Love’s Life- – -P32-Finding’s at the Ford

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Alenor groaned massaging her forehead a pounding ache beginning there. Where was she? She could only remember, Arwen. . .Arwen! Alenor shot up and room spun in wild turns before her eyes leaving her sick to her stomach.

“Easy sister, easy, lay down.” Feeling pressure upon her shoulder Alenor relaxed back onto the bed, closing her eyes against the spinning room.

“What happened?” Alenor croaked. There was a hand upon her brow.

“Uncle, came storming into the council, wild panic on his face,” Rana answered her. “He said that you had tried to contact him through mind speech. He was unable to hear you well enough, but knew it was important if you were trying. Here drink this Alenor.” A cup found its way to Alenor’s lips and she swallowed the water within it.

“Thanks,” she whispered. “I’ve got a headache. How’s auntie? I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“It’s all right Alenor,” Rana said gently. “She’s in the Healing Houses, being checked over for more serious injuries, though it doesn’t appear that she has any. You should get some rest.”

Alenor gave a little nod. “Rana,” she said. “I . . .where’s the brooch?”

“Right here Alenor on your dress,” Rana answered her. “Get some rest.” Alenor nodded slightly again, letting herself sink back down into the happy oblivion of sleep.

“Legolas!” Legolas started upright spinning around to see Elrohir, a slight grin on his worried face. “How long have you been here?”

“Two minutes at the most,” he answered defensively, looking down at Alenor’s sleeping form. “Because of your intrusion the council has been held off until tomorrow.”

“I panicked,” Elrohir shrugged coming into the room he sat on the edge of the bed taking one of Alenor’s hands. “I couldn’t hear her, just garbled words. I knew it was important and fled to the Council; the first thought that came to mind.” He sighed looked at Alenor.

“Elrohir what is wrong?” Legolas asked him, resuming his seat in the chair.

Elrohir stroked Alenor’s hand absently. “Nothing Legolas, nothing,” Elrohir answered him quietly.

“Elrohir,” Legolas said warningly, his eyes narrowing. “There’s something wrong.”

Elrohir rubbed his eyes with one hand. “Legolas, long ago I would have passed to the Halls of Mandos, from despair and the fact that no matter how much I try his death comes back,” Elrohir swallowed. “But every time I consider abandoning my life, Alenor’s face comes into my mind, accusing and telling me not to give up. I’ve lived these years with her image and she doesn’t know it, doesn’t know that she can put her whole trust in me this time.”

“You did something wrong,” Legolas explained. “She cannot forgive a promise that was given and not held.”

“I know,” Elrohir breathed. “But it hurts.”

Legolas placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and squeezed. “Elrohir, if you didn’t care it wouldn’t hurt. I know,” he informed the distressed Elrohir. “I know how it feels. Carry your head high, Alenor loves you still, but just cannot feel that her whole trust can be placed on you. Calling you today meant something important.”

“Thank you Legolas,” Elrohir thanked him rising. “I’d like to be alone for awhile.”

“Understandable,” Legolas acknowledged moving aside to let Elrohir pass, before resuming his watch on Alenor waiting for his life-long friend to awaken.

“Nice to see you awake sleepy head.” A finger prodded Alenor’s side and she slapped the offending thing away from her. Her mind was still hazy and disoriented with sleep. The finger prodded again and Alenor slapped harder. “Ouch! Alenor that hurt!”

“That’s what you get for waking me up,” Alenor muttered sleepily, rolling over and burying her head underneath her covers, hoping to fall back asleep. It was unfortunate that her assailant was not satisfied, one moment there was blankets on top of her and the next nothing.

“Hey!” Alenor cried jerking up and rudely startled out of her half sleep. “Legolas!” Legolas was standing guiltily by the bed, holding her covers in his hands, but he was grinning nonetheless and not the least bit feeling guilty. Alenor glared. “Legolas.” She tried to pout.

“You’re worse then me,” he laughed. “Now get out of bed, you lazy Elf! Before I tickle you!”

“No anything but that!” Alenor groaned falling upon the bed and squeezing her eyes shut knowing that no sleep would come in this state, but hoping it would. She felt fingers upon her back and was shoved upon the floor with a bounce. “Legolas stop!”

“Get up,” the Elf Prince said lightly. “And I’ll stop.”

Glowering and near to cursing, Alenor picked herself up, brushing a tangle of hair from her face. Looking at him she stuck her tongue out. He laughed warmly at this, flung the blankets on the bed, marching to the other side and hauling Alenor into a great hug.

“Get that scowl off you face Lady or I might be tempted to kiss those lips of yours,” he teased.

“Ai!!” Alenor screeched tearing away from Legolas and running a hand over her lips as if he had done exactly as he had said. “Gross Legolas. Now let me change, then escort me as a servant to Lady Arwen and keep those lips of yours away from mine!”

Grinning, Legolas gave a courtly bow and with a flourish left the room. Shaking her head in wild amusement and bemusement, Alenor went to her closet, picking out one the dresses Elrond despised most of, the green-blue dress that slowly faded into the other color. Alenor was sure the only reason she wore it, was to set Elrond off in glares and orders for her to take it off.

After dressing, Alenor left the room and nearly laughed to see Legolas against the wall waiting for her. Obviously he had spread his story and many Elves were laughing into their hands as they passed and hurrying quicker then need be. Frowning at him Alenor shook her head.

“Goodness Legolas what did you do this time?” she demanded, he was about to answer when she waved it off. “Better not tell me. Come on where’s Arwen? I. . .I want to see how she is.”

“This way,” Legolas answered, quickly being somber again as Arwen was brought back into the picture. “She’s fine you know Alenor. It wasn’t your fault that she fell, you were both having fun.”

Alenor found that her good mood had vanished and a twisted scowl was on her face. “Legolas it is my fault,” she protested. “I pushed her, I was the one to make her fall. You feel guilty because of it. Don’t you understand?”

“Yes,” Legolas answered gently. “There was no harm done, so don’t brood on the past, it will affect the future.”

“So now you know all about the future do you Legolas?” Alenor asked grimly.

“Yes Alenor. . .” he started, but was effectively stopped when a young Ranger running down the halls barreled into him knocking both to the floor.

“Sorry my lord,” he gasped, quickly righting Legolas after righting him, not noticing Alenor standing only a few feet away.

“What is this, come barreling down the hallways without an ounce of respect?” Legolas asked his voice hard.

The young Ranger dropped a hasty bow to him. “As I said my lord, I am very sorry,” he was still breathing rather hard, and his chest was heaving and words were broken up, almost beyond understanding. “But I was scouting out and I found three of the Nazgul’s horses, dead from the flood of the ford. Three others are coming with other reports of what they have found. I was running to find Lord Elrond.”

“Lord Elrond will be in his study,” Alenor spoke for the first time. “But, first take a drink so that someone will able to understand you.”

The young Ranger spun around to see Alenor. “My lady!” he groaned dropping another bow. “Most sorry that I did not see you! As you wish.”

Alenor waved him away and he darted off again at a more careful run. When he was beyond ear-shot Legolas broke out laughing.

“Gondor noble no doubt,” he grinned. “Head up high and doesn’t know well enough to respect Elves, probably new and overwhelmed still.”

Alenor had to grin. “He was funny, but I suggest we hold off Arwen’s visit,” she suggested, “until we learn more of this matter.” Nodding his head in agreement Legolas turned with Alenor and they both headed towards Elrond’s study to learn more of the matter on hand.


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