Master Peregrin’s Advice – a story

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I was excited. It was the 68th anniversary of my father’s (the great King Elessar) and my mother’s (the bautiful Queen Arwen Umdomiel) wedding anniversary. I was in love with a young soldier named Gerinuld. He was so handsome. His hair was dark and curly, his eyes were dark, and he was very strong. I must admit that I often spent my time with Dr. Morgwenin in another world. Another world with him. We would walk together in the glades of Ithillien, or ponder the beauty of Rivendell, or wonder in Lothlorien. But then I would be brought back by a sharp slap on my hand.

Every year my parents would throw a ball to celebrate their anniversary. Ever since my sister and I turned thirteen, my parents let us have a separate party of our own, where we could invite anyone we wanted (as long as Mother and Father approved). So the day of the party, I shyly approached Gerinuld. He smiled at me. I nearly swooned.

“Would you like to come to the party tonight?” I asked. He looked at me almost guiltily. “I’m sorry, Lady Luthien, but I will be busy tonight.”

“Oh.” I did not do a good job of hiding my disapointment. “Please accept my apology.” He kissed my cheek. “Maybe next year,” I sighed.

“Maybe.” We kissed and I hurried back into the White Hall.


“So will Gerinuld be there tonight?” Nimphrodel asked asked as we dressed.

“No, he said he was busy tonight.”

“A shame. I was looking forward to seeing you two get all lovey-dovey.” I laughed. My little sister was the terror of lovers. Once, when Master Samwise and Mistress Rose were staying here, Nimphredel had caught them sharing a kiss under the moonlight. She teased them for more a than a year.

She was two years my junior. Everyone loved her. Sixteen-years-old with a bouncy, mischievious nature. Mother always said that she had some of Father in her before he became king.

“Oh well Gerinuld or no Gerinuld, it’s time to go to the party.”


I smiled as our friends arrived. Then came Olosoun. She was the daughter of one of my mother’s attendants. Even though Lady Ionna was as wonderful as she could be, Olosoun was haughty, snobbish, and thought too much of herself. She was beautiful and could be nice if she wanted to be so, though. But we didn’t like her. Mother made us invite her, though, because Ionna was one of her best friends.

I stepped forward to greet Olosoun and stopped in my tracks. She was being escorted by Gerinuld. I forced myself to go forward. “For the sake of the party, for the sake of the guests,” I thought.

“Hello Olosoun. Hello Gerinuld,” I said stifly.

“Hello Luthien,” Olosoun said. I could tell she wanted to say, “Look what a nice prize I stole out from under your nose.”

“Hello Lady Luthien,” Gerinuld said.

“My lord Gerinuld, I had heard that you would be unable to attend the party.”

“Well I am here. Shall we dance, Olosoun?” I watched them as they began to dance. Gerinuld was acting completly differently from the Gerinuld I knew. I had to talk to him; i had to know what was going on.

After the dance, Olosoun sat down while Gerinuld went to get her something to drink. Now was my chance. As he approached the punchbowl I grabbed his arm.

“You said you weren’t able to come.”

“Did I?”


“Well Dove, one little lie here and there won’t hurt anything. Maybe when we’re married, your father will give us Arnor as a wedding present or something.” He patted my cheek and went back to Olosoun.

Is that all he wanted? One crappy little piece of land in the North. I had been such a fool. I felt sick.

“Anything wrong?” Nimphredel asked.

“I don’t feel well. Continue the party without me.” I stepped outside and walked around. It was so hard keeping in my emotions. Finally I stopped a wept.

“Lady Luthien?” a soft voice said. I turned to see Master Peregrin. “Why are you not at the party?”

“I don’t feel well.”

“That isn’t it, is it.”


“Tell me.” I looked at the halfling. His face was youthful, but the burden of grief that he carried for Mistress Diamond was showing its toll on him. I knew I talk to him.

“I am in love with a soldier named Gerinuld for some time, Master Peregrin. I invited him to the party tonight, but he said he couldn’t attend. But then he does come and he is escorting Lady Olosoun. And he told me he was only interested in me because of who my father was.” I started crying again.

“Lady Luthien, you are too young to let yourself be worn away by a cheating lover. You are still a maiden. There will be someone else.”

“Who?” I said. “No one loves me. They all love my sister.” I knew it wasn’t true, but it seemed like it at the moment.

He was silent. “Arthur loves you.” I looked up at him. Arthur was the son of my father’s wisest counciler. He always seemed shy and skidish. He always seemed to have his nose in a book or placing pen on paper.

“Arthur?! How do you know this.”

“Half of those things he writes in his notebook are poems praising you, Lady Luthien. Once he left his notebook on a bench. It was wrong of me but I opened it and read. There was some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever read. That was three years ago.”

“Why has he not said anything?”

“He is much to shy, Luthien.” I pondered this. Yes he did seem to love me. I was completely blind to it. Arthur was at the party. I had to see him. I turned to go back to the ballroom.

“I thought you said you didn’t feel well,” Master Peregrin teased.

“I feel much better now. Thank you for opening my eyes.” I hugged him.

Arthur was standing in a little corner, writing in his notebook.

“Hello.” He jumped and slammed it shut. When he saw it was me, he blushed heavily, and stood up. Arthur was cute. Tall, skiny, with light brown hair and hazel colored eyes. I realized how much affection I had for him.

“Lady Luthien, umm would you like to dance?”

“I’d love to.” I took his arm and we joined the crowd.


That was five years ago. Master Peregrin died the next year and Master Meriadoc died a few minutes later. They were buried among the great of Gondor and I grieved for them both.

Olosoun and Gerinuld broke up soon after the party. Gerinuld is still single and Olosoun married someone from Rohan. I hope she is happy.

It took some time to try to get Arthur to open up to me. But when he did, he was as passionate as anyone might be. However, he still remains a cute shyness that I would not trade for anything in the world. I want to see the poems he wrote about me but he says he will show them on our wedding night. We have been engaged for eight months now. Tomorrow, we shall become husband and wife. May Eru bless the marriage. And I feel Master Peregrin’s blessing too


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