Maranwe-DaughterofHaldir–Warrior Elf-Maiden – Chapter 1

by Oct 9, 2003Stories

Maranwe-Main caracter–Warrior elf maiden

Rosly–Friend of Marnwe daughter of Pinrod Felagund..Elf maiden

(story takes place in Rohan at the Kingdom of Rohan)
It was the bright early mornings of the day the sun was just starting to set in the east..Maranwe started to get up. She walked over to her window and looked out at the sun rise. she sighed and felt grief wash over her. Legolas was out there somewhere and she missed him.

Maranwe went to get a goblet of water, Her father Haldir was standing there tha came as a big shock to her for her father never got up this early in the mornings she quietly walked away and went to her bedroom. she got into her favorite elf gown it was very beautiful.

“Maranwe?” Haldir said from behind her. Maranwe jumped and turned around quickly, she stared at him wondering why she couldn’t hear him coming up behind her

“yes father?” Maranwe said turning back around and picking up her hair clip and carfully putting up her hair. She turned back around and looked at her father.

“i wanted to tell you about Rosly..” Haldir started and trailed off taking a deep breath. “she has grown sick and won’t be able to attend your ride around Rohan.” he then looked down at his feet not wanting to look at his daughter not wanting to see how dissapointed she might be.

“oh..” she said with just a bit off sadness in her voice she wasn’t really dissapointed “thats okay father i still can ride Garu around and maby i can get Eowyen to come.”

Haldir was surprised at Maranwes’ reply, he looked confused for she was always very sad when Rosly can’t come with her to do things. “ok Mara.. you have fun ok..” Haldir walked off and then dissappered into the darkness of the next room.

Maranwe smiled and went over to the front door of the kingdom she walked over to the sheds and walked over to Garu, he looked at her and whinnied in delight. Maranwe smiled and started fixing him up.

she walked over to Litwe and tacked him up with Garu standing faithfully by her side when she was done she walked back up to the kingdom with the horses told them to wait and walked over to the door and went looking for Eowyen.

“Eowyen,” Maranwe called to her after finding her in the room where her father sat “Eowyen you wouldn’t mind coming with me on a ride will you?” she asked nicely

“of course i wouldn’t mind.” she said smiling up at Maranwe. she looked lovely with her nice dirty blonde hair flipped to one side of her shoulder and the light of the room shining on her hair.

“i already have Garu and Litwe tacked up all we have to do is go.” Maranwe asked delighted that Eowyen accepted her offer.

They came back about an hour later laughing. when they got up to the kingdom after washing down Garu and Litwe they both gasped in horror.

“Grima no!!” Maranwe yelled running over to the spot where Grima was about to slaughter a little boy. Maranwe grabbed the sword out of his hand and pushed him to the ground sending him rolling down the steps into a bunch of sharp rocks.

Eowyen ran over to the little boy and picked him up carefully holding him in her arms. she scowled at Grima and walked into the Kingdom. Maranwe felt a tug at her dress she looked down to find a little girl smaller then the boy. She smiled and knelt down to talk to her.

“hello little one.” Maranwe smiled. she looked into her eyes and saw fear. Her smile faded “what is troubling you my dear?”

“my name is Freda the boy is my older brother his name is Eothain.” the little girl said “we had to leave our mama and Garulf ran away somewhere i’m afraid..” she finished with sobs.

Maranwe looked out into the distant for any sign of a horse withour a rider. When she say Eomer coming up with someone in his arms swaying with his eyes closed..


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