Mathilda Chapter 8 – The Beginning

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Legolas walked into his room and slammed the door shut with such force that it shook the paintings on his walls. He threw the gift for Mathilda into a corner not even caring if it had gotten broken. Legolas sat down on his bed looking into the fire with a perplexed expression, while opening and closing his hands. He had no idea of what to think about Edel and Mathilda. “Are they in fact hiding something from me?” He said out loud to himself. “No I do not believe that Mathilda is that sort of elf. However, what if she is?” He said while standing up and making fists with his hands and starting to get red in the face from rage. “And Edel! I am going to kill him for taking her away from me! I do not care if he is my friend I am going to kill him!” Legolas began to pace in his room thinking up plans on how to approach Edel and confront him or just merely kill him. Legolas gave up on making plans and decided to boldly walk up to Edel.


Mathilda was walking away from Edel and back to the palace whenever she caught sight of Legolas. His usual cool frame was rived and tense. His hands were in tight fists, and his eyes had a glint of murder. “Legolas!” shouted Mathilda, but Legolas did not hear her. He kept walking until he came to Edel and pushed him into a tree by his throat. “What were you thinking, Edel! Did you just think that it would be fun to take her away from me!” Legolas’ grip was getting tighter around Edel’s throat and his face was turning blue from the lack of air in his lungs.

“Oh my god, Legolas what are you doing? Let him go!” Shouted Mathilda running back and trying to pry Legolas off of Edel, ” He did not do anything!” Legolas just looked at Mathilda then threw her slender body away and onto the ground.

“Yes he did he was trying to take you…” Legolas did not finish his sentence for he had gotten a full blow into his stomach from Edel. Edel had somehow managed to get his foot up and hit Legolas in the gut. “If you want to fight then lets fight. It is not nice to sneak up on your opponent from behind and strangle him!” Yelled Edel in rage while taking out his sword and waiting for Legolas to stand up and defend himself. “Alright”, said Legolas ” Lets do this the right way then. I am going to kill you, Edel and it will be marvelous.” Legolas took out his two long knives and twirled them before lunging at Edel. They ran at each other both with death in their eyes. Swinging and lunging, punching and rolling they went. They were as swift as humming birds. They were moving at such incredible speed, that if you were not an elf you could not even see their movements. They were going for the kill. “Mathilda,” shouted someone from behind”, what ARE those two doing they are going to kill themselves!” exclaimed the voice.

“They are fighting over me. I tried breaking them up, but it is no use! They are going to kill each other, Adal! And it is all because of me. Oh no Edel!” Edel had slipped on the grass and fell. Legolas’ knife was at his throat. “Time to die.” Stated Legolas in a viperous and deadly tone.

“NO!” yelled Mathilda and Adal together. “You do not know what you are doing!” Mathilda ran straight at Legolas and pushed him away from Edel. He flew a foot away and started to twitch ferociously as if he was having a seizure. Blue light shone off of him everywhere. He could not hold his knives anymore and dropped him. Sweat rolled off of his body, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and drool and foam started to spew out of his mouth.

“Mathilda what did you do to him!” Adal shouted while helping Edel up off of the ground. “He is being electrocuted! Look at your hands! It came from you!” Mathilda did have a strange force of energy flowing threw her body. She did not know what it was, and she never knew she had it. It was very foreign to her. “I…I do not know how to stop it.” Squeaked Mathilda, with tears starting to form in her eyes. She ran over to Legolas and tried to help him. When she touched him, it stopped, and he fell over onto the ground beside her. If she had waited a moment later, he would have been dead. Legolas looked horrible, blood had started to escape from his mouth along with the foam and drool. The sweat had damped his cloths and hair. He looked like a helpless animal that had beaten into a world of nothingness.

“Mathilda we need to get him inside while we can.” said Edel with a soothing tone and sympathy.

“I know.” answered Mathilda while avoiding, to look at Legolas’ horrible helpless form.


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