Love’s Life – -P7- Aragorn’s Departure and Elrohir’s Secret Plight

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By the time Alenor was done her story she noticed Rana’s breathing had changed. Her lips curved into a slight smile, she had soothed the child to sleep! Carefully as not to wake him Alenor set his head softly on his bed as she moved. He was too heavy for her to carry by now without regretting it the next day. Rana only stirred from the slumber he was in. Tip-toeing across the room, she didn’t even trust her light Elven tread, Alenor went to the closet. She was still dressed in the black of mourning, and she wished to change out of it.

After selecting an ocean blue dress and changed behind the wall, Alenor checked to see if her younger brother was still asleep. He was, except he had a bright smile on is face as if he had found some peace from the world in his dreams. Fearfully quiet Alenor opened the door and left the room.

“Alenor,” Alenor stopped mid-step in exiting the room fearing that she had awoken her brother. She turned around, her brother was still sleeping, and had only called her name in sleep. Finding that she had held her breath while she turned around Alenor let it out slowly and closed the door behind her as she left the room.
Her stomach rumbled delicately as she wandered down the airy corridors. She was sure the breakfast bell had probably run already and breakfast was over. Alenor had no wish to bargain with the cooks for food, her mood wasn’t the greatest to try, as she usually ended up washing nearly all the dishes while the cooks laughed and talked.

“You weren’t in the dining hall.” Alenor nodded her head absently, she had heard his footsteps coming smoothly behind her.

“I must have been sleeping,” she shrugged as they came into a garden.

“You scared me last night,” Legolas said as they past talking elves and flower beds. “I didn’t know where you went.”

“Sorry,” Alenor sighed. “You just upset me a bit.”

“I’m sorry,” Legolas apologized. “I was a bit upset that you didn’t try to comfort him. I forget about. . . .it” Alenor looked at him and gave Legolas a reassuring smile.

“Grandfather talked to him,” she supported him. “I’m sure that he will understand some time?” Legolas gave a nod and Alenor focused her eyes upon the path again.

“So where are you headed?” Legolas asked.

“I am heading the healing houses,” Alenor answered. “Are you joining me?”

“It appears so,” Legolas said. “Where did you head last night? I feared you would grow cold.” Alenor smiled gently and gazed upon the shadowed walkway of trees they were walking upon. Birds sung and flew from tree to tree. They had passed from the garden.

“I spent the night in my father’s room,” she answered. “I came last night and fell asleep.”

“I remember Elladan,” Legolas said there was pain in his voice. “He was stern, but could be so. . .” he groped for a word. “Fun. I still think he is alive sometimes to this day and I still weep at times. I hate that he died just for me.” Alenor chose the judgment of being silent. Legolas seemed thankful for the silence as well and there was silence to the Healing Houses. At times Alenor could hear snatches of a lamentation and nearly cried a few times from the words she heard.

At the door of the Houses of Healing Alenor nearly rammed into Aragorn.

“Cousin!” she greeted and then took note of his weapons. “Heading to the practice fields are we?” Aragorn shook his head.

“I am leaving once again Alenor,” he said sorrowfully. “I mourn to be away, but it is my job.”

“Well don’t leave me standing here without goodbye,” Alenor laughed even though she was pained. It hurt every time he left as she could never be sure whether Aragorn would return or not.

“I would never leave you without a hug,” Aragorn assured her and spread his arms out. Alenor stepped into the embrace and hugged him back as tightly as she dared.

“Fare well,” she said gravely as she stepped back. “And be back home soon.”

“With all speed that I dare will I return soon,” Aragorn answered just as gravely, he gave a small bow. “Fare ye well until I return.” Then straightening he left from their sight.

“What was that about?” Legolas mused as they stepped into the Healing Houses.

“It is a ritual between me and Aragorn,” Alenor replied as she headed towards Elrohir’s bed. There seemed to be an awful racket from that direction. “We made it when I was a chi. . . young. Now what’s happening over there?”

“Watch and listen and you may find out,” Legolas laughed. “We should stop here. I wish not to entangle myself in the fight.” Alenor took his arm firmly in her hand and dragged him to Elrohir’s bedside.

“I am quite alright to walk around Rivendell!” Elrohir was shouting angrily as they came next to the bed. A healer hand a firm hand on the Elf’s chest.

“No,” she said curtly. “You’re staying here.”

“Leave,” Alenor ordered. “Lord Elrohir may raise. You will let him do so.”

“My lady,” the healer said rubbing her hands together. “Is it all right? The head told me not to allow him to leave and I saw what passed yesterday.” Alenor closed her eyes as if she could will the memory to leave. She nodded though opening her eyes.

“Lord Elrohir may leave,” Alenor said, but saw uncertainty linger in her eyes. “I will make sure that he does not leave my side. He has made a promise that is not light, he has to keep it.” The healer nodded smiling gently now, even though worry lingered in her eyes.

“I need no body guard,” Elrohir harrumphed, but Alenor saw the understanding light in his eyes. “I can walk by myself!” Alenor shook her head `no’

“Uncle,” she said sternly. “I’ll tie you to this bed if you won’t let me come.” She crossed her arms to get the point across.

