Love’s Life – P4-Death’s Arms Come for Annienna

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A hundred years had passed since Elladan’s death and his memory was slowly fading within Alenor’s mind. Even though she tried to hold it together the pieces slipped like rainwater from her fingers. Elrohir was never the same as he was once. He practiced harder and was gone for many days at a time and returning with small wounds and Orc blood soaking his Elven blades. Elrond and Arwen and even Estel couldn’t cope Elrohir out of his state, they all knew Elrohir blamed himself for his twin’s death. Annienna had never recovered either and Alenor was forced much of the time when her baby brother was young to take up the task of mother while Annienna was gone into mourning. These days there were pale shadows under her eyes and she wept much at night, Alenor knew she wished to join her husband, but knew that she wouldn’t go because of her kids.

A gentle soft breeze stirred gently as Alenor bent down and placed flowers upon her father’s grave and removed the ones that were dead. She came down here all the time as if she could collect forgotten memories at this place. She felt at peace here when she was upset, sometimes she could lie down beside the grave and feel the slowly fading memory of Elladan’s arms wrapping about her shoulders. Sometimes she fancied she heard his voice in the wind that always came when she was at his final resting place.

“Oh father,” she whispered gently arraying the flowers and stood up brushing dead leaves from her sun yellow dress. The sound of a horn echoing in the distance reached her ears and she looked away. No one would have heard, only her, Alenor knew that only in this place did the wind blow through the trees whispering softly.

Again the faint call of a horn came to her ears, the horn was familiar and a joyful smile broke out upon Alenor’s face. She gathered the folds of her dress and ran down to the archery range where her brother of ninety-nine would be practicing his archery.

“Rana!” Alenor called thundering down the steps her bare feet barely making a sound.

“Dang Alenor!” she heard her brother curse. “I was doing so well and you screwed me up.” Alenor stopped letting the dress fall from her hands to look at her brother leaning on his bow, lazily. “What’s the reason for storming down here like the Nazgul are after you?”

“The Elves are Mirkwood are coming,” Alenor exclaimed. “I heard their horns.” There was no wind here that would bring the sound of the slowly coming closer group of elves. Rana cocked his head and listened.

“You’re hearing things against sis,” he told her. Alenor with natural stubbornness grabbed her brother’s arm and dragged him, knowing that had he wanted to Rana could have easily pulled away from his older sister’s grasp.

Quickly Alenor ran up the steps out of the archery range with her one hand holding up her dress.

“Go tell Grandfather, okay?” she asked at the top. “I’ll get mother.” Rana turned to go, but stopped and faced his sister.

“Can you remember father?” he asked unexpectedly. “Mother never speaks about him.”

“I can hardly remember him brother,” Alenor said sadly. “But I remember his hair was as dark as yours and he was as stern and straightforward as you are.”

“Thank you,” Rana said and ran off to get Lord Elrond. The two had a special bond from all the time they spent together and Rana knew that his sister would never lie to him unless the need was dire. Gathering the folds of her dress again in her hands Alenor darted off nodding her head politely when she nearly ran into Elves in her haste to get to their room.

“Mommy!” she called opening the doorway. The room was silent. Alenor closed the door knowing her mother would be here as she hardly ever left the place anymore and was often found in the master bedroom on Elladan’s side of the bed her head resting on it and her eyes blurred by tears.

Quietly so as not to disturb her mother Alenor opened the door. As expected her mother was curled up on her father’s side of the bed. Alenor walked over to her.

“Mother,” she called softly. Annienna did respond. Gently Alenor looked her mother in the eye; there was no light in them. “Oh Eru.” She took her mothers wrist, there was no beat. Tears slipped down Alenor’s face, though inside she was happy. Alenor had known that Annienna wished to join Elladan for many years and today it seemed she could not hold on any more. Her and her brother had noticed her ailing health lately and had known that it was only a matter of time.

Opening the closest door Alenor brought down a blanket and covered he mother’s still form. Rising from the small task Alenor heard the winding of horns drawing nearer to Rivendell.

“Be at peace mother,” she whispered and left the room. She would keep quiet for now and not mention any of it during the greetings. She wouldn’t mention it all until her and Elrond were alone. Alenor knew what she wanted, a quiet burial for her mother and to be beside her husband.

When she entered the main square though Elrond noticed Alenor’s subdued silence and hastily took her away from the company of Elves awaiting the Mirkwood Elves.

“Alenor what is it?” Elrond asked looking down into her face. Alenor took a deep breath and wiped a few remaining tears from her face and answered bravely.

“She has passed on,” Alenor said bravely. “She has gone to join my father in death.”

“Oh Alenor,” Elrond said quietly.

“Do not mourn,” Alenor told him. “It was her time. It has been her time for the past hundred years and today she could not hold up any longer.” Elrond took her hand.

“Be merry for the greetings,” he told Alenor. Alenor nodded her head. “Rana will understand will he not?” Alenor nodded her head again as the horn sounded again and a few birds took flight from trees where they were perched. Elrond nodded and left Alenor. Feeling no more in the mood to greet the Prince Alenor moved away to a secret place that not even Rana knew about. It was a tiny pool sheltered by large boulders, where her father and mother first met. It was the second place she went when she wanted comfort.

*- Again thank you for reading! Now, is the name Rana alright? Or does it not fit in with everything else?


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