Mathilda – The Beginning Chapter 4

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Okay anything in parenthesis is what Mathilda is thinking. Maybe this way I will not mess anything up. Have a nice read of the story!!

It was a strange thing to be hearing feet, and not seeing to whom they belonged. Mathilda made up her mind to follow the pattering of the feet. She followed them down many passageways and corridors before they finally made it to their destination point. The room they seem to arrive in was small much like a cubicle but slightly larger. It only held one jail cell with one person in it. Whenever Mathilda came around the corner she saw who the one person was, it was a dwarf. The very thing in which she thought was at the banks of the Enchanted River. She decided to stay out of sight in order to listen to their conversation and understand why they where in Mirkwood. “Thorin, I found you.” Said the creature, “I have been looking everywhere, I know where the others are in the palace. You are not the only one of our company in capture.”

“Bilbo is that you I hear. I can not see you.”

“Yes it is I, Bilbo. Everyone was worried that you had been eaten by the spiders in the forest.”

“No, I was not eaten as you can here see. Tell the others that no one is to reveal their errand to the king, not yet, nor before I give the word.”

“And what of this errand, Thorin and Bilbo?” Came Mathilda’s voice from her hiding place.

“What whose there?” stammered Thorin. “You let someone follow you, burglar?”

“No, I did not see her following me, I swear!”

“It is okay I will not tell the king.” She said while, stepping into the light, “I do not wish to be here anyway”. Thorin and Bilbo’s eyes, winded in marvelous wonder, when they saw who was talking beautiful, and magnificent she looked. “I promise I can keep your secret, and possibly help you out?” persuaded Mathilda.

“You so choose to help us? Why?” asked Thorin

“I believe that it is the right thing to do.”

It has been a day and night since Mathilda last talked to Thorin and Bilbo. Mathilda has been scanning the outside of the palace to find any loopholes where Bilbo and the dwarves can escape. So far, to her understanding, there is a river right outside of the palace that the elves throw barrels into for the River men. (Maybe that is their only escape route.) She thought to herself. Today was a good day so far for her, she has been happy every since she was told that she could wear men’s clothes for the day. She decided to take it into consideration and practice dueling till the dinner bell. (The practice arena is quit nice) she thought, (but nothing compared to the one at home.) The arena was actually just a large area not covered by trees with jumps for horses, targets for arrows, obstacle courses, and training dummies. She did everything thing in the arena as many times as she possibly could, she even invited Edel to come and help with her sword training. She found that he was not all as bad as she had thought to be, even if he is friend to Legolas. “So have you had a nice stay?” asked Edel slightly out of breath. Mathilda being a half a second faster at sword dueling hit the bottom of his sword so fast and hard he did not know what was coming which of course, made Edel drop his weapon. “Ha, ha!” Mathilda exclaimed, “Yes I have had a nice stay. It looks like I have won once again. Are you sure you are not letting me win just because I am female?”

“I am sure, I never knew that one day I would have a maiden thrash me at my best weapon.”

“Well, it looks like you have never had one quit as stunning at it as me duel you. Tell me if I am wrong but is not today the princes birthday?”

“You are not wrong. Are you planning to attend?”

“I have no answer to thy question.”

The day was ending and the darkness was beginning to devour the light, which was left in the sky. Mathilda called it an end to her practice and left to her quarters. While she was taking in the essence of the trees and numerous flowers, she almost ran into somebody. “Sorry I did not see you there.” Mathilda said while she lost her balance and almost fell face first into the dirt. “It is okay Mathilda.” Came the voice of Legolas, as he put out his hand and helped Mathilda regain herself. “May I ask why, are you standing in the shadows?”

“I am hiding from my father.” He turned and sat on the ground, picked a flower and nervously plucked at the petals.

“What has your father done to disturb you so frightfully?”

“He is going to betroth me to someone.” He picked another flower.

“Oh, well that is not to bad. Why are you worried about that?” Mathilda had gotten tired of Legolas picking at flowers and took it out of his hand.

“I believe that you marry someone you already know and love. Not have you parents, pick somebody you hate or not know, it is as if you are marring a serpent ready to strike.”

“Oh, to be honest I never thought of it in that way before.”

“Nobody ever does.” Both Legolas and Mathilda were lost of words and decided to let the silence speak for them. The stars were out and were twinkling playfully at one another. “Legolas, I am going to go and get ready for your party. Maybe your dad will change his mind. Do you have any idea to whom he wants you to marry?”

“No I do not have any idea, if I did then I would not be so upset at my father.” Mathilda left Legolas to his thoughts and continued up to her quarters. The night was relaxing, with a breeze which was cool and calm on your skin. Mathilda got out of her men’s garments and put on a white silk gown from home, which showed off her perfect figure. On the way to the party Mathilda stopped and peered down the hall which leads to the dungeons. She decided not to attend the party and instead speak with Bilbo and Thorin. Mathilda crept down the hall taking in notice to be weary of the guards. To her luck, they were drunk and asleep. (Whew) she thought to herself (I seem to have some luck.)

“Why hello. Who might you be?” Came a voice from around the corner. All of the dwarves company was at Thorin’s cell.

“Oh hi Mathilda we thought that you would arrive sooner or later.” Bilbo said while, opening Thorin’s cell door.

“Oh you finally found a escape route?” Mathilda asked while examining the dwarves.

“Yes, we are going to get into the barrels over there.” He pointed to at least forty barrels that were about to be pushed into the river. “Can you help me get them into the barrels milady?”

“Hey you didn’t tell me that we were going in barrels.” Came a voice of a rather fat and stubby dwarf.

“Well, Bombur what is the other option that you see?” Said Thorin.

“Okay I will help hurry, I believe that I hear someone coming.” Mathilda ran and opened some barrel tops for the dwarves. While they were getting in she and Bilbo both shut and locked the tops. “Hurry Bilbo you still can get into a barrel.” Too late somebody already walked in. “What are you doing milady?”

“Oh, nothing I just got lost”

“You should be up in the ball room for the party here I will escort you.”


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