“Alenor, I can walk,” Elrohir said irritably, but he was smiling gently as if remembering the promise he had made as well.

“Legolas go find some rope, strong and sturdy,” she ordered the Prince. At this seeing that Alenor meant what she said Elrohir sat up bolt straight.

“No wait!” he cried in panic. “I’ll walk! Don’t tie me to the bed!” Alenor smiled smugly.

“Legolas go get the rope,” she said. “We have to make sure he doesn’t run away.” Elrohir groaned and flopped back on the bed and gave a moan as his arm jounced. Legolas laughed.

“Come Elrohir I will save you,” he cried and swept to Elrohir’s bedside and took his good arm hauling him out. Alenor looked to see the healer had rushed off to aid an Elf who had come in with aid. There was blood gushing from a wound on his forehead and he limped, terribly with a grimace of pain on his face every step.

“What happened?” Alenor demanded running to his side.

“The fool tried to climb the precipice,” his comrade answered. Alenor eyes flew wide, she knew what he was talking about. Every year some fools decided they could climb this sheer rock face on the back of the valley wall. There was deaths in some years because of their actions, Alenor had looked upon it. No one had ever made it to the top.

“Will he be fine?” Alenor asked. “

“Maybe feeling like a fool,” the Elf said casually. “But he will be fine. He deserved everything he got.” Alenor watched the wounded Elf and his moans.

“That is well,” she said breathing easier. “Why was he doing it?”

“The typical,” answered the Elf. “Foolish stunt. Everyone tries at some point.”

“Only the idiots,” Alenor corrected him. He gave a small laugh and nodded his head.

“Your companions await you,” he said nodding behind her. “I suggest you go to them now.”

“You’re name?” Alenor asked as before she left. “I am Alenor.”

“Glorfindel,” he answered. Alenor smiled and nodded her head. She turned back to Legolas and Elrohir.

“Come on you two or do I have to haul you out like some disobedient kids?” They shook there heads and followed Alenor out.

Grudgingly Elrohir admitted to be literally squished between Legolas and Alenor. He grumbled about it enough causing Legolas and Alenor to force there face straight as they nearly laughed.

“Legolas move over that’s my broken arm,” he grumbled shoving Legolas away with his good arm. Legolas easily avoided the push and moved aside.

“Whoa easy Elrohir,” he laughed. “It was for safety reasons only.” Alenor smiled at the two and then looked back at her feet. There wasn’t much to look at on the ground, just some leaves that had become separated from their trees and the rocks and dirt. The arguing of two Elves had grown to a raucous tone, enough that passing Elves paused to stare for a few seconds forgetting dignity. The tale of Elrohir’s madness had spread and also most likely what had passed the day before. Some stopped to admire the change and others to shake their heads about what they heard. Alenor only kept half an ear open and much passed by her.

Eventually the path wove to the banks of a misty waterfall where a bridge spanned close enough that if you dared you could touch the falls. A fine spray fell on Alenor’s hair and clothes. The gentle but loud noise of the water hitting the frothing pool beneath bent out the noise of the still arguing Elves, somewhat. From the sounds of it though they had run out of things to argue and had long since started making up things to say.

As they passed over the bridge they stopped in the middle. Alenor leaned on the railing of the bridge and stretched towards the falls. She was unsure whether it meant to drown Elrohir and Legolas out completely or just to get as wet as possible.

“Well,” Legolas was saying in a rather loud voice so he could be heard above the falls. “I was not the one who decided to try to climb that cliff!” At this Alenor cocked her head to the Elves.

“You’re fighting like children,” she said softly and they had to crane their necks to hear her. “Stop it! I’m sure half the Elves of Rivendell could hear you a moment ago.” Legolas scowled at her, but Alenor had already turned her head back to the misty falls. The scowl didn’t last long as the Elves turned back to each other and continued to argue until there was nothing more to argue about.

Alenor finally ignored them not wanting to leave the bridge yet. Her eyes were narrowed as if she possibly might see through to the rock on the other side. She brushed a strand of hair absently from her face and continued to look. There was nothing but water foam. Alenor straightened and turned to find her Uncle and Legolas had finally ended it.

“So who won?” she demanded. The two Elves looked at each other and shook their heads.

“I have no idea,” they said at once. Alenor sighed and shook her head.

“Men,” she muttered. Luckily the noise of cascading water drowned out her voice. She noticed the look in her Uncle’s eyes then. “Uncle are you alright?”

“Hmm what?” he asked, his voice had a distant tone to it, as if the speaker was daydreaming. “What did you say?”

“Are you okay?” Alenor repeated nearly raising her voice to a shout. Elrohir leaned on railing as best he could.

“I guess,” he said, his voice still distant. Alenor saw Legolas’s eyes knit though in concern, looking much like what she felt. “What?” it seemed he had noticed the eyes on him.

“I’m worried that’s it,” Alenor smiled wanly. “I’m going to get changed.” Before anyone could stop her, she hurried away. Her heart was troubled. She knew that Elrohir was lying. What was wrong with him? Had he lied about the promise? Was it possible to break promises?

*- Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am a rather bad editor! Thank you for readin!


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