Mathilda – The Beginning

by Mar 25, 2004Stories

Two days have came and gone since Mathilda last saw her enchanted forest. She had galloped Marlene on flat terrain, rocky terrain, and hilly terrain. Which lead her to where she now sits on the edge of rock on a hill that over looks everywhere into the distance. Mathilda was watching the sunset. The pink, orange, and red rays were marvelous and lighting the land with splendor.
Mathilda sat on her rock perched as a hawk lost in thought. She was still deciding on how to frighten Legolas. She did not know whether to put a spider under his pillow or put a snake in his bed. She could not figure what was better. It was a very tough decision.
Watching, far in the distance, Mathilda saw a man dressed in gray riding toward her. As she stood up and peered into the horizon she noticed that she knew whom the man in the gray cloak was. Gandalf, she thought, oh how terribly long have you been away. Where have thee been? It has been 2 or 3 years since Mathilda saw him last. He was with her mother, explaining tidings that he had brought from distant lands. She pondered why; Gandalf was here, so close to Mirkwood. Mathilda got off of her rock, which overlooked the land and got in view of the rider.
Gandalf slowed his horse down next to Mathilda in order to talk to her. “Mathilda, friend what are you doing out here by thy self?” asked Gandalf puzzled.
“I am going to the prince of Mirkwood’s birthday. May I ask thee the same question?”
“Yes, you may. I am going on an errand to seek counsel.” Replied Gandalf. “Sorry to cut thee short, but I need to make haste. Adieu to thee!”
“Adieu to thee also!” shouted Mathilda as Gandalf rode past with speed. Why would he need counsel? Is there some evil at work? Has something horrible happened? Why was he by Mirkwood? Did he get done talking to King Thranduil? Alas, I do not know anything these days.
After taking time in talking to Gandalf, Mathilda went in search for good wood to use. She came back to her tiny spot she was using, and made herself a nice size fire to keep warm by. Only a day away, she thought, marvelous, just marvelous this means I will be looking at the prince shortly.
Nevertheless, the next morning Mathilda took her sweet time in getting ready to go to Mirkwood. She got Marlene ready, then set off. At the edge of Mirkwood, it does not look so pretty. Gloomy in fact would be the correct work for it. Dark and grievous it looked, as if it had no happiness in ages. “Follow the trail do not stray.” Mathilda told herself. “If I do not follow the correct trail, I could be eaten by the enormous sized spiders in the secret places of Mirkwood, or become insane with hunger.” Mathilda kept saying these words to herself. Following the path, she was led to a river. Enchanted River it was called, for if you fell into it, you would lose you memory.
“Okay Marlene you can jump over the river it isn’t that far. Get ready.” Mathilda backed Marlene about 3 or 4 yards away from the rivers bank. Then with a strong push Marlene went into a fast gallop. She made it! “What is that?” Mathilda asked herself. She saw as if, somebody had been dragged out of the river, a imprint of a body in the mud. The imprint was to small to be of an elf or man. Dwarf? Thought Mathilda No, why would there be a Dwarf in Mirkwood? Dwarves do not like Elves.While being confessed, she told Marlene to walk on and leave the rivers banks. The area by the river was quite beautiful. The trees, plants, and bushes were tall and lush. The grass was very green and thick, several times Mathilda had to discipline Marlene for wanting to graze the grass. “Just a bit further Marlene, and then you can eat.” Mathilda was right only to right in fact. Twenty minutes later, she was in King Thranduil’s realm.
“Hello, how may I help thee, milady?” asked someone in the elven tongue. “Oh, it is you.” Answered the same person on realizing it was Mathilda.
“Hello…Legolas,” replied Mathlida coldly in the same tongue “how nice to see you again”.

“Nice indeed, I have been better off since you left.”


“Yes, honestly I haven’t given you a second thought.”

