Mathilda – The Beginning

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Hi, everyone I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have last written a story I apologize! Sorry!

Walking with her escort, Mathilda could not help but worry for the dwarves and Biblo. She kept praying to herself that they would get out safely, without anyone finding them. Walking down the winding passageways Mathilda’s escort breaks the silence in which she had been thinking.

“Have you had a nice stay milady?” asked her escort.

“Oh, umm what did you ask?”

“I asked have you had a nice stay.”

“Oh, yes, lovely thank you.”

Whenever Mathilda reached the enormous ballroom, she wondered how she ever missed the splendid decorations. There was color and glittering objects everywhere, you could not miss anything so wonderfully exquisite and breath taking. As Mathilda walked back into the room her escort left her to gaze at the beautiful golden elegancy.

“Mathilda darling where have you been? Everyone in their right minds has been looking for you,” said a servant of the king.

“Oh, I have been just wandering and looking at the beautiful scenery.” She answered.

“Dear why would you want to do something like that on such a fine occasion as this? It is the princes’ birthday and oh! They are about to announce his lucky bride. Come, come sit!”

Looking up at the end of the table Mathilda saw an empty set. {That one must be mine.} She thought to herself. {I wonder if they know that I am here.} As she was looking she, noticed that Legolas seemed awfully displeased about something. His expression was one of total and complete repulsion. Everyone in the ballroom except Legolas seemed glowing and delighted as if nothing in the world could take their happiness and playfulness away. It was as if the Earth had stopped on its axis to just let the elves have all the excitement in the world.

“Friends. Friends, please calm yourselves I have an announcement to make.” Said the king while waiting for silence, “I have just received word that there is a lucky maiden who has entered the age of womanhood and is ready to marry a man worthy of her grace. Now this same lady I am going to have betrothed to my wonderful son…” interrupted cheers from the crowd, “now, now calm yourselves. I know that everyone is extremely excited for Legolas but please wait for me to finish. This maiden is obviously gorgeous and elegant in extreme measures but also challenging and loving. She is even in the very same room as me. Mathilda why don’t you come down and see your fiancé.”{Oh NO!} Thought Mathilda. {It could not be it should not be. I do not even like him! He is arrogant, deceive, slovenly, ugly, avarice, and anything else that could be put into words!} “This is Legolas’ beautiful bride to be!” announced king Thranduil. As Mathila walked gracefully up to Legolas’ side everyone in the ballroom clapped and cheered. All of course, except Legolas he merely sneered.

“Hello Mathilda.” said Legolas.

“Hello Legolas.” answered Mathilda with a heart-stopping stare.

“Go on you two,” said the king pushing them toward the dance floor. “Dance, dance till you drop you are engaged you should be happy!”

“May I have this dance?” asked Legolas.

“Yes you may.”

Mathilda could not believe what was happening. {This must be the most terrible thing that has ever happened to me since Legolas pushed me into horse dung.} Thought Mathilda. {Walking into the dance floor is one thing but dancing with him. How am I going to ever get this out of my memory!}? As Mathilda walked, with Legolas to the dance floor she noticed how soft his touch was and his hands were, all something she never paid much attention to. His dancing was light and quick as is supposed to be, not hard and choppy as most. She looked into his eyes and realized how magnificently blue they were, and how they captured every detail he saw. She also saw how his hair flowed with every motion he took and how strong his muscles looked and showed.

“You know Legolas you really are a good dancer.” Said Mathilda breaking the silence between them.

“Oh, well… um thank you. So are you, Mathilda. You know I am sorry for all the embarrassing things that I did to you whenever we were little. I just could never find a way to show how I felt towards you. Ever since I first saw, you ride in on your white mare I felt a rush of emotion fly over me that I could and still cannot get off of me. You are so perfect and gracefully elegant in everyway shape and form you are an object of great perfection that the Valor has made. You are a statue of virtue for every woman. I am sure every elf median wishes they were as beautifully perfect as you are and always will be.”

“Um. Thank you Legolas I never knew you felt that way for me.” Mathilda said astonished.

“Yes, I always have. Whenever I see Edel with you I try and hold back the angry jealousy that sweeps over my body. I am afraid you will fall for him and not me, for I am the one who has loved you longer than any elf, or object ever has and ever will. I am in love with you Mathilda you do not have to love me back, but if you do not I know that I will forever be lost in an unexplained shadow of loneliness that can not bring me back. Whenever you touch me you give me the strength of the Valor that no elf can describe you are my one and only.” Legolas said these last few words with so much intensity that Mathilda, one who never cries, started to shake with tears.

“Legolas I do not know what to say. Can we please go outside and discuss this?”


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