Maranwe-daughterofHaldir-warrior elf-maiden – chapter 2

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Maranwe looked up for a sign of a horse without a rider when she saw Eomer riding up with a person swaying with thier eyes closed

Maranwe gasped, she stood up grabbing the little girls hand and walked over to Eomer. The horse stopped and Eomer looked down at Maranwe. ‘Hold on Maranwe I need to get Theodred in the bed now!!’

‘yes my lord,’ Maranwe started but then quickly added ‘but Eomer what happened?’ she asked with a feared look in her eyes. Eomer payed no attention to this question.

‘Maranwe just help me with him and then i’ll have time to talk to you’ Eomer said as he lifted Theodred off of the horse. Maranwe did as she was told and helped him with Theodred.

Maranwe looked at Theodred, she felt tears coming to her eyes she quickly bit her tongue and blinked back her tears. She pulled back the covers to find his stomache shedding alot of blood.

‘Go get Eowyn quick!’ Maranwe ordered Eomer. He looked at her then left the room, she wispered to Theodred. ‘tolo dan nan galad‘ He looked at her through his squinted eyes.

U-arnech in naeth i si celich‘ He sruggled to say almost failing to. He closed his eyes and mouth then opened them again to say more.

Maranwe put a finger to his mouth. ‘hush’ she told him ‘do not waste your strength to talk save it to get well’ She heard footsteps coming down the hall she quickly turned around to find Eowyen running up to her.

She quickly got up and left the room knowing that Grima would be coming soon and that Eowyen might want some time alone. She walked over to the door and squinted as the bright light slowly inched to her blue eyes.

Maranwe looked at the villagers scurring to their homes some others looking around them. She caught movement in the corner of her eye she looked in the direction she saw it and found three riders. one was Gandalf a great friend to her, Another man, a dwarf that looked oddly familiar, and an Elf a handsome one at that. His blonde hair blowing in the wind as he rode, his face concentrated on his riding.

They rode through the Edoras. Her elf-gown was the only source of cheer there. She saw the man look at her gown. Her gown was a beautiful color of light blue white on the sides, her crimped hair blowing over her baby blue eyes.

The group approched her. ‘mae govannen‘ Maranwe said looking at Legolas. Hama came out with a group of other people. ‘Move out of the way girl!’ Hama said pushing Maranwe to the side forcefully.

Legolas immeaditly started ‘what do you think your doing?’ he said grabbing at Hama’s shirt, ‘treating a fair lady that way have you no sense?’ Legolas looked him strait in the eye.

Aragorn grabed at Legolas’ arm ‘No Legolas don’t!’ Aragorn said looking at him. Legolas quickly shot him a look like he was crazy

‘you mean let him do that to her?’ Legolas softened his look but still talked madly ‘do not let that happen to her!’ Aragorn looked at him and then at Marnawe.

‘forgive me my lady’ Aragorn said. He didn’t know what Legolas was talking about he didn’t see what had happened. Maranwe looked at him ‘U-moe edavad‘ she replied.

Hama decided to leave. Gandalf went in but the others stayed out. Legolas looked at Maranwe, ‘anirach i dulu nin?‘ Legolas asked

Maranwe smiled ‘of course’ she replied. she turned towards Aragorn ‘pedich i lam edhellen hir nin?‘ Maranwe asked him.

‘yes hiril nin!‘ Aragorn said smiling at her.

Maranwe heard someone yell in the distance. She saw Legolas jump of the steps towards the sound. ‘It is coming from the Forest!’ Legolas told them.

Tolo dan nan galad=come back to the light

u-arnech in neath i si celich=you did not have the cares you carry now

mae govannen=well met

u-moe edavad=there is nothing to forgive

anirach i dulu nin=do you want my help?

pedichi lam edhellen hir nin?=do you speak elvish my lord

hiril nin=my lady


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