Maranwe-Daughter of Haldir..

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Maranwe—Daughter of Haldir..loyal friend to Legolas…race:elf maiden

Roslyaughter of Pinrod Felagund..Friend of Maranwe…race:Elf maiden

Girok: Son of Pinrod of Rosly..race:elf

Maranwe woke to see the beautiful sunrise in the east. Her eyes shining with delight as she watched the sun slowly rise, when it started to get to bright for her to look at she walked down the hall to the kitchen she pulled and pulled out her favorite drink that she made last night and poured it into her goblet. Maranwe walked quickly but quitley back to her room to get into her gown she had been gifted from her mother. When she got out the door a big surprise came. Her friend Rosly standing right in front of her door.

“hello my friend” Rosly said quitley trying not to wake up Maranwe father knowing that if she did they would be in trouble for Haldir did not like to woken up early in the morings

“Hello Rosly” Maranwe walking away from the doorway and towards the front doon “what brings you here so early?” she asked in a playful tone but she could here a sort of demanding tone

“well can’t a girl come see her friend?” Rosly said in the same playful way that Maranwe used.

Maranwe walked onto the grounds and spun around in circles having her silk dress turn as she was spinning. She remebered Legolas telling her when they were both young that she looked pretty spinning in the early mornings of the sunlight with the sun shining off of her smooth blonde hair.

“oh Rosly” Maranwe began in a soft tone “i miss our childhood..noting to worry about..playing in the big trees of Lorien exploring around and finding big fields perfect for wandering around until dark when you have to be called in.”

“hehe yes Maranwe” Rosly said in a missing kind of voice, they both laughed until they were interuppted by the sounds of a bird flying above thier heads. It reminded Maranwe of the sounds she heard when she had first met Legolas it was a sweet sweet sound.

“Maranwe?” a strange but familiar voice came from behind them Maranwe turned to see a hobbit coming towards them his face reminded her of Frodo Baggins. Maranwe and Rosly look at each other and then back at the hobbit.

“Hello Perigrin Took” Rosly and Maranwe said at the same time. They smiled sweetly at him and stood up “what brings you here so early in the morning?” Maranwe asked for she noticed she was having alot of friends from her childhood coming early in the morning to see her.

“I’ve come to see you of course.” Pippin said “for i haven’t seen you since i was 3 and Merry was 4” Pippin was smiling now remebering back when they had first met Maranwe she had gave them both a little gift of the Elves. Merry had recived a sword that always grew warm when danger was near. Pippin recived a bow and a few arrows. He has always brought it wherever he went not knowing what he could get himself into.

Maranwe smiled and Rosly was looking back and forth between Pippin and Maranwe. “and where is Meridoc Brandybuck today Pip?” Rosly asked wondering where the other was because she has never seen Merry and Pippin apart for as long as she knew them.

Pippin sighed and slowly said “he is ill very ill we don’t know where he got it from but we suspect it is from the woods of Lorien.”

Maranwe gasped and said that her Aunt would never of let her woods make someone grow ill. she walked down to the edge of the rock that they sat upon in the field she wispered something in Elvish and then turned back upon them in tears
“i have just had a short conversation with my Aunt she said it is true her woods are making others sick..ones who are not Elves.”

“Maranwe!!” Haldir called from the doorway “may i speak to you for a second?” Maranwe hesitated for a second before telling her friends she would be back in a few minutes and catiously walking forward

“yes father what is it you need to tell me?” Maranwe asked in a worried like tone for her father was looking a little pale and worried.

Haldir took a deep breath and said “this is going to be hurtful but..” her father stopped eruptbly and sat down on the bed took another deep breath and said “we have to move away from here.” at these words Maranwe was getting tears in her eyes

“but father!!!” Maranwe said through the tears and sobs that was flowing out of her “we can’t my childhood all spent here!!” Maranwe felt a peircing jolt in her heart like someone had stabbed it she ran away in tears, her beautiful blonde hair swaying around as she ran.

she wondered how to break the news to her friends. She walked onto the grounds took a look at her confused friends and ran to the gate thrust it open and ran into the woods sobing leaving behing her small tracks and tear drops


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