Master Warden-chapter 2 – -From the same LOTR freak

by Feb 26, 2004Stories

It had been a long night. Many wounded citizens
had arrived at the Houses late that evening. Many
good men had died and so did many women and
children. It is a sad thing to see innocent people
fall victim to such reckless hatred. I did my best
to save as many as I could, but my best was not
enough, still many had died. My heart was lightend
when I recieved information that the Lord Faramir
and Eowyn(as was her name) were on the way back
to health. After many days of rest, Lord Faramir
was able to stand upright. Being a stubborn man,
he walked in the gardens because he was weary adn
had enough of his chamber. So did the Lady Eowyn.
Apparently, she had demanded that she spoke with
me. She is a fiesty woman who was just audacious
enough to question my authority as Warden.
One morning, she gathered enough strength to call
for me.
“Sir,”she said,” I am in great unrest, and I cannot
lie longer in sloth.”
I was angry that she had arisen from her bed.
I replied,”Lady! You are not yet healed, and I was
commanded to treat you with especial care. You
should not have arisen from your bed seven days yet, or
so I was bidden. I beg you to go back.”
I could see this was not going to be simple.
She is a stubborn maiden that (to me) was quick to
anger. So the argument began. She was becoming
very capracious and surly. Soon she demanded to
speak with the Steward of Gondor. As it is my
occupation to heal patients and make them happy
and whole again, I escorted her to the gardens.
There the Lord Faramir stood, he was enjoying the
cool breeze and the fresh flowers. He glanced at me
at the Lady and bowed.
He soon said,”Master Warden! What a pleasant
surprise! Why are you here?” He turned his head and
saw the Lady Eowyn. Her countanence changed from
hard to soft when he looked at her. It seems to happen
with all the women Faramir meets! I do not blame them,
Faramir is a handsome and charming man.
“My lord,” I replied,” here is the Lady Eowyn of Rohan.
She rode with the king and was sorely hurt, and now
dwells in my keeping. But she is not content, and
she wishes to speak to the Steward of the City.”
Eowyn blushed and began to speak. I did not hear
all her words for the nurses needed me, more patients
were arriving.


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