Love’s Life- – P5-Healing Words

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Alenor hugged her knees around her chest and leaned against one of the larger rocks surrounding the pond. There was no wind here and the lake was as still as glass and the sunlight shimmered off its surface. It was always so calm here so quiet and peaceful as if it were locked in on that single night that happened so long ago. That single memory of peace.

Only here and at her father’s grave would Alenor let her tears be shown, let herself shine out. She rocked on the sandy ground the large rock rubbing against her back and she wept. Her tears were a mixture of grief and happiness for her mother and grief for a father who was never going to be there again. She remembered when she was still a child and Elrohir cared for her before he began to go on his orc killing expeditions. He used to tell her Elladan would always watch out for her that he would always be there.

Alenor’s hand closed into a fist around a rock and threw it into the lake. Well he wasn’t! He wasn’t there for her! He had left her and her family to live without him.

“Do you need comfort or would you like to be alone?” Alenor looked up rubbing away her tears. Legolas was dusting himself off after he had slid down one of the rocks. Alenor smiled wanly at him.

“I guess I could use company,” she admitted. “How did you know I was here?”

“You weren’t at Elladan’s grave,” answered Legolas sitting beside her stretching his legs to the water. “She passed didn’t she?”

“How did you know?” Alenor asked quietly. Legolas looked up at the blue sky overhead.

“You’ve been crying,” he answered. “You only cry here or the other place. I had a feeling that you were weeping with happiness as well.” Alenor released her legs from grasp and carefully stretched them out over the sand.

“Rana doesn’t know yet,” sighed Alenor. “He’ll understand. We knew it was coming for a long time.” Legolas placed a hand on Alenor shoulder.

“Then it was for the best that she left,” he told her. Alenor stood up and walked to the water’s edge.

“Legolas,” she said looking into the reflection of herself in the water.

“Yes?” she heard the Prince come towards her and his reflection appeared in the water behind her.

“Why does Elrohir do what he does?” Alenor asked him.

“You know he blames himself Alenor,” Legolas said from behind her. Alenor turned to him.

“But I don’t understand!” she cried. “Why doesn’t he stay here, let the wound heal?”

“Maybe it’s a wound that cannot heal, just like your mother’s,” Legolas suggested.

“Don’t bring mother into this,” Alenor said hotly jabbing the Prince in the chest. “Elrohir isn’t the same I want the old one back.” Legolas gently took Alenor’s hands into his own.

“Some things can never change,” Legolas explained gently. “You’re still young Alenor. You just don’t understand.”

“Understand?” Alenor shouted breaking the peaceful silence around the secret place. “I’ve lived through a lot Legolas. I’ve had to do things when I wanted something else. Don’t tell me I’m young and inexperienced!” she ripped her hands from the elf’s grasp and turned to storm away. Legolas took a firm holding of her arm and pulled her back.

“I know you’re upset,” he whispered. “I am too. I want the old Elrohir back as well. I understand though that it cannot happen. He is home though and will stay for a while he broke his arm.”

“Then I want to see him,” Alenor said. Legolas released her arm.

“What good out of that will come Alenor?” Legolas called after her as she climbed the large rocks. “What will change?” I don’t know Alenor thought but I know I have to talk to him. She scrambled over a rock and was greeted with the normal sounds of her home vale, Legolas she could hear had chosen to stay with the calm and quiet pond.

By the time Alenor arrived at the healing house she was very jumpy. She nearly turned around and left, but somehow she knew this was her only chance to get Elrohir out of his condition. The healing house was quite and healers moved around quietly tending to the hurts of foolish Elves who tried to do some stunt and paid for it, for they were at peace and had no wounds to heal from battle.

Alenor easily spotted Elrohir’s bed, as Estel, though he now knew his true name and heritage was sitting on the edge.

“Cousin,” Alenor said to him, by time she had grown to call him her cousin, even though it was quite odd as he wasn’t related at all to her. Aragorn lifted his head.

“Trying to talk some sense into Elrohir?” he asked as he came to face her.

“I don’t think I can do much of anything,” Alenor admitted. “My knees are shaking and I’m scared just to look him in the face.”

