Maranwe-DaughterofHaldir – chapter 6

by Nov 21, 2003Stories

Rosly shifted in around. She squinted at the hil to get a better look at what was coming. Saruman! Rosly thought. This is why they have been chasing me all this time Saruman needs me to help him!

Rosly wasn’t absolutley sure but she had a good guess. Saruman was riding closer. Rosly closed her eyes and started to contact Maranwe telepathicly. Maranwe i need you! Saruman is coming this way right now help! Rosly opened her eyes to find Saruman looking down at her.

“Ah so your awake my dear?” Saruman asked politley TOO politley. Rosly didn’t like his evil grin slowly inching across his evil face. Rosly glanced away from him and looked down at the ground.

“Harken to me dear.” Saruman said his grin becoming wider. Rosly had to look at Saruman even if she didn’t want to but harken to her meant like a command.

“I’m not your dear Saruman!” Rosly said wanting to pop him in his face but couldn’t since her hands were bound with a rough brownish colored rope. “I was and never will be your dear and if you call me that again i will hurt you to the pulp!” Rosly finished looking at him as if she was about ot slap him.

Saruman lost his grin. He looked horror struck. “Well i must have you do one thing!” Saruman said his grin yet again slowly inching across him face.

Maranwe told Legolas what she just heard. “Legolas Saruman is going her way!” she yelled over the wind that was whipping her ears. Maranwe squinted as her hair slapped across her face.

“how do you know?” Legolas asked trying to focus on his riding but his mind was so blurred he found it hard to concentrate on anything.

“she told me,” Maranwe answered “Telepathicly if you must know.” Maranwe let got to push back her hair from her face. She looked over to the West and saw the sun setting.

“oh right whatever.” Legolas replied he quickly nudged his horse into a canter. Legolas ignored Maranwe so he could try to focus on finding Rosly.

Rosly looked at Saruman and then about pounced on him. She shifted uneasily under his watchful eye. She couldn’t stand him at all.

“You must join me and fight against good!” Saruman said grabing her shoulders. “If you do Middle-earth will be ours.” Saruman tried to look serious but he couldn’t stop his grinning.

“Never Saruman,” Rosly growled “Never will i join you nor Saraon!” Rosly didn’t know how she did it but she got her hands free from the bound.

Rosly stood up and punched Saruman in the face making him fall backwards and roll into the river that bore a few inches from them.

“as for you.” Rosly said looking at the stranger who stole her in the first place. Rosly was ready to punch him when she heard hoofbeats behind her. Rosly was tooken up by a rider. The rider laughed evily .

“That guy was a fraud!” The rider said “He works for Saruman I work for Saraon!” With that the guy sped off wraping a cloth over Her eyes and binding her hands.


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