Mathilda The Beginning – Chapter 10

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Sorry this is so late! But I still am doing the stories, I have just been a little busy lately! Well, please enjoy the story!

Rising behind the mountains and shining through the sky, the sun’s first rays say hello to the world. The early bird wakes up and sings his morning song to the rabbits and to those who listen. Some however were already awake and were already watching the sun peep up toward the sky and into a high balcony connecting to a beautiful oak bedroom of a princess. Mathilda even if she had wanted to, did not get a peaceful slumber. She kept thinking of Legolas’s last words to her before he left. “We are leaving in the morning. Mathilda I love you and please if anything happens to me do not come looking for me. Please, I love you and I do not want to see you come to your death because of me.” His words stung her very heart. {He loves me.} She thought to herself, {he really does love me.} She sat on the balcony in her room, in The Golden Wood. She was retrieved from Mirkwood after the news of the dragon Smaug had caught her mother’s caring ears. Mathilda was very unhappy about the news of her mother taking her, worst of all; she was not able to confront Legolas of her feelings. However, she often heard what the happenings were, that the dwarves were becoming unbearably stubborn and the elves and men were tired of trying to end the differences. She also heard about the Five armies, Dain’s aid to Thorin and of course the Goblins, Wild Wolves and the Blog of the North coming to fight. She heard that this was a most terrible battle for all who fought. The daily news was unbearable for her to hear, but as though she might break down and cry, she fought through to listen to the tidings. She also heard that the Goblins had been secretly planning a battle after the Great Goblin of the Misty Mountains had fallen to the earth. Their anger was reforged and they were ready to show their wrath. The news of the Goblins reaching the gate was unnerving to Mathilda. She was afraid all would be lost to those poor merry people who should not lose their lives early.
Now however, she was leaning against her golden balcony railing thinking about Legolas and watching a tiny fluffy mother bird bring her chicks food from the earth while never acknowledging how cruel the world can be to their simple lives. Although not knowing, a messenger was coming to tell her of the newest tidings from the Lonely Mountain, Mathilda kept replaying her thoughts in her mind. Mathilda quite suddenly snapped out of her thoughts as a messenger knock on her thick oak door. She turned around, checked herself in the closest mirror then reached out her slender arm to open the door. “Yes?” she said to the messenger. “The Eagles! The Eagles help with the war! They are still on the hunt, but it is finished! The Five Battles are broken!”
Her eyes sparkled with excitement when she asked, “And what of Mirkwood? Their prince is well I hope?”
The messenger smiled and said. “Yes, everything is doing very well in Mirkwood. The wood Elves are restoring the lush back into their lovely halls. The prince I have not heard much of, but he is still living if that is what you were asking. In addition, Gandalf will be in Rivendell shortly and he has been asking you to meet him there. If it is not too much trouble, I will assist you with other in your journey to the Homely House. Your mother and father have already said yes, and you will be leavening at daybreak next morning.” He paused then added, “Mathilda, my lady, I am sorry for so being forward, but I am entirely surprised that you do not recognize me. Have I changed that much since the battle?” asked the messenger with a playful, yet hurt smile. He titled his head and his brilliantly dark-bluish hair reflected strongly in the lighting of Mathilda’s room.
Mathilda slightly squinted her blue eyes to better see who the messenger was, while playing in her memory where she has seen him. At first glance, she had know idea who this elf was, yet knew somehow he looked very familiar. Dancing through her mind, she had a strong urge to say Edel, yet whilst she studied this elf’s face she knew that this was not Edel. Somehow, though he had Edel’s physically powerful broad shoulders, and brave challenging stance, with a hint of strong playfulness. Mathilda saw deeper then remembered whom he was, “Adal?” she asked more to herself than Adal. He smiled brightly and answered, “Yes you do remember me!”
“Wow, you have changed Adal. It is no wonder I did not recognize you. The battle changed you too much.” Mathilda added in surprise to Adal.
“Well, I am hoping the Battle did not change my personality.” Adal said sarcastically with a light laugh. “May I escort thee to breakfast?” Adal asked playfully to Mathilda while holding out his strong muscular arm for her to take.
“Yes, you may escort me.”
The two walked in an awkward silence most of the way to the breakfast hall until Mathilda could not take the quietness any longer. “Adal I must ask you. I know you have not seen Legolas in time, but how is he truly?”
“Mathilda, I do not know. He was upset to hear you left Mirkwood to return home. Yet he does know it was not your fault.” He added whenever he saw her about to protest.
“I do remember our last encounter together and it was with your brother which was not a pretty one.” Mathilda recalled from memory as if it had happened yesterday.

Breakfast was not as quite since Adal attended it with Mathilda. They talked and talked filling each other in since they last saw one another. Mathilda had not smiled a true smile since before she had hurt Legolas with her powers. In fact, she still practices with them. Mathilda would change shapes, her hair, her eyes, and even occasionally the weather, only if it is too gloomy for her to bear. Her powers had grown strong after leaving Mirkwood and now she was even proud to have her powers. Instead of practicing her archery skills, riding skills and sword skills more then most of the men in Lothlorien she also had her powers to keep her strong. Although no one except Edel and Legolas knew, she had the magnificent powers she was afraid that somehow, someone would find out. Now though, Mathilda could instead wipe the memory away from them, and they would not even know she had powers similar Gandalf’s.


Adal and Mathilda spent the entire day together riding, sword fighting one another which cause a very big disapproval from her mother, and laughing at one another’s silly comic jokes. The day was lovely; the grass was bright green all the way up to the Misty Mountains. The mountains towered up high and tall causing a portrait picture with the light blue sky behind them. When the sun began to set, the picture looked even more exquisite. Clouds rolled in behind the Misty Mountains and hiding the sun ever so slightly which caused half of the rays to disappear. The rays, which did not disappear, however, peeked out from the mountains and rolled down into the trees of Lothlorien, bouncing off the leaves and streams making an orange-green-yellow tint of color.
Even though Mathilda had a wonderful day with Adal, it was finally time for her to retire to her bedroom and pack for the next day’s journey to Rivendell. Adal walked Mathilda back to her room and asked her a question, which had tugged at his sleeve all day. “Mathilda, you look very drained. Your complexion is not as bright anymore. Has something been bothering you lately?” Adal said with a playful smile.
“Oh, really? I have not noticed. I might be just a little restless since I heard about the battle. That may very well be the reason behind my complexion change. In addition, I have thought about Legolas everyday of every second. I miss him very much, Adal. ” Mathilda smiled back with a slight yawn.
“I know you do, and I am sure he misses you as well, Mathilda who wouldn’t someone miss like you.” Adal said with a short laugh while adding. “You are very tired milady you need rest. I will leave you here for tonight and I will see you at daybreak tomorrow. Good Night milady, Mathilda.” Adal bowed and left her to her room for the night.


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