Mathilda – The Beginning

by Mar 10, 2004Stories

It has been 940 years since the planets have been aligned, and Mathilda has grown more gorgeous then even words can explain. The elves of Lothlorien all turn and stare at her in wonder whenever she passes. Nobody can take their eyes off of her. One glimpse turns into a long stare, until she is out of your sight. She seems to have an elegant light that illuminates about her which, shines more brilliantly then the stars themselves.

It is a warm spring morning in Middle Earth with a light breeze, which, brushes your face and makes the leaves dance and twirl in the wind. The sun shines and reflects off of the morning dew on the plants and grass, which makes it look as if diamond is growing on them. Mathilda is in her room getting dresses in men’s garments to go and practice her fighting skills. She ties her long flowing daisy colored hair back in breads just before leaving her quarters. While, going down the marbled steps, which take you to the practice grounds Galadriel, stops her.

“Mathilda”, Galadriel calls to get her attention. “Haven’t you forgotten something?”
“No, I have everything in which I need to practice. What do you mean? Is there a special occasion in which I have forgotten?”
“Yes, indeed there is. Do you not remember? Today you are leaving to attend the prince of Mirkwood’s birthday. It is a very special occasion”, reminded Galadriel while looking at her daughter with bright eyes. “Mother do I honestly have to attend? The prince is arrogant and stubborn beyond reasoning, and I loathe wearing dresses.” Complained Mathilda; he has always tried to keeps as far away from Mirkwood ever since Prince Legolas tried to prove himself better then her in everything. “I am dreadfully sorry dear, but I am afraid that you still have to go whether you like it or not. I have already packed your most elegant dresses in your saddle bags and you will live monetarily.” With saying those words, Galadriel turn on her heels and flowed away.
Oh, how I loathe Legolas to death! Mathilda thought. He is always ruining everything. Mathilda went the rest of the way down the marble stairs. Instead of turning left to the training grounds, she headed to the right to the stables. She followed the stone steps to the stables to find Haldir holding her gray mare, Marlene.
“Good morning Mathilda how is thy?” asked Haldir in the elven-tongue.
“Doing wonderfully at the moment, but soon I will not be.” She answered dolefully.
“Why is this milady?” wondered Haldir.
“I am not looking forward to seeing the prince again. He is my greatest foe. While I am in Mirkwood I do believe that Marlene will be my only trusting companion.”
“How do you know this? Maybe the prince has changed. You haven’t seen him in 50 long years.”
“Yes, well I am never going to forgive him for thrusting me into a fowl smelling pit of horse dung. As I recall I seemed to smell for days!” said Mathilda with a painfully looking face at remembering the awful day. Her and Legolas were sword dueling and while she was not looking threw her into horse dung. She was so mad that she was cursing him for days.
“Well, milady you have to admit it was humorous.” Replied Haldir smiling.
Mathilda clambered onto her horse while giving Haldir a death threaten glare. She headed toward the edge of the forest. Without a backward glance at the golden wood, she left heading for her journey to the arrogant prince’s realm. It was midday and the entire world was awake now whenever Mathilda left. The birds were singing in the trees and the sun was giving its orange and golden rays to Middle Earth warming it. The sky was light blue and claming to Mathilda as it has always been. It is a wonderful day. She thought. Naught an evil thought of Legolas could ruin her sprits for very long on a day like this. While thinking this, she galloped Marlene in to the distance getting closer and closer to Mirkwood.


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