Master Warden-chaper 3 – who do you think?

by Mar 5, 2004Stories

When I left Eowyn and Faramir and had no clue what
would happen afterwards. I suppose Eowyn wanted
to be released from my care, so if I couldn’t release
her, she would take matters to the Steward of the Ctiy.
Faramir is a man wise beyond his years and I do not
doubt that he refused to release her. I thought he was
telling her to return to her chamber. That is what
I thought. Instead, he did an act completely against
my wishes. He offered to have her walk in the gardens
with him. Was he out of his mind? Eowyn was in a
weak state and would most likely catch her death
out there! I did not interfere, he is the Steward of Gondor.
I kept a close eye on the both of them. Every day
Faramir and Eowyn would rondeveus in the garden
and speak of many things. If one of them was not
present, they would immediatly send word for them.
If one was feeling ill, the other would stay by their
bedside and comfort them. Each day they grew in strength,
there was color on their once pale faces. No matter
the weather, they would still talk with each other.
I remember one day when the clouds were blocking
the sun and a bitter wind blew in from the north. Gondor’s
once sunfilled days had turned into shadow. Our hope
had faded like the light in the sky. Yet for all this,
Eowyn and Faramir met atop the walls of Minas Tirith
and spoke of the growing evil to the east. Faramir sent
word for the mantle of Finduilas, his beloved mother
who died an untimely death. When the mantle arrived,
he wrapped it about her. I had kept an eye on them
and for a long time, they had not left my sight.
For a while they spoke of evil things and what would
happed if Sauron prevailed in all his malicious deeds.
Eowyn drew close to him. They were silent as they
gazed to the north. The wind blew, and their hair mingled.
Surprisingly, the sun peirced the clouds and the voices
of the people rang like bells. Being quite far away,I
did not hear all their words.
“Master Warden!” I heard a voice cry,”Sauron is defeated
and Gondor’s king has arrived! Send word to Lord Faramir
to prepare for his return!”
I wished I had never sent that messenger. When Faramir
announced that he must take up his Stewardship, I saw
that sadness in Eowyn’s eyes that greived me. When
Faramir was away, her strength waned and she grew
pale again. She was the only person in the city
who was ailing and sorrowful. She walked in the
gardens, but then flowers and trees did not comfort
her. I was troubled, I must speak to the Lord Faramir.
When I found him, he was ordering many lavish gifts
for the king’s coronation. He seemed very buisy, but this
was urgent.
” My Lord!” I cried as I walked up to him,” May I speak
with you?”
He stood up and said,”Of couse! What is it that you
wish to speak?”
“My Lord, the Lady Eowyn she seems very ill.”
His usual smile faded and his face became very worried.
“What is wrong with her?” he asked,”Is she all right?”
“I do not know,”I replied,”will you speak with her? She
seems very fond of you.”
“Of couse,”he said,”I will leave at once. Please tell her
I am coming.”
“Yes my Lord.”I answered and I left to bring the
news to Eowyn.


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