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Alenor stared at the white bandage winding around her hand. She thought it quite pathetic about this, there were just a few cuts, but the healer’s acted as if it were the end of the world.

“Heard about you accident.” For once Alenor had heard him coming. She lifted her head and looked into Legolas’s eyes.

“Wasn’t much,” she commented showing him her bandaged hand. “Just a few cuts. . .”

“And a bad dream, Rana told me,” Legolas informed her he sat down beside her. “Explained that as soon as your hand was done being bandaged you vanished from sight.”

Alenor shrugged her shoulders. “Elves get bad dreams,” she said plainly. “It happens.”

“Not ones that leave you shaking and pale,” Legolas said forcefully, Alenor was startled at his tone of voice.

“Legolas,” she said softly. “I didn’t want to get you upset. . .”

“I’m not upset!” Legolas interrupted. “Just tell me what happened!” Alenor bit down on her lips and looked away, her eyes trailing over the rippling waves of the pond. She felt warm fingers under her chin and her head was moved so she stared in Legolas’s face. Peering beneath his hair she could see the tips of his ears, long Elven face was pulled into a series of worried lines and lips were set in a straight unmovable line.

“Stubborn prince of Mirkwood,” she muttered her eyes drifting back to her bandaged hand.

“What happened?” Legolas pressed her more. “I am older and perhaps I know what happened?” Sighing, seeing that he was right Alenor related her dream to him, in halting fashion unwilling to recall it.

After she was finished Legolas was silent and looking across to the boulders of the far shore. Alenor herself was thankful for the quiet and hugged her knees to her chest and looked into the blue depths of pond, and the swirling leaves that danced there.

“Well,” Legolas said at last, startling Alenor out of her silence. “There is only one thing I can think of. You know what’s happens to Elves when Arda dies?”

Alenor shivered involuntarily. “Yes,” she answered. “They die.”

“Exactly,” Legolas praised her answer. “I can only come to think that somehow in your dream Arda died. Your description of everything turning black and feeling as if you were dying and something else was wrong can mean only that. The only thing left to do now is tell Lord Elrond.”

“No!” Alenor protested. “I’m not telling him anything.”

“Fine then,” Legolas said casually standing up. “I’ll tell him myself.”

“No wait!” Alenor cried rocketing to her feet. “Wait Legolas I’ll come!” A smile drew out on Legolas’s face at her panicked words.

“That’s what I thought.”

Alenor glared at him for a few moments. “That is cheating and unfair,” she pronounced.

“That is unjust my lady!” Legolas teased, instantly dispelling the heavy darkness over the two. “You would have told him any way.” Gallantly and teasingly he offered her his hand, Alenor slapped it away, with a tight mock glare.

“You overgrown annoying thing,” she said in a weary voice. “I hate you.”

“I thought you hated Glorfindel,” Legolas said trying to look confused. Alenor looked at him narrowing her eyes. “Danger look! Run! Flee!”

“You’d better!” Alenor threatened. “Come on better get this over and done with now?” They started off towards the large boulders that bordered the secret pond and Rivendell.

“Speak the Common Tongue!” Legolas instructed, as they walked, striking a pretty good imitation of Glorfindel. “A thousand and twenty when we get back!”

Alenor could help but grin and laugh. “He’ll take you head when he finds out!” she warned, as Legolas helped her over the boulders and the welcome sounds of home drifted to her ears.

Her plan to walk calmly to her Grandfather’s study was instantly forgotten as she came to the house. Ignoring passing comments in the halls Alenor nearly ran the full length to her grandfather’s private study. She had no wish to talk to him more then she did a few minutes ago, however Legolas was right, again. If Arda had died in her dreams what did that mean? That she would die? Alenor shuddered. She could not think of something so hard upon her.

So hard into her thinking Alenor nearly walked right into her Grandfather’s closed study door. She would have too had Legolas not been behind her and laid a warning hand on her chest. With a startled jump she looked to see the door filling her whole vision. Nervously she gulped. Legolas removed his hand to her back.

“I don’t trust you,” he murmured behind her. He swung the door open and before Alenor had a chance to turn away he had propelled her into the study, firmly shutting and barricading the door as he leaned on it.

