Maranwe-DaughterofHaldir – chp. 8 {sorry about the last one that was suppose to be chp. 7}

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Maranwe looked down at the patch of grass, she picked up a stick and found some mud to the side. “Now watch Legolas.” Maranwe said looking up at him and then back down at the ground.

Maranwe drew the place where Rosly was stolen. “Rosly was standing here no?” Maranwe asked pointing at the place where Rosly stood tacking up the horse.

“No.” Legolas started. He drew a hill and made an x half way down it. “She was stolen here, this is where i found her quiver.” Legolas said looking up.

Maranwe looked at him. “There had been this guy following us around.” Maranwe started. “I asked him who he was he said his name was Geron Rendile.” Maranwe pointed at a place near a bush. “This is where i asked him who he was.”

Legolas looked like he was figuring something out. “Geron Rendile.” he said looking up at the sky. “I know him i met him in Mirkwood.” Legolas said.

“but there is a chance the Rosly could have been picken up by someone else.” Maranwe said “Geron is a guy who works for Saruman, there has also been a guy from Saraun.”

“who?” Legolas asked looking at her with eagerness. Legolas had met a few guys who work for Saraun he left them all with scars but had failed to kill them.

“I don’t know.” Maranwe said. Legolas’ eagerness fell from his face. He looked down at the drawing and erased it.

“oh Saraon is going to be so mad it me for killing her.” The man said. He stood up and got some water, he took his tankered and filled it up and then splashed it on her. she didn’t stir.

Rosly was out cold and hadn’t stired since he had hit her with his arrow twice. The rider looked down at her. “I have to leave her here.” The rider said looking sad. He jumped as she moved.

Rosly groaned and sat up. She screamed as she saw the man’s face looking strait at her. “Who are you?” she asked looking away and then brushing off her clothes.

“you’re alive!” He called out running over to her. “I..I mean i’m the rider that took you now come on get on the horse girl.” The man said going over to her and pulling her up by the arm forcefully.

Rosly’s eyes filled with tears as her wound in her back peirced her with pain. Rosly flinched as he pushed her up onto the horse touching her wound on accident.

The man started to wonder if he was starting to have feelings for her. Why am I starting to feel this way? I shouldn’t have stolen her..I’m going to set her free in another place.

Rosly swayed a bit on the horse but caught her balance and started the have more sense. Rosly’s wound peirced her back and then she felt her brand start to burn as if she was getting branded again.

“Were not alone.” She said to the Rider. “Something more evil is about us.” Rosly looked ahead of them and saw something standing there. She gasped and pulled the horses riens. The horse veered off course and into the deep river next to them.

Rosly fell in and did not come up…


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