry that the dwarves had gotten away.

“No I am sorry. Whenever I was down there I had just gotten lost, and from what I could see there was not anyone in the cell, or if there was someone in the cell he was either sleeping or not in my view.” Answered Mathilda almost thinking that Adal could read her mind that she was lying.

“Oh, well. They do not really have anywhere to go unless they want to visit the dragon.” Said Adal mostly to himself, than to Mathilda, while gazing at the Lonely Mountain. Mathilda looked for a way down the tree, and then finding one, she dropped lightly on to the soft green grass. Mathilda looked up at Adal, waved a goodbye, and walked back to the palace before anyone could miss her. Walking back was pleasant, the trees were lovely, and the air was soft and calm. While she was in her on thoughts she did not seem to notice anyone in front of her until she ran full throttle into him. “Oh my, I am dreadfully sorry, Mathilda?” answered the person, which she had run into.

“Legolas? Oh, I am the one to be sorry I was in my own thoughts at how lovely it was today and was not paying any attention where I was going. I should be the one making the apology not you. Will you accept it then?” Asked Mathilda her eyes somewhat pleading for an apology. She had knocked all of the books out of his hands, which he was carrying.

“Yes, consider the apology accepted. Will you help me carry these old books to the library?” Legolas looked up at her from the ground while he was restacking the books into his hands. For some reason Mathilda thought that he looked like a little elf ling trying to scatter off with everyone’s beloved books. She started to giggle.

“What is so funny?” asked Legolas while looking up at her with a rather confused expression.

“What, oh.” She said in between spasm of giggles. “I am dreadfully sorry I do not know why this is so funny.”
“Well could you please tell me what is so funny and then help me with these books. I have seemed to have tried to carry to many in my hands at one time.” Said Legolas trying to stand up with all of the books again yet only to toppled over, with books going every which direction and one landing right on top of his head. Mathilda started laughing even harder at seeing the graceful Mirkwood prince sprawled on the floor with books all around him and a rather disheveled look on his face. Mathilda reached out a hand for Legolas to help him up, but instead Legolas had a different idea and pulled her onto the floor beside him. Both Legolas and Mathilda were laughing so hard at how silly they were being that tears were coming to their sparkling eyes. Mathilda looked over at Legolas and playfully chunked a big book at his head but unfortunately; it missed and soared passed its destination point. Legolas picked up a book and started to throw it at Mathilda, but instead changed his mind and then he leaned over and tackled her. They rolled and rolled around with both tacking turns on tackling each other until they heard a rather disappointed voice of someone walking down the steps near them. “Legolas! Mathilda, how very unlady like you are being!” shouted Galadriel firmly and softly. “What are you two doing to each other? Never you mind, you two are going to be late for lunch so if I were you Legolas I would bring the books back to the library and then escort the lady to her room so she can change.” Galadriel then turned and walked over to the garden to sit peacefully in her own thoughts before having to go to lunch. Legolas stood then held out a hand for Mathilda to help her to her feet.

“I am sorry Mathilda but I thought it would be funny to have you sprawled on the floor as well instead of just me.” Stated Legolas his eyes twinkling mischievously at Mathilda.

“You know that is exactly why I was laughing at you before you pulled me down,” said Mathilda placing her hands on her hips then continuing. “You looked like a clumsy child trying to make off with beloved books.” Legolas smiled at her statement, then turned around to pick up the books and hand them to her.


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