Maranwe-daughterofHaldir – chapter 5

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Rosly stared at the face in the shadows. She didn’t recognize who it could be until she looked harder. Rosly gasped in horror and fell to the ground, she backed away but the stranger grabed her forcefully by the wrist and pulled her up.

The guy pushed her over to his horse. Rosly who was really great with horses had a plan though she didn’t wish to hurt the horse in anyway. Rosly spooked the horse, it reared and Rosly pulled the stranger to the ground. The horses hooves came down on his arms just missing Rosly’s head by inches.

Rosly broke free of his grasp and ran down the hill towards Legolas. She accidently triped over a tree root the poke out of the ground. She pulled but her skirts wouldn’t budge. Rosly looked up in terror as the guy came running down the Hill towards her.

Rosly ripped her gown off of the root and quickly got up and ran somemore but she was to late. The guy caught up with her and put a hand around her mouth and chest.

“You think you can hurt me?” The man whispered evily “do you think you can really get away when we have been chasing you all these years?” The man pulled her away and pushed her up on the horse.

Legolas wondered what was taking Rosly so long. Legolas went up the hill to look for Rosly. He found but 2 traces. Tracks of a man and Rosly’s quiver. “No!” he whispered he ran back down the cliff to Maranwe who was now awake.

“Maranwe your first adventure is about to begin!” Legolas said mounting his horse and helping Maranwe out by holding her horse.

Maranwe hadn’t a clue of what happened. “Oh really? where is it we are going?” Maranwe asked with a little happiness in her eyes.

“We are going to save Rosly from her fate” Legolas said looking at her wondering why she was so happy when the worst was about to happen.

“what?” Maranwe asked her happiness faded from her baby-blue eyes and got replaced my fear and worry. “What happened?”

Legolas sighed “She was stolen, from who i do not know but they can’t have gotton far but the more we linger the worst Rosly gets.”

Maranwe nudged her horse to a gallop. Legolas was not to far ahead.

Rosly tried to get out of the man’s grasp but failed. He laughed evily “you still can’t get away elf-maiden there is no way you can!” The guy kicked his horse into a canter. Rosly looked fearfully at him.

They stopped for a rest about 20 miles out of Rivendell. The guy bounded Rosly’s hands and feet. “We are going to go around Rivendell.” The guy said just to make Rosly madder.

Rosly ignored him and looked at the west over the hill she saw a faint shadow of something. Her eyes got big once she saw what it was.


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