Love’s Life- – -P31-Injuries

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“Auntie I give up!” Alenor tossed down her futile attempt at embroidery on Arwen’s porch. It wasn’t only just her lack of skill that day that was making her upset, it was the fact that a whole bunch of strangers and a few whom she knew were holed up in the Council Ring talking about that fate of Middle-earth. Then she was burning from her humiliation from the feast the night before, tripping and spilling a mug of beer over some Dwarf’s head and starting a food fight of sorts with the Dwarves and Elves.

“Patience Alenor,” Arwen was saying beside her. She bent down and retrieved Alenor’s work and set it back in her hands. “Just be patient Alenor.”

Sighing Alenor set it down beside her on the divan. “Arwen you know how horrible I am at this,” she told her aunt. “I’m just worried about what’s going on.”

“Rana and Legolas will tell you everything,” she assured Alenor. “They will explain everything to you. Besides it was you that came to me and wanted something to do.”

Alenor closed her eyes; Alenor had to admit that Arwen was right. She had come this morning when the Council bells had tolled, asking for Arwen to help her do something to pass the time, until the council had finished. “Perhaps,” Alenor agreed. “But I doubt I can do it without pestering them into it.” Arwen gave a light laugh as she worked on her embroidery, it was turning out to be a rather magnificent horse with a tall Elven rider on its back. “Can’t we walk?” Arwen set down her embroidery.

“How can I refuse Alenor?” she asked. “Okay come on lets walk.”

Breathing lighter Alenor stood brushing away pieces of leaves from her sky blue dress. The flaring sleeves of it allowing the chill wind to pass up through the sleeves, making her shudder.

“Can I fetch my cloak?” Alenor asked Arwen. “I’m cold.”

“Nonsense Alenor. Come on,” Arwen said, taking Alenor’s wrist lightly in her hand and pulling her down the porch steps. “It’s not cold outside today. Besides you wish to talk about something am I not right?”

Alenor blinked. “Have you been taking lessons from Erestor?” she demanded. “Knowing things so quick?”

“No, you can’t hide it, especially your own aunt” Arwen answered, releasing Alenor’s wrist. They came beneath the first shade of trees upon the path, light shining through barren branches. Alenor nodded her head agreeing to what Arwen was saying.

“I’d go for a swim right now, but Legolas wouldn’t be there to rescue me,” she explained to Arwen. “Last night, after I ran from the feast in humility. . .” Alenor paused pulling herself together, shoving away the memories. “Well, I caught Grandfather and another Elf talking to each other about the council. I slipped away quickly, but not before I found that he tends to send me away somewhere.” Alenor hung her head kicking at branches and leaves at her feet, sending them rolling or rising pitifully in the air to drift a few feet away before settling once more.

“Why do you fear this Alenor?” Arwen asked. “Perhaps it is Lothlorien they speak of?”

Alenor shook her head. “No Arwen,” she answered. “Somewhere viler I think. Lord Elrond said something about destiny. I didn’t hear anymore because I bolted, the other Elf he was talking with looked up when I accidentally stepped on a brittle branch.” Arwen looked out around her. She sighed. “You know something right?”

“Yes,” Arwen answered. “But I am forced to stay quiet. Alenor I know I can trust you in every way, but, I just can’t tell you.”

Alenor admitted her defeat, quietly smoldering the rise of anger. Just the otherday she had apologized to Arwen and she had vowed to herself never, if possible, to lose her temper towards her aunt. She sighed once more.

“You and Aragorn have said sorry?” she questioned instead. Arwen nodded gently. The humming sound of the waterfall was drawing closer and Alenor allowed the noise to drift into her senses. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. “Auntie I’m cold. Real cold.” She shivered again, the talking had helped to halt the cold, seeping into her bones, but it was assaulting her again.

“You were serious?” Arwen asked stopping.

Alenor nodded. “Keep talking it helps,” she told Arwen. “And I asked a question too.”

Arwen gave a gentle laugh. “I understand,” Arwen said. “Yes in a sense of way. We’re both glaring daggers at each other every time we meet, even though we feel no anger whatsoever. I think we just find it amusing how long we can go on. Every time we meet Aragorn offers me a sweet.”

Alenor snickered. “Remember when he used to sit in his rooms for hours before anyone got suspicious? Sometimes he got such bad stomach aches that he had to lie abed for the other half of the day,” Alenor said smiling fondly. “It always makes me laugh.”

“I wasn’t here when he was young don’t forget that,” Arwen reminded Alenor gently. “I didn’t see him until we first met and that first meeting laid our whole life before our eyes.”

“Don’t start seeing stars Arwen,” Alenor said, with mock anger. “I don’t have my man yet and I won’t hear gushing romance before I can match you.”