“Make sure he stays in bed,” Aragorn advised. “He tries to get up and go every time he gets up.” He gave a reassuring clap on her shoulder that sent Alenor’s weak knees trembling. She nodded licking her dry lips. “You’ll do fine. You’ve been blessed with the stubbornness of the Dwarves and the anger of an uncontrolled storm.” Alenor nodded her head again and moved to Elrohir’s bedside.

“Uncle?” she called as she sat down. Elrohir’s eyes, now lifeless, Alenor knew that at one time they sparkled with mischievous bright light.

“You’re going to confine me to my bed as well?” he asked, his voice was flat and held no emotion. Alenor cringed every time she heard it; no elf’s voice should sound like that.

“You’re hurt,” Alenor said matter-o-factly. Elrohir tried to rise, but Alenor shoved him forcefully upon the bed. No sorrow passed through her heart when she heard Elrohir groan. “Your arm is broken. She looked at him and grasped his good hand, conjuring up all her willpower. “If you go out then you could die.

“It is what I deserve for my brother’s death,” Elrohir said. Alenor closed her eyes for a few seconds trying to push away that emotionless voice.

“No, you don’t deserve it,” Alenor told him. Elrohir looked at her as if she were a madwoman.

“How could you possibly say that?” he asked dully. Alenor took a deep breath and set herself out on a limb for one possibly chance that could Elrohir back.

“Elladan, my father died for a friend,” Alenor told him squeezing his hand, Elrohir looked away. “You are not to blame, you did nothing. He came upon his will, to protect those he loved.

I still remember Elrohir when I was kid. How you used to tease me and drive people mad. Those memories are fading along with those of my father Uncle. I hold onto to those because that’s who I want you to be again.”

“He’s gone,” Elrohir said.

“I remember when I was young and the last day before my father was put to rest,” Alenor told him desperately. “You told me he was watching me.” Elrohir was regarding her carefully. “He’s watching out for you too. Do you think he would be happy to see you like this? Do you think he might feel guilty that your actions are caused because of him? Do you think he would let you do this? Do you think he would want to see you’re life be spent getting wounded on orc raids? Do you think he would be happy for you to abandon everything else?” Alenor saw a spark light in Elrohir’s lightless eyes. He moved his good hand to cup Alenor’s face, but then he stopped and looked away, the spark died.

“It is what I deserve,” he said. “I hope he can forgive what I am doing, but I shall continue until I’m dead.”

“Uncle!” Alenor couldn’t help but scream. Tears flashed down her face she hurriedly scrubbed them away even though more came. “If you want death then just kill yourself!”

“It is not that death I deserve,” Elrohir whispered. Before she knew it Alenor had raised her hand and slapped Elrohir as hard as she could across the face.

“Do you realize what you are doing?” she screamed. Tears were creating marks down her cheeks. “Do you realize how many people are worried about you?” There was the beginning of a hand mark on her Uncle’s face. His dull eyes swung over her.

“Then kill me now,” he bid her.

“You incompetent servant of Morgoth!” she screamed. She was aware of the shocked silence behind her. “You deserve nothing! You don’t even deserve to be accepted to Mandos! You’re a worthless piece of dirt! I thought you were someone else!” She turned and ran from the healing house tears blinding her sight.

As she ran she tripped and fell down. Alenor lowered her head and wept. She felt someone gently lifting her up.

“I’m sorry child,” he whispered. “I am nothing but a worthless piece of dirt and everything you yelled at me.” Alenor looked up into his eyes. Another spark was kindling. “What can I do to fix it?”

“You can be yourself again,” Alenor answered. He brushed tears from her face.

“That I can never be,” Elrohir explained. “Too much is gone. But I promise you I will start to live again. I promise you that I will do nothing foolish any more.” Alenor grabbed him a hug and sobbed into his shirt.

“Don’t ever do it again Uncle,” she cried. “Not ever again. Don’t leave us again.” She felt his arm slide around her waist and pull her close.

“I promise,” he whispered in her ear. Alenor looked up and smiled and saw Elrohir smile as well. It was a true smile there was nothing fake to it at all. The dull tone was gone and a spark of life was kindled in his eye. There was hardly the noticing’s of a hand print on his face.

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