Maranwe_daughterofHaldir – chap. 9

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Rosly sat in silence. Rosly tried to peer out of the blind fold to see who that man was. She sensed his presence somewhere near her. “What are you doing girl?” The man said having his face close to hers. Rosly could feel his hot rancid breath breathing down the side of her neck.

Rosly spoke hoarsley “nothing sir just thinking.” Rosly said politely. She wasn’t thinking about a way to escape she was just thinking, she didn’t know about what.

The man forcefully grabed her arm and gripped it tight. “Thinking about how to escape?” the man said in a voice that frightened her intencley. “wanting to have your time alone to make a plan? well i’ll tell you know girl your not escaping i’m taking you strait to Mordor!” The man let go of her arm with a push and Rosly was thrown back against the tree.

Rosly gasped as her head hit hardly against the tree’s trunk. Rosly squirmed as the man turned his attention on her again. “aww did i hurt you?” the man said sarcastically “Let my cry you a river boo hoo.” The man kept doing this until Rosly stood up and stepped on his hand.

“That is for teasing me!” Rosly said. nest she kicked him hard in the shin. “that is for bieng stupid!” she added. then she kicked him in the ribs. “and that I have no reason for but you deserve it somehow!” with that Rosly turned on her heel and ran.

The man came up and stabed her in the back with his arrow. Rosly gasped and tripped. The man pulled it out forcefully and stabbed it in another place. Rosly was knocked out. The man laughed evily and picked her up and rode off.

Legolas slowed Thimle to a walk and then to a stop. He got off and lifted down Maranwe. He walked up to the steps, Maranwe close behind him, and bowed to Elrond. “Sir i have terrible news.” Legolas started straiting up.

“What is it?” Elrond asked looking from Legolas to Maranwe and back to Legolas. Elrond thought of many thing that good be “Bad news”.

“Rosly has been stolen by something or someone.” Legolas started “we do not know who but they have been close or through here.” Legolas paused and then looked at Maranwe. “Have you seen them?” he added looking away from Maranwe to look at Elrond.

“There has been no one through here.” Elrond started “No strangers that is and cerienly i would have known Rosly would of been through.” Elrond looked down at the ground not wanting Legolas and Maranwe to see his horror-strucen face.

Legolas nodded “Thank you sir we must leave now and try to track the man or thing that has stoled her.” Legolas turned Maranwe close behind him.

“Legolas.” Maranwe said looking at him. “hon, who do you think stole her?” Maranwe had a slight idea of who might of stolen her but was not sure.

Legolas shook his head and stopped. He looked at Maranwe “why do you ask?” Legolas said looking at her with eyes like the sea after a storm.

Maranwe couldn’t tell a lie to Legolas she loved him to much to lie to him “Legolas, I have slight idea of who might of taken her.” she started

Rosly was still knocked out by the time they gotten past Lothlorien. The man laughed evily again and nudged the horse into a canter.

The man set Rosly down on a small patch of grass and looked down at her. He started to pity her. “wait!” he told himself “I can’t feel sorry for her not now!” he sat down near her and then started to make a fire. He jumped as a shadow passed over him.

The man gasped and picked up Rosly and hid in a bush. He looked up at the Nazgul on the beast above them. The man and the Nazgul never really got along and that is why he was hiding.

The nazgul passed and the man got out of the bush and set her back down on the patch of grass. She did not stir. The man stared at her and noticed something

She wasn’t breathing…


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