Master Warden-chapter 4 – -me again

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I left Faramir in great haste, I was eager to tell the Lady the news. When I reached the Houses, I found her in the gardens and I could tell that she was suffering.
“My Lady!” I cried,”Faramir had bidden me to tell you he is
coming to visit the Lady of Rohan.”
She looked at me and smiled. She was very pleased to hear
my news.
“OH! He is coming? When shall he be arriving?”she asked
“Very soon my Lady, maybe this evening.”I replied. I could
tell by her pale face that she was excited to see him.
“I must wash up then! I do not wish to look like this
when the Steward comes!” she said holding up her dress.
She soon left the change. I left also, did not wish to pry into
their buisyness.
Late that afternoon, Lord Faramir arrived at the House of Healing. Eowyn greeted him with a hug and a smile.
She obviosly missed him. They walked in the gardens for a while and then moved to the Walls of the city. There they stood talking. I wanted to hear what they spoke of, so I moved into listening range. I did want to be eavesdropping, I was just concerned. What I heard that day I will never forget.
“Eowyn, do you not love me or will you not?” asked Faramir.
“I wish to have the love of another,”she replied,” but I desire no man’s pity.”
Faramir knew that she loved Lord Aragorn and that he understood. Then he looked into her eyes long and steadily.
“Do not scorn pity, it is a gift of a gentle heart,”He said,”Yet I do not offer you my pity for you a lady who has one great renown. And a lady beautiful, I deem, beyond even words of Elven tongue to tell, and I love you.”
My heart skipped a beat. So, I thought, they are in love! Why didn’t I see this before? I knew it was a private moment for the both of them, but I could not force myself to leave. Faramir continued and I watched Eowyn’s face, it was on the verge of tears. I knew she loved him, she was just to proud to tell.
“I stand in Minas Arnor, the tower of the sun, and behold! my shadow has passed! I will be a sheild maden no longer, nor vie with the great riders, nor take part in songs of only slaying. I will be a healer and love all things that grow.”
She looked into Faramir’s eyes and said,”I no longer wish to be queen!”
Faramir laughed merily and said,”That is well! Fot I am no king!Yet I will wed with the Lady of Rohan if it be her will, and if she will, let us journey to the fair land of Ithilien and make a garden, and all things will grow in joy there. If the White Lady comes?”
Eowyn smiled and said,”Then I must leave my own people, man of Gondor? And would you have your proud folk say of you,’There goes a a man of Gondor who tamed a wild sheild maden of the north! Was there no woman of
the race of Númenor to chose!'”
“I would,” replied Faramir and they took eachother in their arms and kissed under the sunlit sky. I left them in peace,
there are some things that even a Warden should not pry into.


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