Arwen looked at Alenor with raised eyebrows. “Why not Lindir?” she asked.

“Fool,” Alenor answered. “Still too much wine in his head.” Arwen was silent for a few moments, pondering, as Alenor started shivering again, bending her head down.

“Why not Legolas?” Arewn asked at last. “You two have already laid the foundations for it.”

“Auntie!” Alenor cried, giving her aunt a playful shove to the side, meaning no harm at all. As she did it, Arwen gave a bit of a stumble as her foot caught on the hem of her dress and she toppled to the ground, smashing her head against the hardness of a bench that had been set between two trees on the edge of the path. Arwen lay still and didn’t move. Alenor felt panic clamp her chest and dropped to her knees crawling to her aunt’s side. What had she done?

“Auntie! Arwen!” Alenor cried, shaking Arwen shoulders, both hands each on one shoulder. There was a pale line of blood oozing from a cut on her head, where it had whacked it against the bench. “Arwen wake up.” Feeling her heart race, Alenor made herself calm down, it was not good to panic. Taking a calming breath she emptied her mind of anything but calm and relaxation, she reached out one hand taking one of Arwen’s within his own. Trained hands in this matter of healing Alenor moved her fingers to Arwen’s wrist and felt for a pulse, a steady yet weak pulse drummed against her fingers. Thank Eru Alenor thought relaxing slightly the death hold of calm she had installed over her mind, in its wake a pale tremor of fear snaked its way around her chest and tightened. Moving her other hand, as the first was still holding Arwen’s wrist Alenor moved it and gently brushed back the fallen hair from Arwen face. She needed help, even though the wound wasn’t bad, it might be inside.

Looking up, from Arwen’s still form Alenor couldn’t see the porch. A curve in the path and trees obscuring her view, but by the sound of the falling waterfall she and Arwen were well over halfway down the trail. Even if Arwen would most likely regain consciousness soon it was important Alenor knew to find help and she couldn’t leave Arwen that long alone. Something might go wrong and her conditions for the worst.

“What do I do?” Alenor whispered down to Arwen, the snake of fear tightening its hold. Taking both of Arwen’s hands she rubbed them within her own, giving off little heat from her own cold hands. “Arwen, Auntie wake up.” Alenor begged her. Again Alenor bent down and shook Arwen’s shoulders once more, again her only response was that from Alenor’s hand making her head loll slightly. Against the firm hold on her mind tears snaked down Alenor’s cheeks. Alenor blamed herself she had done this, there was no help for Arwen unless she ran. The what if ringing in her mind halted her steps.

Alenor was in the midst of despair, floundering and trying to find a way to help Arwen without leaving her aunts side. Quite unexpectedly and suddenly there was tingling sense that trailed up Alenor’s spine and gentle voice spoke in her mind, causing the normal shivers that came with it, to make Alenor shiver violently.

“Child,” the voice whispered calmly in her mind. “You must try mind speech, to help your aunt. Arwen needs warmth and you yourself can’t last long out there.” Alenor blanched as the voice receded. Mind speech? Every time Alenor had tried to get the gist, for it had been born in her blood the side effects had always caused her to fall into a dead faint. No she told herself forcefully banishing those thoughts. No, for Arwen and me I must try. But who could she call upon? Elrond was in council, with many of those that she would have tried and . . .a thought came to mind, slowly blooming as it expressed itself, could she really give all her trust to Elrohir to come quickly and send help? Clutching Arwen’s hand Alenor knew that was the only thing she could do and must try.

Tightening her resolve and taking a deep steadying breath, Alenor shut her eyes, positioning herself so that if she did happen to faint, as she would most likely do, her body would fall over her aunt’s and give her some measure of warmth. Never being good at this talent, more on lack of confidence and security then talent, Alenor was forced to conjure up Elrohir’s face in minds-eye. Against herself she could feel herself shaking uncontrollably. How long had it been since she tried?

“Elrohir,” she sent her mind across to him. The fragile bond touched with Elrohir and knew that he jumped, nearly severing the line in his surprise. “Elrohir, I need your help. Uncle, please, send healers quick and come. I playfully pushed Arwen and she fell, she’s unconscious.” Alenor felt the mind bond straining in her mind and knew her time was almost up. “I can’t hold on. Just over halfway down the path to the waterfall behind Auntie’s porch.” Alenor could feel a weak answering, but the mind link snapped sending Alenor into shadows as she fought to regain conscious. Alenor prayed that Elrohir had heard her message and did as she asked sending healers fast.

Note: Before any one asks about this and I’m sure that you’ve noticed, this chapter isn’t one of my best works. I am terribly sorry for that inconvience I hope it gets better after this one though! Again sorry.


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