Master Warden-chapter 1 – -from an LOTR freak

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I had healed many people in my life, but I will never
forget a certain two of my charges.
They both came to me around the same time
which was during a great battle. I was already busy
with many tasks because hundreds of wounded
soldiers were pouring in. I heard the lament of the
people when they hurried in through the door.
“Master Warden!”shouted a soldier who was carrying
another wounded soldier,”I have awful news!” He
showed me the body of a comatose man. I was shocked!
That man was none other than the Lord Faramir, who
was one of Gondor’s finest captains.
“What happened?” I asked in a hasty voice,”What
“He fell to the mercy of the Witch King. Denethor thought
he was dead, so he tryed to burn him.”
“What of Denethor?” I shouted,” Is he alive?”
“No,”said the man grimly,”Lord Faramir only survived.”
Shock ran through me. Faramir was cluching to life
and we had no one to rule our city. I heard rumors
that the Lost King of Gondor had returned but what
if they were not true? Thinking quickly, I yelled to
a veteran nurse to prepare a bed. Then more
soldiers poured into the Houses. They were queer
looking, with blond hair. They spoke in harsh tongues
but also in common speech. Their captain walked up
to me and sternly said,” I am the Lord Hurin of Rohan.
We have lost a person of great importance. Our king
is dead and his neice fell defending him. We also have
a halfling that was wounded protecting him. He has
a wounded arm, but it is our Lady that we worry.
She is not awake and her arm is in bad in need of repare.
Please, will you aid her?”
I looked upon her face and saw a women with gold
hair and beauty that surpassed many fair madens of
Gondor. I saw many of the Rohirrim weeping for their
“I have two beds prepared,”I stuttered,” She will be
in good hands.”
My heart was full of great pity. It is a shame for
two noble people who should try to throw their life
away in grief or in hatred. I escorted the riders to
a bed next to Faramir’s. Faramir was already set on him
bed motionless. The riders carefully set the Lady on
her bed and said a prayer in the tongue of Rohan.
I began to examine both of them in great haste. It
seemed that they had both fallen victim to Black
Breath. Suddenly the doors to the Houses flung
open and in walked a man in a rush. “The battle is
over!” He cried. He ran over to the beds of Faramir
and the lady of Rohan’s. The elderly nurse Ioreth
walked over and said,”These patients need help now
if you will kindly step aside sir!” The man payed no heed.
“Quick!”he shouted,”Fetch me the Athelas plant and
hot water!”
I ran the the herb boy and said,”Go fetch some
kingsfoil and make haste!” Then to Ioreth I shouted, Bring
hot water and rags!”
I walked over to the man and asked who he was.
“I am Aragorn son of Arathorn and heir to the throne
of Gondor. The proficies say that the hands of a king
are the hands of a healer. I have come to forfill them.”
So! This was Isildur’s heir! His cloth was poor and ragged.
He was no king! Then I looked down at his sword.
It was the blade that was broken! The shards of
Narsil had been remade!
No longer doubting him I said,”I believe you.”
The Athelas arrived and so did the water. Aragorn
bruised the plant and set it in the water. The smell
of spring and fresh flowers filled the air.
Thus awoke the wounded Lady. Apparently next
to her was her brother weeping for his sister.
“Eowyn! Eowyn!”he said amid his tears.
“Eomer!” said the Lady while her eyes fluttered,”What
a joy is this!”
I soon left to help in the aid of Lord Faramir. Aragorn
stood above him and again bruised the Athelas and
set it in the water. Faramir’s eyes did not move.
“He is nearly spent,”mumbled Aragorn,”But look! The
wound is healing.” He repeated the process. Soon
Faramir strirred and weakly mumbled,”My lord you
called me and I came. What does the king command?”
Aragorn smiled and said lightly,”Walk no more in the shadows.”
I did not hear the rest, I was much to busy with
the soldiers from the battle.


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