Love’s Joy and Love’s Sorrow – Chapter 3

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Then Strider came, wielding torch and flame. Whirling, burning the Black Riders. Even the Black Riders fled then, from him. I was released and I saw Sam already kneeling beside Frodo. I ran over and knelt beside Frodo too. He was pale and his eyes stared at me, but what he saw, I do not know, but it was not I. He was in great pain. The pain hurt my heart for I loved Frodo and wished with all my heart that he did not have to suffer. All of Sam’s attention was on Frodo and he did not notice me. Strider walked over and picked up the handle of the sword that had stabbed Frodo.

” It was a mortal blade. He is beyond my help. We must get him to Rivendell and there, Lord Elrond can help him.” Strider said solemnly to us. Sam finally looked up from Frodo then and saw me.

” Rana! What are you doing here? We left you back at the Shire!” He exclaimed.

” I saw the stranger come and I saw you all leave. So, I decided to come along!” I said nonchalantly.

” You have no idea what this is about and how dangerous this is!” He yelled.

“So?” I said, winking at Strider, who was watching our exchange with raised eyebrows. Sam followed me, still protesting, as I went to look for Kingsfoil. When I got back with some Kingsfoil there was an Elf there! She and Strider were talking in low tones about Frodo. They seemed to reach an agreement for Strider picked up Frodo and gave him to the Elf. She jumped on her horse and began to gallop away. Sam came running up behind me.

” Hey! There are Black Riders out there! Ump!” he yelled as I jumped on him and covered his mouth.

” Exactly why you should not be yelling! Do you want them to find us? Was Frodo getting badly hurt not enough for you?” I hissed to him urgently. He immediately stopped struggling with me. Strider pulled me off him and glared at Sam.

” She’s right, you know. Now every body, come on. Arwen is taking him to Rivendell. She will be able to keep him safe. We will go to Rivendell too and meet them there. Come.” He said to us. Arwen must have been the Elf. We shouldered our packs and began to hike toward Rivendell with Sam still glaring at my back. It took us a wile to get there and once we got out of the woods I asked them about what had happened. I learned that the stranger had been Gandalf the wizard. I learned of all of their adventures so far. I learned that the Black Riders were called the Nazgul. Then we reached Rivendell. The guards let us pass and Strider took us to find where Frodo was.

When we got there, Elrond had already helped Frodo as much as he could. He had put Frodo in a bed and covered him with sheets. When we arrived he still looked pale but I could see an obvious change in him. He was looking much better. Still, I refused to leave his side, and Sam would not either. So we waited for him to awake. Sam’s “master” and the one I love.


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