Maiden of the Sea: Part 5 – Council of the Wise

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Ossë watched Èríele as she walked away, and he sighed, silently berating himself.

He took a last look at her tall and slender form, her golden hair blown about by the wind, and then he turned away, feeling alone. More alone than he had felt in all his years of living.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Ulmo, his spirit invisible, watched his servant and friend, Ossë, walk away from the Telerin city of Alqualondë with his proud shoulders slumped as with a great burden.

The Lord of Waters knew his servant well, yet never had Ossë displayed such a hopeless, dejected air as he displayed now.

Ulmo, second to Manwë in power and wisdom, looked into the heart and mind of the Maia, and great was his surprise at what he saw there.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Ulmo rose in spirit from the water of the mountain-stream, and he clothed himself in a form like unto the other Valar.

As the Quendi in form he now appeared, yet prouder and more beautiful, and his power and majesty were evident in his whole being.

Ulmo set out, his forceful steps carrying him quickly along, swiftly covering the remaining distance to the peak of Taniquetil, where the throne and dwelling of Manwë Súlimo was set.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Ulmo strode into into the darkened room where Manwë sat with Varda Elentari, Lady of the Stars.

Varda lifted her hand and cool, blue-silver light spilled into the room, giving chase to the darkness.

Manwë stood from his throne and walked toward Ulmo, his hand outstretched.

Ulmo met the Lord of the Valar half way across the room, taking his hand and gripping it strongly.

“My friend, it is good to see you once again. Long years have passed since Taniquetil has been honored with your presence,” Manwë spoke in greeting.

“Aye, but longer still since you visited my waters,” Ulmo returned, smiling warmly.

But his face became hard again as he said, “I have come, King of Aman, to ask that you share your wisdom with me regarding my servant, Ossë.”

“Of course, my friend. Let us be seated, but surely Ossë has not angered you? His heart is pure, and his loyalty true.”

Ulmo sat in the chair offered to him as Manwë returned to his throne and took the hand of Varda his Queen in his.

“No, he has not angered me, but of his loyalties, I am no longer certain. He has.. He was sent by Ilúvatar to the daughter of the Telerin lord, yet when she departed from him, and he from her, I saw in his heart longing.. and love. She is a child of Ilúvatar, and he is of the Maiar, yet I see that he loves her, and that love will soon blossom. What shall be done?” Ulmo asked.

“Does the maiden love Ossë in return,” the silvery voice of Vader questioned.

“Her heart is carefully guarded, Queen of Aman. I could not see,” Ulmo replied respectfully.

“Then it would seem to me,” Varda continued, “that she is afraid of love, and of being hurt by love.”

Manwë spoke again, “Of this matter, Ulmo, Lord of the Waters, I will ask that the will of Ilúvatar be revealed to me for your servant. Tarry here for a short time on Taniquetil, my friend, and I will inquire of Ilúvatar.”

And Manwë spoke not again, bowing his head in silent prayer.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“What shall be done, Most High One?”

“Hear now my word. He loves her truly, and though my child does not yet feel it in her heart, she will love him in return. I will give her power like unto his, and she will tame his storms and calm him in his wrath. To her the mariners among my children will cray. Ossë shall name her a new name, but she will be called ‘Lady of the Seas’ by all. This is my word, and this is my will, Manwë Súlimo.”

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Manwë raised his head and opened his eyes, looking at Ulmo.

“Wisdom I have been given in this matter,” he stated. “Ilúvatar smiles upon the love Ossë has in his heart for this lady of the Teleri. When the maiden sees her love for him, it shall be a blessed thing. Ulmo, rest, and rule the waters in peace, for your servant’s love is well-bestowed. “

Ulmo nodded his agreement and rose. “Thank you, my friend. I bid you farewell.”


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