Maranwe-daughterofHaldir..chapter 3

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Maranwe couldn’t believe her eyes. She rubbed them carefully and looked over again to see Legolas running over the hill to her gate. “Legolas!!” she yelled in delight she carefully picked up her skirts and ran over to Legolas and thrust herself apon him.

“Maranwe it is great to see you again.” Legolas told her. He had planned on coming down a week or two before he left. He never expressed his love for her greatly but showed he still loved her.

“mae govannen” Rosly said as they slowly approced Rosly and the hobbits. Rosly smiled at Legolas and then quickly nudged Pippin before he said something terribly stupid.

“Hello Rosly” Legolas said looking at her brightly and then kneeling down towards Pippin. “well aren’t you a little wild one?” Legolas said with a smile as he studied Pippins face.

“how would you know?” Pippin asked with a little look of confusion. Pippin had never met Legolas before and he was a little bit confused at his arrivel.

Legolas laughed at this “you can tell by the eyes and face he told him. Legolas stood up, He quickly turned towards the forest and saw someone come out. “who is that?” he asked

Maranwe and Rosly turned toward the place where Legolas was looking at. Rosly smiled and ran towards him waving. “that is Girok, Roslys brother he cheers up people really quick.” Maranwe said “exuse me for a second.” Maranwe walked off toward the house. Her curly blonde hair was a mess and it was simply horrible.

Legolas watched her go then looked down at the hobbit who stood there staring at him. Legolas smiled and then walked up to the kingdom. Pippin watched him and then walked off towards Rosly and Girok.

Maranwe cliped up here long blonde hair. “I can’t belive this” Maranwe thought to herself he came at a bad time I have to tell him, maby it won’t be so bad maby i can start as a traveler early Maranwe walked over to put on her make-up.

“Maranwe?” Haldir called to her. She could her a slight sadness in his voice. she soon became worried

“yes father?” She asked slowly approching her father. She looked over in the corner where Legolas stood smiling. She studied her fathers face, and quickly looked down at the table to eat. she grabed up an orange.

“I have a slight question..” He stopped and looked at Legolas and then back at his daughter. “legolas has asked me if you would like to be a traveler like him..actually to be with him as a traveler..would you accept? or would you rather move away to the woods of Lorien where your Aunt lives?”

Maranwe shot a glance of delight at Legolas. Her one chance to be with her one and only love forever..but then again be away from her father.

Mae govannen=Well met


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