“Oh, I will just have to change that then won’t I?” spat Mathilda. She dismounted Marlene and left him heading toward the stables. It was both a wonderful feeling and a horrible one in being back in Mirkwood. As she passed, many elf men turn and strained their necks to look at her with there tongues hanging out drooling. Mathilda rolled her eyes and walked past as if taking no notice to them.
After taking Marlene’s bridle and saddle off Mathilda headed toward the palace to tell the king she had arrived. She was to late in telling him. Whenever, she got to the doors, she could make out Legolas complaining to his father about her being at his party. “… Father she will ruin everything.”
“Legolas, dear boy, she will not everything will be fine and marvelous.” Mathilda pushed open the big oak doors and made her way in front of the king. “Hello, your highness.” Mathilda said with a bow, “I have made it here.”

“I see that thee has, how was thy trip, fair I hope?” asked King Thranduil.

“Fair indeed it was.” Mathilda could feel Legolas giving her deaths threaten glare at her from behind.

“May I also, hope that which, whatever quarrel lay between you and Legolas vanish while you are here? You two are dismissed, good day.” Thranduil waved them off and sent a maid to find Mathilda a room and dress for dinner. The room was gasping. It was round with beautifully polished wood that sparked with every since of life in it. On the bed sat a light blue dress with sliver trimming on the ends. The collar went into a v and it also look like it would sit on her shoulders. After bathing, Mathilda found that the dress was very lightweight and flowing whenever she walked. Oh, how she loathed wearing dress. How can women walk in these things? I always seem to trip! Knock knock.
“You may enter.”

“My father insists that I escort you to dinner. Very much to my displeasure.” Said Legolas gasping in awe at how brilliantly Mathilda looked. She seemed to be glowing in the candlelight.

“Fine” She said walking past. Legolas smelled her hair as she passed. Rose petals. Just how an elf maiden should smell, how come I never took in to notice to how beautiful she is? Why am I thinking this? “Legolas! Are you coming?”

“Uh, um…yes!” he stammered. “Mathilda?”


“You look rather magnificent.” Legolas said in somewhat of a trance. Why am I saying this!?

“Um, thank you I guess, are you feeling okay?” Mathilda was seriously wondering why all of a sudden he changed.

“I do not know.” Was all he answered.
When Mathilda walked into the dining hall her mood lifted miraculously. The hall was lit with so many candles that you could not even count. The dinner table was laid with every sort of eatable food and more. The floor was of a marble none could name; it seem to sparkle with every movement you made. “Astonishing” whispered Mathilda.

“What is?” asked Legolas

“Oh nothing just talking to myself.” Hopefully Legolas will be his normal arrogant self tomorrow this is quite terrifying. After dinner there was always dancing and before long someone came to ask Mathilda for a dance. “Hello milady,” ask the person while bowing, “may you come with me to dance?”

“Oh yes, that will be quite lovely.”

He put out his hand for her signaling for her to grasp it and join him in walking to the dance floor. “You are rather beautiful. Sorry that came out of no where. I do bet you get that a lot.” He said turning a rose color. “Yes I quite do, and thank you for the complement.”

“I must forgive my manners I didn’t properly introduce myself. My name is Edel son of Baltasar.” Said Edel.

“Well, Edel son of Baltasar my name is Mathilda daughter of Lord Celeborn and of Lady Galadreil.” Responded Mathilda.

“You are from the woodland realm are you not? None return from there or is that just a myth? Are you here in favor of the princes’ birthday?”

“Yes…” Mathilda was cut short by Edel for talking so much.

“Oh, sorry for all the questions I am just thrusting them at you, and sorry for interrupting you.”

“You are forgiven. Yes I am from the woodland realm. I do not know if it is myth or fact that none return or not. For give me I do not keep count. Yes I am here for the princes’ birthday.” There is a long pregnant pause for neither Edel or Mathilda could find anything else to say to one another. Mathilda finally broke the embarrassing pause by saying “You dance wonderfully”

“So do you it is rumored that you and the prince loathe one another. Why is this so? He is my greatest friend.”

“He is arrogant and evil. I must go, and thank you for the dance it was nice.”

Mathilda let go of his warm embrace and wondered through the halls until she ended up out side under the bright stars. She did not want to be near anyone whom was friends with Legolas. I will keep to myself then if every… her thought trailed off when she accidentally bumped into someone. The strange thing was there was not anyone there. “Hello?” she called out “Is there anyone there?” No answer, she could hardly make out the pattering of feet hitting the ground very swiftly. It was heading for the dungeons, under the palace.


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