Elrond, busy on a horde of reports, was unaware that he had ink smeared across his nose and hands; he was even more unaware that someone had entered the room.

“What are you looking at?” Alenor asked casually gliding to the desk to see the report he was working on. At her words Elrond jumped visibly and startled shock was frozen on his face.

“Alenor!” he breathed. “Don’t scare me!”

Alenor couldn’t help but smirk; she had the joy in seeing Elrond scared out of his wits by her, for once in her life. “Um. . .” she hesitated in answering, looking back at Legolas who at that time was making quite a show of showing that there was no way in or out of the study. She was trapped. “Whose report are you working on?”

“Aragorn’s,” Elrond answered dismissively. “I should go check up on that Hobbit though.” Alenor frowned. Hobbit? Was that one those strange short people that she had seen, when she was checking up on Aragorn and her brother? Elrond likewise noticed her look and laughed. “They’ll give you plenty of answers were you to ask.”

“Oh well,” Alenor shifted, realizing that sooner or later she would end up with nothing to talk about. Legolas uninvited, piped up from the doorway just then. He had his serious voice on, which meant business of a sort or he was worried about something.

“Lord Elrond Alenor has something she wishes to speak with you about,” the Prince said.

Alenor groaned inwardly. Legolas! Elrond raised an eyebrow, in questioning manner and waiting. Taking a deep breath Alenor told him everything in rapid account, hoping in speed that he would lose her train of thought and dismiss her. Her hopes though were not met in answer.

After her rapid account Elrond sat back in his chair, steeping his fingers and a thoughtful expression on his face. Knowing that he was well beyond hearing at this point Alenor would have silently snuck out of the room, had Legolas still nominated himself as door guard.

“Well,” Elrond said deeply after some time, looking disapproving at his hands for the first time. “Legolas what are your suggestions on this? It seems that you have hauled her here, meaning that she’s already talked about it to you.” The Lord of Rivendell stood up and walked to a basin that was perched upon the arms of another chair and quickly washed his hands off and then paid attention to the smudge on his nose.

“I believe,” Legolas slowly, as if he was unsure of his earlier answer, “That in her dream Arda somehow died.” Elrond nodded, she could almost hear Legolas sigh in relief at Elrond’s nod.

“As I thought young Prince,” Elrond nodded his head. “It is a serious matter for you to experience this Alenor. Now tell me did you have the brooch with you?”

Alenor’s gaze drifted to her white bandaged hand and in corner of her eye the blue brooch. “In my hand,” she answered, more slowly this time. She had seen that her previous strategy hadn’t worked and knew now that there was no other way out of it. “No not in the dream. I cut my hand on it when I woke up.”

Elrond frowned at her words and tactfully changed the subject somewhat. “Alenor you never told me how you knew this and how you came to find Celebrian’s gem. Gandalf seems equally mystified,” Elrond said with interest. “Care to enlighten us?”

Alenor swallowed a lump in her throat and shook her head, realizing the trap she had placed herself in. “I have my resources,” she said, afraid that Elrond would detect the quivering note in her voice and demand more.

“Legolas would you take your door guarding outside please?” Elrond asked. “Alenor and I must finish this conversation alone.”

“Yes my lord,” Legolas said in quiet voice and the sounds of his retreating footsteps fell on Alenor’s dead ears. Alone? Did he suspect something? When the door closed behind Legolas, Elrond rose, from where he had seat himself once more behind his desk and came to face Alenor.

“Alenor there are events that you have not spoken to me about,” Elrond said, truthfully. His eyes said so, the way his jaw was set. Alenor swallowed a harder lump. “While I apologize once again on what happened a few weeks ago Alenor, I know you did not lie. However here, I know you are lying. Oh no Alenor you’re not lying in sense of way to my face, you’re hiding and beating it around. I will ask you now speak out!” Alenor looked to her hands, hoping to hide her face from Elrond’s. “Look in my face Granddaughter.”

Slowly and hesitantly Alenor looked up. “I can’t tell,” she whispered painfully.

“Elladan, my son, told you didn’t he?” Elrond said suddenly, looking at her with deep expression.

A shiver ran down Alenor spine. How did he know her secret? She looked up into his eyes and opened her mouth to answer, when the door banged open. . . .


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